LWS V4C4 Hurry up And Get Your Things!

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Nie Chang started the car again and this time he actually made it to his destination without another interruption from Su Yan. Ah, it really wasn’t easy to drive his darling around.
Su Yan looked out of the side window and blanked. “Uh, Ah Chang, did you get something wrong? This isn’t where I live!”
Nie Chang leaned over and pecked his cheek. “It’s where I live, darling.”
Nie Chang ruffled his hair. “Well, I’m probably going to stay over at your place for the next few days, right? So I thought I should get some of my clothes before we head home.”
Su Yan blinked. That was actually a very good idea … “Why didn’t you say so sooner?”
“Uh … I guess we were kind of occupied? There was the thing with your parents first and then we talked and … did things.” He grinned but Su Yan didn’t react to his teasing this time.
“So what are you waiting for? Go and get your stuff! I don’t want to wait so long.”
Nie Chang’s brows raised. “You don’t want to come in? You could wait there you know?”
“It’s not like I don’t know your place. I’ll better wait here and use the time.”
“For what?”
“For …” Su Yan patted around and finally found his phone. With a triumphant grin, he held it in front of Nie Chang’s face. “For this, obviously!”
Nie Chang stared at the phone. His little darling clearly hadn’t known what to do a moment ago but he probably couldn’t call him out on it? “Well, if it’s like that …” Nie Chang pondered before he reached over and opened the glove compartment.
“What are you doing?” Su Yan tried to take a look inside but only saw some paper.
“Well …” Nie Chang took out a key and smiled. “We haven’t even been together for a week but we’ve spent each of these days together so … How about having my spare key?” He held it in front of Su Yan, his heart beating wildly. If Su Yan accepted …
Su Yan stared at the key but didn’t take it. “Are you sure about this? You know I often lose stuff.”
“That’s true but I still have one, don’t I? It’s just if you want to get in and I’m not there. So, for example, if you’re sitting down here doing whatever you planned to do and I’m still not done with packing my things when you’ve finished, you can just take the key and come in to wait for the rest of the time.”
“I … I won’t need that!”
“Mn, maybe you won’t but there could be other opportunities in the future where you could need it. Or …” Nie Chang lowered his hand and leaned against the seat with his shoulder. “Could it be that you think having two keys is too much trouble? Would you like it better if we made just one out of our two keys?”
“Ah?” Su Yan blinked. Make one key out of two? Wouldn’t that mean … His eyes widened. “Are you asking me if I want to move in with you?!”
Nie Chang coughed. Why did his little darling seem so shocked? Well, alright, he could understand it. “I know it’s a little soon. I even said so myself when we visited your mother. It’s just … I’m sure about this and the more time we spend together the more I feel that you’re also sure about this. I guess I’d just … like to take another step with our relationship?”
“That …” Su Yan pursed his lips and squirmed in his seat. “Didn’t we agree to … you know … on Friday?”
“We did.”
“And that’s not enough of a step? I feel like that’s a big step already.”
Nie Chang reached over and cradled Su Yan’s cheek. “It is. And I’m happy you’re finally willing to take it.”
“Then why do you still want to move in together? Isn’t it nice how it is?”
“You’re not getting cold feet, are you?”
“No!” Su Yan slapped Nie Chang’s hand away and grabbed the key. “Forget it! I’ll just take the key. Now go and get your clothes!” He crossed his arms in front of his chest and turned away. Ugh, he wouldn’t talk about this any longer now! He first had to think it through. Something like this couldn’t be arbitrarily decided.
Nie Chang looked at Su Yan a bit longer before he sighed and opened the door. Alright, he had known that it was too soon. He shouldn’t be surprised that Su Yan didn’t want to. He walked around the car and wanted to go to his apartment when he paused. He shouldn’t leave it at that.
He went back and knocked against the window, looking at Su Yan through the pane. Su Yan pursed his lips and seemed unwilling to react. In fact, Nie Chang could imagine that his little darling would just turn around and pretend he hadn’t heard anything. He smiled and knocked again and Su Yan finally opened the window a crack.
“I just wanted to say that you don’t have to think about it too much. I know I brought that up really soon. If you don’t want to, it’s alright. We’ll just talk about it again later when we’ve been together for a longer time. Mn?”
Su Yan’s gaze flitted about but he finally nodded. “Alright.”
“Then I’ll go get my things now.”
“Mn. Hurry up!” Su Yan hastily closed the window again and turned away as if he was afraid Nie Chang would say anything else.
Nie Chang just laughed and shook his head. Ah, his little darling was too cute! He really should hurry up so he could go home with him soon. Never mind that they didn’t have a shared apartment. It was alright as long as they were together. It wasn’t like their names together on a slip of paper would make much of a difference. In the end, they would still live together regardless of who paid for the apartment.

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