OMF V5C48 Waking Him Up

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The people in question were still lying in bed at that time. Jinde had finally peacefully slept for a whole night after many years without real rest and even though Leng Jin Yu had already been awake for a while he just couldn’t convince himself to get up and leave Jinde alone. Well, it wasn’t that late yet anyway.
Jinde sighed in his dreams and burrowed deeper into Leng Jin Yu’s arms, his golden hair brushing against his skin. Leng Jin Yu’s lips unwittingly rose in a smile and he combed through the silky strands with his fingers before leaning down and kissing Jinde’s head. He held him for a few more minutes before he finally let go of him. He carefully got up, making sure not to make any unnecessary movements or causing any sounds that might wake Jinde up. He went to make some tea for Jinde first and changed his robes before carrying the tray back.
Mn, would Jinde like to be woken up like this? He didn’t know but it couldn’t be wrong to try. Like that they would soon get to know each other better. He put the tray down next to the bed and leaned over to gently wake him up.
Jinde turned in his sleep, his hands unconsciously reaching out for the other side of the bed as if he wanted to make sure his lover was still there. Leng Jin Yu caught the wandering hand with his own and placed a kiss on it.
“It’s time to get up.”
“Mn …” Jinde smiled and gripped that warm hand tighter. So this hadn’t just been a dream. It was true. His Chun Yin … he had come back to him. He wasn’t alone any longer. “Kiss me …”
Leng Jin Yu chuckled. Was this really the first thing Jinde thought of in the morning? Well, he didn’t mind waking him up like that either. He bent down and cupped Jinde’s cheeks. He didn’t immediately kiss him though. Instead, he took a moment to admire his face.
Jinde was … even more beautiful like this. His skin was pale as usual but his cheeks had a light flush, making him look healthier than yesterday. His hair was loosely scattered around him, making him seem so much more approachable and attainable even though nothing had changed in just a day. Ah, this really … was such a feast for the eyes.
He finally bent down the last bit and their lips met. Jinde sighed lightly and reached up with one hand, grabbing onto the front of Leng Jin Yu’s robe and pulling him down even further. He didn’t want to separate, never again. If they could just stay like this or even entangle further, he would be content for the rest of his life.
Leng Jin Yu reached down and his fingers once again slid into Jinde’s hair. He brushed those silky strands away and finally rubbed the sensitive skin at his neck.
“Ah!” Jinde gasped and his grip on Leng Jin Yu’s robe tightened while his brows creased a little.
Leng Jin Yu immediately pulled back. “Are you alright? Does your shoulder hurt? Should I —”
Jinde took a deep breath. Was this guy trying to drive him crazy first thing in the morning? First, he kissed him like that and started to tease him and then he just pulled back? What was this if not torture?
He wanted to retort and tell him to take him already but just then a sound of surprise came from the door.
Leng Jin Yu turned around to look what had happened only to find his Master and Grandmaster Zhangsun standing in the door. Both of them looking at the scene in the room incredulously.
Leng Jin Yu gulped. Damn it. When had those two come by? He hadn’t heard anything! This wasn’t good at all. His Master had warned him just yesterday to keep his distance from Jinde. He didn’t intend to do so but he definitely hadn’t wanted to break the news to his Master like this. No, he would rather have wanted to wait a while longer until Yuchi Bing Xia got used to the thought of them living together. He had thought he could just reveal everything bit by bit until it seemed normal to him. But now, that was definitely impossible. After all, he was half kneeling on Jinde’s bed right now and the way he had bent over him probably didn’t leave many questions open.
“Uh … It’s … not what it looks like?” He himself felt that it was obvious that this was nonsense.
Yuchi Bing Xia and Zhangsun Xun Yi didn’t look convinced either. Behind Leng Jin Yu, Jinde finally cracked his eyes open but there was a dangerous glint in them. Not how it looked like? So his lover actually dared to spend the night in his bed but didn’t dare to admit it? Wasn’t this almost as bad as what Chun Yin had done? He definitely wouldn’t let him embark on the same path! Just you wait!
Jinde closed his eyes again, shoved the blanket a little bit down and gave an audible sigh. “Jin Yu, where are you going? Come back to bed …”
Yuchi Bing Xia froze. Zhangsun Xun Yi froze. Leng Jin Yu froze.
The latter cursed inwardly. What timing! But he could hardly blame Jinde. He had still been sleepy when he came back. He probably hadn’t even noticed that his Master and the Grandmaster had come by. He considered waking Jinde up but turning to him now probably wasn’t a good idea. What if Jinde said or did something else? Wouldn’t it get even worse? He cleared his throat and tried to look as earnest as possible. “It really isn’t!”
Jinde frowned. Bastard! Then he reached out and grabbed his sleeve with a precision that belied his ‘sleepiness’. “Jin Yu, don’t go! You can’t just throw me away after you used me!”

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