LWS V4C13 Sweet and Spicy

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Since they had already eaten before Nie Chang didn’t cook again. Instead, he waited for Su Yan to decide whether they should go to sleep already or not.
“Well … It’s not that late, right?”
“It’s not.” Nie Chang shook his head with a smile.
Ah, just look at how hesitant his little darling was! You could practically see the thought ‘I really want to look at the new task the system gave me but wouldn’t my boyfriend expect me to spend time with him?’ written on his face. He’d feel like a bad person if he didn’t help him out of this plight!
“So …” Nie Chang pulled Su Yan into his arms and kissed his forehead. “I could still do some work. Only if you don’t mind, of course.”
Su Yan’s eyes sparkled while his gaze flitted about. If Nie Chang wanted to work, then it shouldn’t be a problem if he worked a bit too, right? “Uh, well … If it’s very important to you, then I guess it’s alright. I’ll just … sit next to you and read a novel or something.”
“Mn. Then I’ll get my notebook.” Nie Chang gave him another kiss before he unhurriedly gathered his things.
Su Yan flopped down on the couch and took out his phone again. The explanation for the new taskline appeared again and he clicked for the next part.
[The bl genre is part of the larger romance genre. As such it shares certain variations. One of those is the degree of explicitness involved in telling the love story of the main characters.
You might want to write a sweet romance that stops with kissing and where everything further than that only happens behind closed doors where the readers will never find out. Or maybe you’d like to go for an especially spicy romance that doesn’t leave out any opportunity for your characters to show their sex appeal and tumble in the sheets with each other instead? Naturally, everything between these two extremes will also be possible. It’s your story, after all.]
Su Yan nodded. This wasn’t so hard. Although … he couldn’t imagine writing some sort of ‘spicy romance’. Weren’t the authors of these stories embarrassed? He couldn’t even begin to imagine it. Well, he probably wouldn’t have to do so anyway. Thus he read further.
[The stories you’ve written so far are judged to be sweet romances. The best way to get a taste of the other end of the spectrum is to read at least one story that could be classified as a spicy romance novel. While reading pay special attention to the execution of the hot scenes and the feelings they evoke.
Hint: An examination of the library of your account Lao Gong Says I’m The Best showed one novel that fits the requirements. To display the novel click on the help-button.]
Su Yan blinked and did as he was told. The button immediately redirected him to a novel from his library. Naturally, it was the dubious ‘The Adventure of the Four Birds’ he had started reading before.
Su Yan grimaced. The system couldn’t be serious! He was supposed to read this dirty thing?! The whole novel? And he even had to pay special attention to … to that kind of scene?!
The system was obviously bullying him again!
He pursed his lips and turned to Nie Chang, ready to complain. Unfortunately, his boyfriend was already working and he seemed really focused. He probably couldn’t disturb him right now.
Su Yan sighed. Well, even if he complained, it wouldn’t change anything. The system wanted him to read this shitty novel so he’d have to do it. Well, how bad could it get? With this hopeful notion, Su Yan continued to read where he had left off.
He took the first break after he got to the part with the snake Nie Chang had read before. Su Yan looked at his phone disbelieving and lowered it. Was there really no way to get around this? He didn’t want to have to read about some birds or snakes. And this was just chapter three! Who knew what would happen in the rest of the novel?!
He glanced at Nie Chang again but his boyfriend was still working earnestly, his fingers flying across the keyboard. Huh. Nie Chang was actually able to type faster than him even though he was the one who had been writing for so many years. Shouldn’t he be faster than Nie Chang? After all, doing it every day should be like training. He had definitely gotten faster over time! So why was Nie Chang still faster?
Su Yan narrowed his eyes and observed Nie Chang. Come to think of it … What was he even doing there? Wasn’t his job to repair notebooks and things like that? Why was he typing so much?
Su Yan leaned over and put his head on Nie Chang’s shoulder. He looked at the screen and tried to figure out what his boyfriend was so occupied with but … that stuff looked like an entirely different language.
Su Yan tilted his head and looked up at Nie Chang’s face. “Ah Chang, what are you doing?”
Nie Chang reached over and ruffled his hair. “Writing some codes.”
“Uh … To earn us some money?”
Su Yan slapped his arm. “You know what I mean! Why would you write … codes when you’re repairing notebooks? How’s that your work?”
Nie Chang chuckled and patted Su Yan’s head. “How do you think a notebook works? There are many, many codes inside that ensure that everything is working fine. So the problems we get aren’t always with the hardware and we sometimes need to take a look at the software.”
Su Yan looked as if he was enlightened while Nie Chang almost took a relieved sigh. He certainly wouldn’t tell his little darling what he was actually up to!
“How about you? Already finished with reading your novel?”
Su Yan tensed. Ah, why did Nie Chang have to remind him! He pursed his lips and went back to the novel with the dirty birds.

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