LWS V3C55 He Absolutely Had to Obtain Him

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Su Yan clicked on the [next] button below the text and finally saw something helpful.
[Examples of fillers are words showing a vague degree like ‘slightly’ or ‘almost’. Other filler words don’t signify a degree but add the same vagueness to your sentences. Examples of that would be ‘just’ or ‘kind of’. Words that don’t add vagueness but instead try to reinforce absoluteness like ‘absolutely’ or ‘really’ are equally fillers.
Take a look at the following sentences and read them once with and once without the filler words to get a better understanding of the subject:
1) Upon feeling Ping Cheng’s hands on his buttocks Fang Bao blushed slightly.
2) Chao Fen just couldn’t imagine a man more perfect than Ouyang Li.
3) Qin Tai looked at the petite figure in front of him and decided then and there that he absolutely had to obtain Chanyu Ru.]
Su Yan stared at the examples the system had provided. It wasn’t that he had any problems with the content, after all, he was now a bl author. Why would he mind such sentences? The problem was rather that he didn’t understand the problem! Didn’t these sentences sound alright? What was wrong with them?! He certainly wouldn’t mind reading them in a novel.
He frowned and tried to read them without the filler words just as the system had told him. It seemed … nothing had changed? The sentences still meant the same and didn’t read any worse. Well, maybe the third one did. Wasn’t it a difference whether the person absolutely had to obtain him or if he just wanted to obtain him?
Su Yan pondered the issue but still couldn’t find a satisfying answer. Unfortunately, this was already the last part of the theory the system provided so he couldn’t even hope to get more information. As a last resort, Su Yan could only turn to the side and tug at his boyfriend’s sleeve.
Nie Chang immediately turned around and raised his brows. “What happened? You don’t look happy at all. Don’t tell me your system bullied you?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “It did! It gave me three sentences as examples but I don’t really understand what it wants to tell me. You have to help me!”
“Alright?” Nie Chang put the phone he had worked on away and waited for Su Yan to read the sentences to him.
“The first two are alright, I guess. But the third one is strange. Listen to this: ‘Qin Tai looked at the petite figure in front of him and decided then and there that he absolutely had to obtain Chanyu Ru.’ The system claims that it’ll be the same if I don’t have ‘absolutely’ in the sentence. But aren’t that two different things? I feel like if he absolutely has to do it, then he will definitely obtain him regardless of what happens but if he only decides that he wants to obtain him, then he might give up if things happen.”
Nie Chang leaned back and pondered. Actually, Su Yan might not be completely wrong but … “I don’t think anybody would pay attention to that or even if they did, they probably wouldn’t interpret it that way.”
“Well … I guess because they’d be sure that he wants to obtain him anyway? As long as he decides on it isn’t it the same? Furthermore, your readers wouldn’t have the other version, would they?” Nie Chang gave a smile and shrugged. “You might see a difference when you have both versions in front of you or think about it but if you only read the sentence without the ‘absolutely’, then you would certainly think that he was serious about it. After all, you don’t have a comparison. At least that’s how I see it.”
“Mn.” Su Yan pursed his lips again. “That sounds logical.”
“Anything else?”
Su Yan shook his head but continued to look at Nie Chang, making his boyfriend nervous.
“Uhm … What is it? Is something wrong with my face or …?”
“No, it’s a nice face.” Su Yan tilted his head and looked at it a little more. It really was a nice face …
“That’s good, I guess?” Nie Chang couldn’t help but smile helplessly. Being examined like this by his little darling … Why did he feel that he should brace himself for what was to come next?
In the end, Su Yan only turned back to his notebook though but his thoughts stayed with Nie Chang’s face for a while longer. It was no wonder that he had started to model his first two male leads with this face in mind. Nie Chang was really handsome.
Overall … he was handsome, had his own shop that was going well and even had manners. Disregarding the fact that he was also a man his father shouldn’t have anything against him, should he?
Su Yan pursed his lips. Well, even if his father didn’t like Nie Chang, it wasn’t like they would break up because of that. He would just stop talking to his father. There was no need to entertain that old man if he wanted to make things difficult for them. Mn, he would do that! And he’d tell his mother! He really wanted to see what his father would do if she scolded him because of Nie Chang.
Seeing his boyfriend deep in thought Nie Chang didn’t dare to ask but he really was curious what was going on in that little head of Su Yan’s right now. He somehow felt like it might have to do with his face?
Nie Chang touched his cheeks. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. Or was having a nice face a bad thing? He furrowed his brows. It certainly had nothing to do with what Su Yan had been writing just now so … Was this about the dinner with his parents? Was Su Yan afraid that his father would look down on him for looking too nice?
Nie Chang scratched his head. That sounded weird but unfortunately, because of that, he could very well imagine that this was what Su Yan thought. After all, his boyfriend was a little quirky.
So, what was he supposed to do about this nice face of his now?

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