LWS V4C32 A Predictable Novel

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While Nie Chang stealthily drove them to their secret destination Su Yan took out his phone and continued to read the strange novel about the four birds. Unfortunately, it didn’t get any better. Or, well, maybe that was the wrong way to put it. The novel just seemed … kind of boring? There wasn’t really anything happening and the few things that happened in regards to the main characters were very predictable.
Just take Wang Ya Ting for example: After how he had been introduced in the first few chapters, it was obvious how he would react when he found out that his little brother had gone missing. Naturally, he turned the inn upside down and he wasn’t very nice in his attempts to find his little brother.
Meanwhile, Wang Ya Hui very predictably stayed with Ling Yu without any worries. He thought of his brother every now and then but he didn’t go back or sent any messages.
Honestly, did the author think her readers were idiots? Would any sane person read something like this and believe even a single word of it?! How could a person as stupid as Wang Ya Hui even exist?!
Su Yan was about to close the novel and never bother with it again but then he remembered the system and the task of reading this stupid thing. The system hadn’t counted when he read the first so-called ‘spicy’ scene so it probably wouldn’t count now either. He actually had to read until the end.
Su Yan tightened his lips. He didn’t want to. He definitely didn’t want to read this novel! Alright, it wasn’t that long but it was still too long to read with that kind of content! It seemed like the thing the characters did most often was rolling around somewhere, either naked or at least half-naked. Who wanted to read that?!
Su Yan hesitated and stealthily looked to the left and the right as if he wanted to make sure that nobody would see what he was doing. Then he scrolled down a few lines. His heart pounded but he pretended that nothing had happened and just continued to read.
After a few lines … he noticed that he hadn’t understood anything. Ugh. What if the system wouldn’t accept that he had read the novel if he left out some parts? Would he have to read it again then? But readers often also didn’t read everything, did they? They would also scroll over parts they didn’t like. And, well, the system probably wouldn’t be that mean would it?
Su Yan turned to the side and tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve. His boyfriend understood the system surprisingly well. He should just see what he thought.
Nie Chang tensed. Had Su Yan noticed something? Would he ask where they were going? Then what should he use as an excuse? Was there a road blocked or something?
Su Yan tugged harder. “Ah Chang! Help me!”
Nie Chang looked to the side and found his little darling staring at him. He hurriedly looked back at the street. “What’s the matter?”
“It’s the system!”
“It’s bullying you again?” The corners of Nie Chang’s lips lifted up.
“Oh. Then what did it do this time?”
“It gave me a strange task and … well … I was wondering if I really had to do it completely? What do you think?”
Nie Chang furrowed his brow. “What are we talking about?”
“That strange novel with the birds. The system wants me to read it completely but honestly, it’s such a bad novel. Can’t I just … skip some parts?”
Nie Chang took a deep breath and took a turn. “Well … I’m not too sure about this but I think it should be alright. This is the task that wants you to explore the genre, isn’t it?”
“Mn. It is.”
“Then I think it shouldn’t be a problem not to read everything. After all, you already got a short view on another possibility to write a book in the genre, didn’t you?”
“I did but when I looked at it after reading that strange scene the task wasn’t checked yet.”
Nie Chang knitted his brows. It wasn’t? That seemed a little strange. If he had understood correctly what Su Yan had said the last time, then this was really just about finding out more about the genre he was supposed to write in. That should have happened already. After all, Su Yan had read everything that happened with the ‘bird’ or he never would have thrown such a tantrum last evening.
Could it be there was something else in the novel he was still supposed to find? That seemed like the most plausible explanation. “Well, how about you read a bit further and see if something new comes up? I guess it shouldn’t be a problem to skip parts you don’t like but try to find out if anything happens in the story that could be another aspect to the story.”
“Another aspect?” Su Yan blinked his eyes at his boyfriend. “I thought this was just about being spicy.”
“I haven’t read the novel but maybe something will happen in the later chapters that will add to the spiciness.”
“Oh.” Su Yan pouted.
He really couldn’t understand how this novel was supposed to get any spicier. These birds behaved as if they had drunk a gallon of coffee in the morning and were still high from it. Weren’t they ever going to get sleepy and return to their —
Su Yan dropped his phone into his lap. Alright. Forget that he wondered about that. The so-called nest wasn’t a place to rest at all. It was probably no wonder that the birds were still so active after several chapters.
Nie Chang saw his little darling behaving strangely from the corner of his eye and raised his brows. “Is something the matter?”
“No. I just wondered how much I’ll be able to skip without the system noticing.” Because there was no way in hell he would read another part where one of the birds pretended to go sleep in its nest.

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