LWS V3C66 Do It the Right Way this Time

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Su Yan hugged Nie Chang’s neck and pressed his lips onto those of his boyfriend. Nie Chang froze, unsure of how to react. If this was a normal situation, he would gladly hug his little darling back and reciprocate such a passionate kiss but … his in-laws were watching right now.
If he dared to kiss Su Yan back in front of his father, wouldn’t he be skinned alive? Thus, he raised his hands and then let them awkwardly hang in the air as if he would never even think about touching Su Yan on his own initiative.
Mister Su still tightened his lips. Alright. He didn’t like how his own son jumped another man and then kissed him like this. But how dare this bastard not even reciprocate?! His son was so into this! Couldn’t this guy show some enthusiasm?! It was as if he was trying to become a mannequin!
Madam Su just smiled happily and elbowed her husband to remind him that that tile on Nie Chang’s side still had to be exchanged. They couldn’t risk that Su Yan found out about them cheating, after all. Wouldn’t her baby hit rock bottom then? She couldn’t let that happen!
Mister Su nodded and looked around for the tile. It wasn’t lying on Nie Chang’s leg anymore so … He searched on the floor until his wife slapped his own leg and pointed to Nie Chang’s hand. Mister Su grumbled and took the tile, hastily putting it onto Nie Chang’s rack. He peeked at his son, hastily grabbed another tile and placed it onto his own rack.
Both he and his wife took a sigh of relief. This problem was solved.
Now the only one in trouble was Nie Chang who still didn’t know what to do with the little koala on his lap. The cute little thing had latched onto him securely and didn’t intend to let go at all. Its hands were even roaming about as if searching for an even better place to cling to.
Nie Chang reached up and tried to grab at least one of those hands but he only managed to make a certain someone even more enthusiastic. Su Yan decided that grabbing onto the back of his boyfriend’s shirt really wasn’t anything good so one of his hands instead wandered upward and entangled itself in Nie Chang’s hair.
At the same time, he tried to sit up higher to get a better angle. He was so happy right now he definitely couldn’t just give his boyfriend a short peck and leave it at that! He had to reward him appropriately!
Su Yan pursed his lips further, making Nie Chang unable to hold on. Ah, his little darling actually wasn’t good at kissing. He really wanted to embrace him and show him how it had to be done but … there were still his in-laws sitting at the table with them! Couldn’t Su Yan have at least some self-awareness?
Su Yan hadn’t. He had completely forgotten that they weren’t alone. Thankfully, somebody else hadn’t.
Seeing her son already this entangled with his boyfriend Madam Su stood up, grabbed her husband’s shoulder offhandedly and dragged him out of the room.
“What are you —”
Madam Su clasped a hand over Mister Su’s mouth when he wanted to complain and turned to glare at him. “What are you doing? Can’t you see the two of them are busy? Don’t disturb them!”
“But —”
“No but! They’re a couple. It’s great they get along so well and Su Yan is really happy. So stop being a spoilsport and accept it already.”
Mister Su lowered his head. Ah, he had already thought about it himself. It was just … Why did it have to be like this?
He turned to look back into the room where Nie Chang finally couldn’t take it any longer. Hearing that Madam and Mister Su had left the room he encircled Su Yan’s waist with one arm while grabbing his neck with the other. He pulled him against his chest and interrupted the kiss for a bit.
“Wait. Not like this.” Before Su Yan could ask what was happening Nie Chang’s lips found his and this kiss already looked a lot better. Nie Chang might not have had more experience than Su Yan with this but he had definitely paid better attention to how it was supposed to be done in theory.
Mister Su sighed, feeling that it was such a pity.
Madam Su’s thoughts were going in a similar direction for once and she sighed too. “Ah, you should have made me give birth to a daughter back then. Then we could have a lovely grandchild a year from now already.”
Mister Su coughed and had to hold himself upright on the door frame.
Madam Su turned toward him and frowned. “What are you doing? You’re disturbing the children!”
Indeed. Now that the kiss had already been broken once Su Yan actually lost focus fast. He pulled back and looked up, finally realizing that he and Nie Chang had been observed by his parents the whole time. He blinked.
This was … He pondered. Actually, this was pretty good, wasn’t it? Hadn’t he wanted to show his father just how affectionate he and Nie Chang were? Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like his father was even close to losing his fuse. Quite the contrary, he seemed awfully calm as if them kissing like this didn’t bother him at all.
Su Yan looked back into Nie Chang’s eyes. “Ah Chang, I think you did something wrong. My father wasn’t impressed at all. Kiss me again. And do it the right way this time.”
Nie Chang coughed. The right way? What was that supposed to be?! Hadn’t they already shared that messy kiss of Su Yan’s and then the one he initiated? That should be enough of an exhibition of their love life for a day!
Before Nie Chang could find an answer Mister Su coughed again. “Xiao Yan, can you come out for a bit? There’s something I’d like to talk to you about.”
Su Yan blinked. Huh? His father wanted to talk to him alone? And he even asked politely? Was the old man running a fever? Something was definitely up!

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