LWS V4C14 The Bird Found a Nest

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[Wang Ya Hui tensed but the man just hugged his waist and pulled him closer. Being so close to him and feeling that what the man did, didn’t hurt at all Wang Ya Hui relaxed. He even reached out, his hand touching the man’s chest.
His skin was warm. Maybe it had originally been like that or maybe the water had done its part, anyway it felt good touching it. Wang Ya Hui reached further upward, his fingers exploring the other’s body.
The man chuckled. “Little birdie, what do you think you’re doing? You really want to go further?” He let go of his lips and looked at him, his eyes dark with desire.
“Ah?” Wang Ya Hui looked up at him, uncomprehending. He only felt that it was a pity the man had let go. He leaned closer, pursing his lips to invite him to continue.
The man laughed and cupped the back of his head, his lips meeting Wang Ya Hui’s once again. He leaned over him, his tongue sneaking into his mouth again, intertwining with Wang Ya Hui’s. Their movements produced wet sounds while the water in the hot spring swashed around them, some of it spilling over the edge.
The man’s hand trailed down to Wang Ya Hui’s neck and caressed his smooth skin, his lips never leaving those of the youth in the process. He really had no idea what this boy was thinking, throwing himself into the arms of a stranger just like that but he certainly wouldn’t complain!
He followed the curve of Wang Ya Hui’s spine with his fingers and only stopped when he reached the point where his hips were submerged in the water. He rubbed the smooth skin, making Wang Ya Hui shudder languorously.
The boy arched his back and reached up, sticking closer to the man and encircling his neck. He got a smile in return and the hand that had stopped at the water’s surface finally slid down, caressing his backside.
Wang Ya Hui jerked and a sigh escaped his lips. The man’s other hand pressed his lower back and his lips left Wang Ya Hui’s. They trailed down a path to his jaw instead and lingered for a moment. Wang Ya Hui lifted his head, exposing his slender neck to the other. The man didn’t need to be told twice. He placed a kiss on the soft skin and started sucking. His other hand moved down, groping those firm little cheeks. Ah, this felt good …
Wang Ya Hui moaned, his nails scratching the man’s back. This felt really good! What a good idea to come here! Thankfully, he hadn’t listened to his brother!]
Su Yan grimaced. What was happening here?! This guy got warned by his brother not to go to the hot spring because there might be some bad guys that wanted to take advantage of him and not only did he refuse to listen but he also went in with a man that was obviously part of exactly that group of dangerous people! And then he actually had the cheek to think of his brother at such a time! This was so ridiculous! If the system didn’t want him to read this, he would have already deleted this stupid book from his library!
Unfortunately, he couldn’t do so. Even if the system didn’t insist on him reading the whole novel, it would still want him to read at least this so-called ‘spicy’ scene. He pursed his lips and read on in a bad mood.
[Wang Ya Hui reached up again, his fingers sliding into the other’s hair.
The man chuckled and leaned further down, his lips closing in on Wang Ya Hui’s collarbone. He kissed it before moving upward again. His tongue flicked out and left a wet trail on Wang Ya Hui’s neck. The boy shuddered when the hot steam wafting up from the water hit the place the other had just left.
The man grinned but didn’t stop. He moved further up until his lips found Wang Ya Hui’s earlobe. He nibbled at it and one of his hands left Wang Ya Hui’s butt and stroked his thigh instead. “Little birdie, you like it?”
“Mn!” Wang Ya Hui’s legs moved in the water. He felt strangely restless but he didn’t want the man to stop. He pulled at his head, trying to get him to continue further down. He had really liked that a lot!
The man chuckled and did as the boy wanted. He didn’t stop at his neck though. He encircled Wang Ya Hui’s waist with one hand and shoved him over the edge of the hot spring before lifting himself out of the water. He propped himself up on one arm while his lips went for one of the small pink knobs on Wang Ya Hui’s chest. His tongue flicked out and teased it, making the boy arch his back again.]
Su Yan lowered the phone and stared ahead blankly. What the hell was he reading here? Were people actually enjoying something like this? He really couldn’t understand! He frowned and glanced at Nie Chang but his boyfriend had gone back to work already. Argh, he couldn’t complain but he couldn’t stop reading either! This was such a stupid task!
He raised his phone again but just one glance told him that the rest wouldn’t be much better. Ugh. Did he really need to read all of this? He felt like he had pretty much figured out how he felt about this. Disgusted! That was what he felt! Such a dirty thing and the system actually had the cheek to call this some spicy romance he could write.
Hmph. Su Yan took a look around. Nie Chang was busy and it wasn’t like the system would know whether he really read it or not, right? He would just skim the text a bit and continue reading when the dirty part was over. He just had to find the last part of this strange encounter. Mn, it shouldn’t be that much farther down. After all, those two shouldn’t be able to do much more. They were already completely naked and had kissed and touched each other so much. They definitely couldn’t —
[And then the big bird Wang Ya Hui had seen found a suitable nest and started to make its way inside.]
Su Yan flung the phone away on reflex.

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