OMF V4C87 Stoking His Desire

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Jing Yi stood in place and blankly looked ahead. What had just happened?
He sighed and sat down at the table where he had just prepared the tea. There was no need to think about it. He already knew. Seeing the familiar figure of that man in one of his memories even if it was a memory from the beginning when his past self obviously hadn’t known him very well and didn’t feel much for him his own heart inevitably beat faster. So just now, his own consciousness had been called out and he had instinctively reacted and reached out to the man he loved. Unfortunately, this had stopped him from seeing how the rest of the memory had originally played out.
Jing Yi sighed again. How could he have reacted so impulsively? He should have known that this would happen! Why couldn’t he have just watched and seen where everything led? Now he had missed the last part of this memory because he was too impatient.
Well, there was nothing he could do now besides trying to elicit another memory. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his wildly beating heart again. He slowly breathed in and out but just when he thought he was successful a pair of arms snaked around his waist and a pair of lips pressed against his cheek, disturbing his concentration.
Jing Yi’s eyes flew open and he was tempted to turn around. He really wanted nothing more than to snuggle up against this person and lift his gaze to finally look at him. But he knew he couldn’t or this would end just like the memory from before. Thus he suppressed his own wishes and just followed Jing He’s memory.
Well, at least this time Jing He’s reaction was not that different from his own. When his lover pulled him closer up against his chest Jing He’s heartbeat picked up and he actually raised his hands to cover those of Tian while resting his head against that broad chest behind him. His lips carried a sweet smile and he closed his eyes in contentment.
“It’s only one more day.” Tian’s hands gently caressed him while his breath brushed against Jing He’s skin.
“I’m sorry for leaving you alone.”
“Ngh, don’t be. As long as you come back to me.” The grip of those arms tightened a little and Tian lifted him off the chair before sitting down himself and pulling him onto his lap. “It’s just … about two months. I’ll be able to take that. Although … I’ll miss you terribly. There won’t be even one day that I don’t spend thinking about you.”
Jing He lifted a hand and placed it on Tian’s chest, feeling his heartbeat. Strong and fast. He obviously really … loved him very much.
Tian reached out and cupped his cheek. He craned his neck and their lips met, Jing He’s long hair hanging down like a curtain to cover them from curious gazes. Being sure that nobody would be able to see Jing He felt emboldened. He reached up and circled his lover’s neck.
Maybe it was because he had never gotten such a response from Jing He before but Tian’s grip tightened again, one hand holding his waist while the other gently stroked his back, higher and higher until it finally found it’s way up to his neck. Tian’s fingers found the edge of his robe and pulled it down to touch his bare skin.
Jing He gasped, the sound unlike anything he had ever made and shockingly loud in the quiet environment of his palace. His lover’s touch seemed to scald him and his own hands on Tian’s neck shook. This was … They weren’t married yet, not even officially engaged. He felt like what he did was forbidden and his guilty conscience rose only to be smothered by his lover’s touch again.
Tian didn’t think of stopping. Hearing the voice of his beloved like that instead seemed to have intensified his desire. He held him close and deepened their kiss, his lips sucking at Jing He’s as if they wanted to leave a tangible imprint. Finally, even Tian’s tongue snuck out, tasting those lips.
Jing He couldn’t take it any longer. He opened his eyes and tried to break away, even his hands pulled back, pressing against Tian’s chest to hold him off.
Both of their breathing was heavy and Tian didn’t seem reconciled at all. He tried to pull his lover back and his lips neared him once again. This time they went for his cheek though and the kiss they left there was gentle and sweet and not as wild as the one from before.
“Forgive me. I lost myself in you for a while.” Another kiss fell on Jing He’s cheek, just as light as the one before but at another spot as if Tian wanted to make sure that he was covered in his kisses. “Don’t worry. I’ll be gentler now.” Another kiss, a little further to his cheekbone made Jing He close his eyes and turn his head, surrendering himself to his lover once more. “I’ll be careful. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.”
Tian gently repeated those words over and over again until Jing He calmed down, his lips meanwhile exploring his skin, his hands stroking his back again, making sure that he would be comfortable.
And Jing He was. He slowly fell back into his lover’s arms and his hands that had just tried to push him away now stroked Tian’s chest, feeling the muscles below and relishing in the warmth they gave off. He barely noticed how his lover’s kisses had trailed a path to his jaw and how they were slowly making their way toward his neck. He just obediently bent his head for him and let him do as he desired, not noticing that his own behavior stoked this desire even more.
In the end, Tian didn’t seem to able to take it any longer. He lifted his head from where he had been caressing his beloved with kisses and whispered into his ear. “Let me stay here for tonight.” His voice sounded raspy and the heat radiating from his body seemed to have intensified over the last minutes.
Jing He languidly cracked his eyes open. They were misty and with the light that had grown dimmer and his dense lashes obscuring his vision even more he could only vaguely see the appearance of his lover in front of him.
Tian took in a sharp breath and stood up, carrying his beloved in his arms. His steps unerringly took them to Jing He’s bed, only stopping right in front. It was more than obvious what he intended to do.

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