OMF V4C83 Only Two Names

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Shun Tao was of half a mind to bring Xin Lan with him but when his eyes fell on the one sitting two steps away from him with a highly curious expression he reconsidered.
“If Senior Xin would be so kind as to wait here. I’ll arrange everything.”
Xin Lan stood up and cupped his fists as thanks before sitting down again when Shun Tao had left.
Qiu Ling couldn’t resist leaning over. “Eh, ‘Senior Xin’, I’m appalled at your ability to lie. Every single thing you said just now sounded like it was the complete truth.”
Xin Lan didn’t even bother to look at him.
Qiu Ling waited a moment but when he still didn’t get a reaction he also turned away. What use was there in talking to him when he wouldn’t answer anyway? Furthermore, he now knew what Xin Lan’s plan was. He just had to wait until the Fate’s Scribe found something about that person with the mixed blood. Mn, he should use the time to think of his beloved …
Ah, his poor beloved! He was all alone in that secret realm now. Most likely, he felt lonely and scared and longed for him to come and save him! Ah, my love, I really let you down this time! But don’t you worry I’ll soon come and free you from that wretched place! Soon …
Mn, come to think of it … Qiu Ling turned back to Xin Lan. “Eh, how long do you think this will take?”
Xin Lan continued to look straight ahead. Nothing indicated if he had even heard him.
“Maybe we should have provided the Fate’s Scribe with some more details? Aiya, I should go and tell him more.” Qiu Ling rose to his feet, prepared to stride outside.
Xin Lan closed his eyes and sighed before turning around. “So? What do you want to tell him? Maybe that the person we are searching for used a special form of array? And if that’s too abstract he may just go and have a look at the human realm’s Leyuan region because that is where one of them is still situated?”
Qiu Ling stopped at the door and turned around. “Of course not! That would be like telling him that you lied.”
“Then what do you want to tell him?”
“Well …” Qiu Ling pondered. Did he know anything else? “That bastard’s uncle seemed to have told me that guy’s name. It was … Hua Yin.” He furrowed his brow. “Or Huan Yin. Huang Yin. Huang Yi?”
Xin Lan returned to looking ahead.
“It was something along those lines!” Qiu Ling hurried back to his chair and flopped down, leaning toward Xin Lan. “Eh, do you think the Fate’s Scribe will be able to do anything with that information?”
“What information? Even such a clear clue was already ruined by you.”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “How can you say that? I know the name … roughly.”
“Well, how many people with roughly the same name will there be? What do you think?”
Qiu Ling leaned back and cleared his throat. “You can’t fault me for that. Furthermore, it’s not like I knew back then that the name would be important. Why should I have made the effort to remember it? I mean there are really only two names you absolutely have to remember. One is the name of the one you love since that is the most important person. And the other name is your own because you have to use it to introduce yourself to the one you fall in love with so that he then knows what the first name he has to remember is. Everything else is superfluous.”
Xin Lan shook his head.
“What? You don’t believe me? But it’s true. Well, I do admit that I took the effort to remember some less important names because those guys in the dragon realm seem like they can’t do without.”
“Qiu Ling?”
“Just shut up.”
“You’re not really being nice here.”
Qiu Ling didn’t get an answer to this. Just when he wanted to start a new attempt on getting Xin Lan to speak footsteps sounded from the corridor. The two of them turned around and finally saw Shun Tao coming back.
Qiu Ling raised his brows. “Fate’s Scribe! You’ve already found the scroll?” He felt Xin Lan’s disdainful look in his back but didn’t think further about it. Who knew? Maybe the guy had just been lucky?
Surprisingly enough the Fate’s Scribe actually nodded.
Qiu Ling turned to Xin Lan with a triumphant expression. “See? What did you look at me like that for? He really found it already!” He hurriedly leaped to his feet and turned back to Shun Tao, his lips curling into a happy smile. “That’s great. So, then tell us what you know so we can solve this problem.”
Shun Tao looked down at the floor for a moment before he cleared his throat and looked up again. His eyes were trained on Xin Lan instead of Qiu Ling though. “I do think I might have found the right person but … It’s a little difficult. And I’m afraid I can’t just tell you what I’ve found. We should involve the Heavenly Emperor in this.”
Qiu Ling whirled around to Xin Lan, his eyes widened, clearly asking if the other dragon had heard the same thing as him.
Xin Lan took a deep breath and calmed his heart. He certainly didn’t want to involve the Heavenly Emperor but, well, if there was no other way, then he would do it. After all, this was to free his master’s lover.
“Then let’s not waste time here. We should hurry to Tianjun’s palace immediately.”
Seeing that Xin Lan didn’t have a problem with it Shun Tao nodded in relief. He really didn’t feel well about deciding this issue alone. Especially after he had caused one great blunder before. He certainly couldn’t risk doing the wrong thing a second time.
Thus the three of them hurried over to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace, all of them with their minds not at ease.

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