LWS V3C47 You’re an Idiot

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[Below the seats Jin Bao Fu was looking at Dou Fang Hai with a mixture of anger and triumph. Hmph, look at you! I called and you still came down even though you didn’t want to. That’s how mighty this prince is! But thinking back to how this hateful boy had dared to touch his future master … Argh! He wanted to slap him!
Dou Fang Hai had no idea why he was drawing so much hate right now but he also wasn’t happy with the person in front of him. He pointed back at Jin Bao Fu. “You made my wife angry! So I’ll accept your challenge!”
Upon the stands sect master Xue once again grabbed onto the elder next to him and laughed even more boisterously. Ah, how great! Had he known that it would get this interesting after his senior martial brother took in a disciple he would have forced him to do so way sooner!
The two boys looked up at the sect master that seemed like he already had tears in his eyes from laughing too much before turning toward each other again.
“Draw your sword!” Jin Bao Fu put his hand on his own weapon but didn’t take it out. Mn, he’d show the Grandmaster just how great he was and defeat this boy with just his bare hands while the other even had to use his weapon!
Unfortunately, the person opposite him didn’t react and just looked at him puzzled.
“What? Didn’t you hear? Is something wrong with your ears? I told you to draw your sword!”
“But I don’t have one.”
“Huh?” Jin Bao Fu looked at him blankly. “What do you mean you don’t have one?”
“I’m not a soldier. Why would I have a sword?”
Jin Bao Fu was completely taken aback. “What are you talking about? What does having a sword have to do with being a soldier?” He also had a sword, hadn’t he? And he definitely wasn’t a lowly soldier! What was this boy talking about?!
Dou Fang Hai looked back at him as if he was an idiot. “Everyone knows that soldiers always carry swords. But I’m not a soldier. So why would I have a sword?”
Jin Bao Fu’s lips opened and closed but he didn’t know how to argue back. It seemed like soldiers really always carried swords … “Then … Then borrow a sword from someone!”
“Why?” Dou Fang Hai tilted his head. “Didn’t you want to challenge me? Why do you want me to go and borrow a sword now? If you want one to become a soldier, you can go and borrow one yourself. Don’t bother me and my wife!”
Upon the stands a certain elder distanced himself from the sect master. On the other side, Ziju An smiled indulgently at his disciple. Mn, very well, his disciple wasn’t one of those rash people who would throw themselves into a fight they couldn’t win head-on. Well, it was no wonder. He had such good eyesight! He certainly wouldn’t have chosen the wrong disciple.
“I don’t care about your wife!” Jin Bao Fu frowned. Why was this person so troublesome? “But I want Grandmaster Ziju to be my master! So stop talking already and compete with me! I’ll show everyone that I’m much better than you!”
Dou Fang Hai scratched his head. He really couldn’t understand what was going on. He had only come here to watch that test with his wife. What did that have to do with some old master? If this boy wanted to be his disciple, shouldn’t he go and talk to him about it? What was he doing here talking so much? But, well, this person had angered his wife so competing with him was indeed a must!
“So, then what do we compete in?”
“A fight, naturally!”
Dou Fang Hai frowned. “How could we do that? What if my wife gets scared?” He turned around and looked up at Ziju An with worry only to find that the pretty sister was still smiling gracefully. Phew! At least she wasn’t worried because of what that other boy had said!
Xue Chang Fu couldn’t help but turn to the side. “Say Senior Martial Brother, should we really worry that you might get especially scared by the fight between these two boys? Do you need a shoulder to lean on, maybe? I could lend you mine if it’s really difficult for you to hold on.”
Ziju An glanced at the person beside him and couldn’t help but think that their sect master was more of a mischievous brat than his own disciple. Just look at how his lovely disciple was trying to de-escalate the situation! Why was it that their own sect master liked to stoke the fire instead?
“If the Sect Master isn’t worried what Elder Yue will have to say to that …”
Yue Fu Gang looked sideways and slightly frowned, highlighting the handsomeness of his rather rough facial contours. “Don’t pull me into —”
The sect master used the moment when his attention was on Ziju An to latch onto his shoulder again. “Ah! No need to worry about it! Fu Gang knows that he’s my true love! He would certainly never question my feelings for him!”
Yue Fu Gang shoved him off again. “Watch the competition.”
The sect master sighed but all three men turned back to the front. At that moment, Jin Bao Fu was already completely frustrated.
Why did this boy always have something to say about his suggestions? How were they supposed to compete if they couldn’t fight at all?! He wanted to show the Grandmaster that he was the better disciple! He couldn’t give up now! “Then what do you suggest we should compete in? Don’t think you can get away from the challenge by finding some excuse! We definitely will compete today!”
Dou Fang Hai nodded. Of course, they would compete. He had promised his wife, after all. He pondered a moment and finally his face lit up. “I know! We’ll just compete like we always did in our city! So, first of all, we need three circles.”
“Circles?” Jin Bao Fu frowned but only got himself another look that said he was an idiot in return.
“Yes, circles! Don’t tell me you don’t know what they are? They’re round, duh!”
Jin Bao Fu couldn’t help but really feel like an idiot. Of course, he knew what circles were! Why had he even asked in the first place?! Well, he still didn’t understand how they would compete with three circles. Were they supposed to have someone judge who could draw the rounder one?]

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