LWS V3C53 Comprehensive Style Check

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Su Yan hurriedly navigated to the training tasks and searched for the one about writing style. Well, there wasn’t much to search since it was one of the main categories.
Su Yan happily opened it. He could hardly believe that this was so easy! His good mood dimmed a little when he saw the subcategories though. What active and passive? What repetition? He just wanted to know what was wrong with his chapters!
Su Yan frowned and scrolled down. Finally, his face lit up when he reached the end of the list. [Comprehensive style check] was listed there. That should be what he had been searching for, shouldn’t it?
Su Yan clicked on it and was greeted by a message that was quite similar to the one he had gotten when he practiced writing his beginning:
[Welcome to the comprehensive style check for practicing all issues related to your writing style at once! Please choose what you’d like to do:
Upload the first version of a text to get suggestions for improvement.
Upload an edited version of a text to get feedback.
Upload the final version of a text to have it rated and gain experience points.]
Su Yan naturally clicked on the first option. After all, he first had to find out what was wrong with his chapters before he could make any changes. He copied the chapters with the changes he had made and wanted to post it into the space the system had provided but hesitated at the last moment.
It wasn’t that he didn’t dare to see the results but rather … He had worked so much on this and already changed things. The rating for his writing style was also quite good. Sure, it wasn’t staggeringly good but it wasn’t that bad either. Wouldn’t this mean that he couldn’t change much in the end and the difference between the first version and the final version wouldn’t be big?
This wasn’t good! If he remembered correctly, then the experience points he got would be higher the more he had learned through his tasks. So, in other words, he had to submit a text that was as bad as possible at first so that his edited version would already be a huge step in the right direction. And after that, he would get some more advice and then submit a great final version that would be far ahead of the first version! Wouldn’t he get a lot of experience points that way?
Su Yan once again grinned like a little fox and had a look at the documents on his notebook. He didn’t feel that he was doing anything wrong. The more issues the system found the better it was anyway. So why shouldn’t he submit a bad text first? He would also learn from that! And furthermore, what was bad about getting to the next chapter more quickly? The system should also want that. Mn, after all, an author that had good things to help him would also be a better author, wouldn’t he?
Su Yan found some really old texts but looking at them he felt like this wouldn’t be helpful. This was after all a different genre! No, he still needed something that had to do with romance. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t learn anything and even though he wanted to get as many experience points as possible this was still supposed to help him! He couldn’t take any chances either. What if he was only allowed to practice each part once? Then wouldn’t he be digging his own grave? How would he have a useful text checked then?!
In the end, Su Yan finally dug up the first text the system had had him write. Looking at it now he felt it to be a bit embarrassing. Why had he written a romance scene with a man and a woman for a system that wanted him to write bl? He really couldn’t understand anymore how he could have been so dumb to not understand this at first glance. Hmph. Well, the system should have explained it more clearly! It obviously wasn’t his fault.
Su Yan shook his head and copied the scene before he could think too deeply about it. This might not be what the system had had in mind for the task back then but it shouldn’t be a problem to use it for this practice task. After all, this was still romance in the end! If he just exchanged Ai Hua for her brother Yi Zan, it would be bl anyway.
Mn, come to think of it … Su Yan hurriedly exchanged the names and all pronouns. After all, it was still better to play it safe. He even read through the document again at the end and saved it separately to make sure that nothing would happen. Only then did he copy the text again and pasted it into the space the system had provided him with.
With a sigh, he leaned back and silently watched the messages of the system roll by. He was bound to be surprised though because this time most of the familiar messages didn’t appear. Instead, he saw a lot of new ones and with some of them, he had no idea what they actually meant!
[Evaluating sentence length.]
[Evaluating variety of words.]
[Evaluating usage of nominalization.]
[Evaluating usage of passive voice.]
[Evaluating usage of negation.]
[Evaluating amount of fillers.]
[Evaluating usage of adjectives.]
[Evaluating usage of verb types.]
[Evaluating degree of concreteness.]
[Evaluating clarity.]
[Evaluating spelling.]
[Evaluating grammar.]
[Evaluating punctuation.]
[Identifying problems.]
[Compiling suggestions for improvement.]
[Appraising skill level.]
[Organizing results.]
[Overall style rating: 3/5]
Su Yan didn’t even read further. He just covered his face with his hands. Damn this! Had he known that there were so many things the system considered for his writing style he would have tried each and every subcategory on its own first before doing this comprehensive style check! Just how was he supposed to edit the scene now?! He probably wouldn’t be able to understand the suggestions at all!
Argh, no wonder this comprehensive style check had been at the bottom. Next time, he definitely wouldn’t be so hasty anymore!

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