LWS V3C54 Fishing for Experience Points

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Su Yan sighed. It was already too late now. He would just look at the suggestions and see if there was anything he could use for editing the scene. After all, the system hadn’t said that there was some limit to the number of edits he could make. It shouldn’t be a problem to upload several of them. Maybe he could even take a look at the other subcategories in the meantime.
Su Yan blinked. Eh? Actually, this wasn’t bad. If he uploaded the scene to all the other subcategories after the comprehensive style check, then wouldn’t he get experience points for that too?
Su Yan’s lips curled up. Great! Now he only had to hope that he would get lots of experience for these practice tasks. Then it wouldn’t take long for him to reach the next level. Mn, who knew what kind of reward he would get this time? These practice tasks were really nice now that he had found out how useful they were. Other than that he would probably get an upgrade for his special dimension and maybe there would be other tasks as well?
Ah, the longer he thought about it, the more he wanted to find out! Just how much longer would he need?
Mn? Su Yan tilted his head. Hadn’t he finished one practice task already? Then he should have gotten the experience points for that!
He wanted to go and have a look but there were still the results from just now. Ah, he should first read the evaluation of the system and then go and have a look. Su Yan shook his head and concentrated on the window in front of him.
[Evaluation: The host has managed to write a scene that fulfills basic requirements but is lacking in terms of style. Please try implementing the following suggestions for further improvement.
1) Usage of fillers: The host has repeatedly used filler words that don’t contribute to the scene and instead decrease the readers’ immersion. Try cutting down on the usage of fillers as much as possible.
2) Usage of adverbs: The scene includes several adverbs that seem to be intended to transport the characters’ mood. Instead of telling the readers about this try to show it through the characters’ actions.
3) Usage of verb types: Most of the verbs used are inactive and passive. Try using active verbs instead to make the scene more engaging.]
Su Yan nodded but didn’t think further about it. For now, he had to take a look at his progress to the next level!
He hurriedly closed the evaluation and went back to the main page. The rating for his beginning had become a lot better after his revision. So, the experience points should also be quite high, right?
Su Yan clicked on his level and once again saw the pink progress bar. Unfortunately, the sight wasn’t as nice as the last time. When he had checked before it had been just a bit before reaching the third level so the bar had nearly been completely filled. Now, it hadn’t been long since he really reached it. Thus the progress bar looked like he was at the beginning again. Only a small sliver was colored right now.
Su Yan pursed his lips. How mean! This progress bar wasn’t encouraging at all! Couldn’t the system display all levels at once? Then it would at least look like he had done a lot already!
His mood didn’t get any better when he thought further about it. He had already solved one practice task so how come there wasn’t any noteworthy progress? His rating had gotten better by a whole point, after all!
“How mean!”
Su Yan grumbled but there was nothing he could do other than trying to do another practice task and hoping that it would net him more experience. Well, the rating for this scene had been really bad. If he remembered correctly, then the overall score hadn’t even been three points so if he managed to get above a four that should be a big amount of experience points, right?
Su Yan nodded to himself and went back to his newest evaluation. Fillers, adverbs and verb types … This didn’t sound too hard. Although … what exactly did the system mean with ‘filler words’? He had always thought that fillers were chapters where nothing much happened. That couldn’t be the case with words though, could it? How did something happen in a word?
Su Yan looked at Nie Chang and opened his mouth to ask but at the last moment, he reconsidered. Nie Chang would probably know but he had already bothered him so much today. He should give him some time to work. And furthermore, what was the system there for? He would just use the corresponding subcategory and take a look at what the system had to say to that!
Thus, Su Yan once again closed the evaluation and instead opened the list with the subcategories for the writing style practice tasks again. The fillers were high up on the list so they were probably something very important.
Su Yan clicked on the category and once again got several options. This time he once again had the possibility to first get some theoretical input though. Great! This was exactly what he needed right now. He happily clicked on it and read through the text the system provided.
[Every scene or chapter you write should be as immersive and engaging for your readers as possible. Filler words or fillers might reduce this immersion by slowing down your story without need.
A filler won’t add anything most of the time and thus can be cut without changing the meaning of a sentence. In fact, deleting them might even make your sentences more assertive and thus engaging to your readers.
Note though that fillers aren’t always a bad thing. They are common in spoken language and may as such be used in the dialog of your characters. Even in the rest of the story they might serve a purpose and can thus be left in, albeit sparingly.]
Su Yan nodded. This sounded quite good but … What exactly were filler words? He still didn’t understand!

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