LWS V3C49 Slightly Off-Topic

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Su Yan silently nodded to himself, feeling more than satisfied with what he had written until now. This definitely showed a lot about his protagonist and the world he lived in and there definitely were lots of hints about the future developments in there! In fact, it was probably an understatement to call them hints. Wasn’t this directly insinuating what would happen in future chapters?
And he hadn’t just implemented the system’s suggestions but also started to do what the readers had wanted. Well, alright, there wasn’t a sword fight just yet but Dou Fang Hai and Jin Bao Fu were already butting heads. It was just a question of time when the first sword fight would happen.
Mn, as soon as Dou Fang Hai learned from Ziju An how to wield a sword he’d find an opportunity to incite a fight between him and Jin Bao Fu again. It shouldn’t be that difficult to do that considering how angry and humiliated Jin Bao Fu would be after losing this first competition.
In a happy mood, Su Yan went back to write this so-called competition. Naturally, Dou Fang Hai would be the one to win. After all, while the prince had learned martial arts and gotten exposure to weapons from an early age Dou Fang Hai had lived as a normal child in the city. Most of his days had been spent playing with other children. Throwing stones and scoring a hit definitely wasn’t difficult for him.
Just when Su Yan had detailed how the boys made their first two attempts someone knocked on the table next to him. Su Yan winced and looked up only to find his boyfriend standing there smiling with a bag of food in his hand.
“May I take a bit of your time or is it bad right now?”
“Eh, the food arrived already? Didn’t I just write a few minutes?”
“Darling, there was some problem with the order. It’s nearly been an hour.” Nie Chang put the bag down and started to unpack. “So, how did it go? Did you look at the comments already?”
Su Yan stared at him, his face blank.
“What? Were the comments not good?” Nie Chang stopped with what he was doing and stepped closer to Su Yan. “Don’t worry about it. Whoever said something bad about your story just doesn’t have good taste!” He ruffled Su Yan’s hair and wanted to go in for a hug when Su Yan finally moved again.
“That’s not it! I … I forgot.” He tightened his lips and averted his eyes.
“You … You mean you forgot to look at your comments?”
Su Yan nodded hurriedly.
“That …” Nie Chang sighed and patted Su Yan’s head. What was he even supposed to say to that? “Do you want to look now or wait until after you’ve eaten?”
Su Yan looked from Nie Chang to the food and finally to his notebook. Thinking of the comments he might have gotten he suddenly didn’t feel like eating at all …
Nie Chang sighed when he saw his boyfriend’s expression. “Alright, go look at your comments first. I’ll bring the food for Old Lao and Gong Gong to the back.”
“Mn.” Su Yan hurriedly opened the website and navigated to his new story.
This time he was more or less prepared so he wasn’t as shocked when he saw that there had already been several hundred views and that a few people had already written reviews. He ignored the reviews for now and instead clicked on the story to get to the first chapter.
The comments … Su Yan still gaped. How were there nearly a hundred comments? He took a closer look and noticed that it was the usual suspects that were responsible for this.
Master’s favorite disciple: [Eh? Are these two the main characters this time? So it’s really not two disciples of the same sect this time! It’s actually about the sect master and his senior martial brother! (O∆O)]
Let me kiss you, little junior: [Wait! Doesn’t this mean it’s still about two disciples of the same sect? ། ﹒︣ ‸ ﹒︣ ། I mean they were disciples once …]
Transmigrated ML waiting for his shou: [If they are, the sect master is clearly the shou! (¬‿¬) Just look at how his senior martial brother treats him!]
Let me kiss you, little junior: [En, that’s for sure! Ah, I guess he’ll be one of those cold-faced gongs then.]
Rotten things smell sweet: [Cold-faced gong? Me like! (●♡∀♡)]
Fujo with glasses: [What are the few of you even talking about? Has nobody read the synopsis Lao Gong Says I’m The Best provided? It’s clearly stated there that it’s about a disciple and his master.]
Rotten things smell sweet: [Whoa! Wasn’t that what you predicted, Fujo with glasses?! Be honest with us! Is Lao Gong Says I’m The Best another account of yours?! ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )]
Master’s favorite disciple: [Talking about cold faces … Has anyone seen Cold-faced CEO? Didn’t he notice that Lao Gong Says I’m The Best uploaded another story?]
Let me kiss you, little junior: [Don’t worry about that guy, little junior! He’s probably busy with some CEO stuff and will hurry over as soon as he’s finished. So let’s not talk about him and get to know each other better instead! (*^▽^*) This big brother could help teach you sword arts … ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]
Su Yan frowned. What were these guys doing? Had they even read the chapter? And was that Let me kiss you, little junior flirting in the comments section?! What was going on here?!
He hurriedly shook his head and scrolled further down to find some more normal comments. Unfortunately, he was bound to be disappointed. There were some normal readers who commented on the content of the first chapter but as soon as one of the other guys came along everything derailed and ended in completely different conversations.
Su Yan shook his head again and went back to the main page of the project. These were comments. It was expected for them to get a little off-topic sometimes. He’d just go and take a look at the reviews instead! Certainly, the reviews would be more normal, wouldn’t they?

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