LWS V4C3 Showing His Gratitude

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Nie Chang drove until the next crossroad before he cleared his throat. “Ah Yan, could you … could you not put your hands there?”
Su Yan blinked and looked at his hands on Nie Chang’s leg. Oh. He was probably in the way. He pursed his lips and took his hands back.
Nie Chang gave a sigh of relief. Ah, it seemed he would manage to pull through the rest of the drive. Well, it was always nice to plan things but one shouldn’t expect those plans to become reality.
Su Yan looked out of the window well-behaved for about a minute before he turned back to Nie Chang. “Ah Chang … Now that my father accepted us, what do you think will happen?”
Nie Chang tightened his lips. He hadn’t wanted to say anything about it but now Su Yan had brought it up again. Could he really just hide his true thoughts? Who knew if that wouldn’t cause trouble later on? Especially since Mister Su wanted to set Su Yan up with somebody else. If it didn’t work with that Yuan Hai, wouldn’t he find another gay son of one of his friends for Su Yan to meet? He couldn’t risk that!
“Actually … I wouldn’t be too sure that your father accepted us.”
“Ah? But he said so! Didn’t you say you heard us talk?”
“I did. And if I heard correctly, your father said that he accepted that you are gay. He never said that he accepted me as your boyfriend.”
Su Yan blanked. His father … He tried to recall their conversation. It seemed … it was indeed true! “How despicable!” He hit the door of the car, making Nie Chang jolt. “I can’t believe it! How could he do something like that?!”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. Maybe he shouldn’t have brought it up now and should have waited until they were home instead? He cleared his throat and tried to find something to calm Su Yan down. “Well, he probably meant nothing bad by it. He just … wants you to have the best possible boyfriend.”
“But that’s clearly you!”
Nie Chang’s heart fluttered and he sighed. Ah, his little darling was really too sweet today. He could hardly wait until Friday! “Mn. You said it right. But your father will need some time to accept that. To him, it’s already hard to accept that you’re gay. He came to terms with that surprisingly quickly if you think about it.”
“Then what does he have against you? We’ve known each other for so long and you’ve always treated me nicely. My mother also likes you. What could he possibly have against you?!” Su Yan frowned. “This is so stupid! In which way aren’t you perfect? Just take a look at you!
“You’re so handsome you could be a model or act in a movie or something. You have that repair shop that you yourself built up and that is going really well and you even have two employees that know what they’re doing. There are a lot of customers every day too.
“And your character is even better. We’ve known each other for so long but you’ve never lost your temper with me. That’s definitely a lot better than my dad! And you’re doing so much for me. You even learned how to cook just for me. Who would do something like that?
“Alright, I guess you could say that that’s a little too much. Maybe he thinks you just want to have sex with me? But then you’d need to be a really obstinate fool. Doing so much just to get somebody into your bed … You’d need to have too much time on your hands. Eh? Why did we stop?”
Su Yan wanted to look out of the side window but was pulled back by Nie Chang. Next thing he knew, two strong arms had clasped around his back and a pair of lips pressed against his own.
“Mn!” Su Yan wanted to protest. He hadn’t even managed to say everything he wanted! But with Nie Chang pulling him even closer and those hands stroking his back and those lips moving he completely forgot what he had wanted to say in the first place. “Mn …” His fingers tugged into Nie Chang’s shirt and he leaned over as far as he could.
There was only one problem … “Ah Chang, why are we doing this in the car? It’s so complicated!”
Nie Chang chuckled and kissed Su Yan’s cheek. “You should be happy that we’re in the car. Who knows if I could hold back otherwise?”
“You said such nice things about me just now …”
Another kiss landed on Su Yan’s cheek while he pondered what kind of nice thing he had actually said. Hadn’t he just explained why his father was an idiot? How did that count as nice?
A pair of lips pressed against his neck, startling him out of his thoughts. “Ah … Ah Chang! What are you doing?!”
“Saying my thanks.” Those lips continued until Su Yan slapped his boyfriend’s arm.
“It couldn’t be that you really just want to sleep with me?!”
Nie Chang sighed. Ah, it would have been too nice to just enjoy it. He leaned his forehead against Su Yan’s, closed his eyes and rubbed his boyfriend’s neck to calm him down. “You wouldn’t really believe that, would you? I just … felt very touched. We haven’t been together for that long and your father is obviously still against me. It was nice hearing you say so many good things about me. I really would have liked to compliment you too but … there really weren’t any words to describe my feelings about you.”
Su Yan’s lips curled in satisfaction. He hesitated a bit before leaning forward and kissing Nie Chang again. “Then let’s go home. You can make me breakfast tomorrow morning to show your gratitude.”
Nie Chang laughed. “I thought I was going to do that anyway?”
“Well, if you want to. I won’t hold you off.” Su Yan leaned back in his seat and looked out of the windshield, still smiling happily. Ah, he really had the perfect boyfriend!

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