LWS V3C59 Acting All Pretentious

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One and a half hours later, Su Yan and Nie Chang stood in front of the house of the Su’s, the former’s expression disgruntled. Nie Chang didn’t mind and rang the doorbell while gently patting his boyfriend’s back. Su Yan would certainly calm down soon.
When Madam Su opened he greeted her with a brilliant smile. “Madam Su! It’s nice to see you again!”
Madam Su took one look at the two of them and chuckled. “Ah Chang, what are you saying? Madam Su? Aren’t you Ah Yan’s boyfriend now? Come on, let me hear you call me mother-in-law.”
Nie Chang beamed even more and naturally obliged as a good son-in-law should do. “Mother-in-law!”
“Hehe, that’s good! Come in, come in.” She pulled his arm and leaned in to whisper into his ear. “What did you do for Ah Yan to be so grumpy?”
Nie Chang tugged at the lapel of his suit. “Well, I guess he wasn’t that happy with my choice of clothes.”
Madam Su blinked and took a look at the crimson suit Nie Chang wore. Mn, this boy really was worthy of becoming her son-in-law! So handsome! She turned to look at Su Yan next and nearly laughed out loud. So, that was what this was about. Nie Chang had actually persuaded her son to wear a shirt in the same color as his suit. This was probably what one called couple clothes?
She went to grab her son’s hand and pulled him into the house, too. “What is my handsome son making such a face for?”
Su Yan perked up and turned to his mother. “You think I look handsome?”
Madam Su smiled and patted his shoulder. “But of course you are! Ah, just look at you! This crimson shirt really highlights your beautiful eyes and gives your cheeks such a healthy tone.”
The simple-minded fool next to her actually puffed his chest out and lifted his chin. He really seemed to think he had gotten some kind of magical shirt that would turn his beauty up a few notches. Well, he did look really cute if he stood next to Nie Chang like this. Mn, speaking of that …
Madam Su pushed her son further toward his boyfriend. “Ah, the two of you make such a cute couple! Come, come, let your mother take a good look at you.”
Nie Chang naturally didn’t need to be asked twice. He put his arm around Su Yan’s shoulder and pulled him closer. Su Yan struggled a bit but Nie Chang just tightened his hug. “Don’t be like this. It’s just your mother. And, well, maybe your father but didn’t you want him to see anyway?”
“Who knew you wanted me to wear this?”
Nie Chang smiled and kissed the top of Su Yan’s head. “Mn, but you’re so cute when you wear it. And didn’t your mother also say you looked good in it? You won’t believe either of us?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and earned himself another kiss from Nie Chang, this time on his cheek. Being treated so carefully he couldn’t really keep being angry. Thus he magnanimously forgave Nie Chang for being so good-looking and settled into his embrace.
His mother next to them beamed just as much as Nie Chang at that. Ah, finally! Her son really was in a relationship now and even in such a good one. Looking at how the two of them got along they would certainly stay together. Well, there wasn’t a need to worry about that anyway. Even if her son got capricious again and threw a tantrum, Nie Chang would find a way to get him back. Mn, she didn’t need to worry anymore.
“Alright, let’s not just stand around here. You’ve come to have dinner, haven’t you? Let’s go in and start then.” She ushered the two of them into the dining room and took the seat opposite from them.
Su Yan blinked, his gaze flitting across the room. “Where’s dad?”
“Hmph.” Madam Su snorted and started picking up dishes and putting them into Su Yan’s bowl. “Don’t mention him. Isn’t he up in his study, acting all pretentious? He’s just waiting for a good time to make his big entrance.”
Just when she said so the door opened and Mister Su stepped into the room. He had obviously heard what his wife just said and couldn’t completely hide his embarrassment. Like she had said he still tried to act mighty though. He went to his seat and sat down, not sparing even a single glance at Su Yan and Nie Chang as if they didn’t even exist.
Nie Chang’s lips quirked up. Even though Mister Su had invited them himself, he hadn’t expected that he would suddenly bless them in the first place. This was just for the sake of his own relationship, after all.
He didn’t mind that much but seeing how Su Yan next to him furrowed his brows and looked every bit like the little diva he was Nie Chang still felt anger rise in him. Mister Su could treat him as coldly as he wanted but he shouldn’t be doing this to Su Yan! That was his son, after all. Shouldn’t he handle him with more care? Just look at how displeased his little darling already was!
Nie Chang frowned and put his arm on top of the backrest of Su Yan’s chair, his gaze trained on Mister Su. He would show this old man that nobody was allowed to bully his darling. Not even his own father!
As if he had felt the gaze directed at him Mister Su finally looked over. Seeing his son wearing the same color as the man next to him and then seeing that provocative gesture he turned to glare at Nie Chang who in turn narrowed his eyes at him.
You don’t like seeing me next to your son? Well, you’d better get used to it because I definitely won’t give up on sitting here!

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