LWS V3C43 Can’t Marry Anyone Else

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[Ziju An coughed while Dou Jin Fu felt like he was having a heart attack. What did this brat think he was doing?!
“Ahem …” Ziju An cleared his throat. Ah, unexpectedly, one had to do quite a lot of things just to get a disciple nowadays! “Alright. I’ll do it.”
Dou Fang Hai’s face lit up and he closed his eyes, waiting for his bride-to-be to kiss him. Surprisingly, nothing happened. Dou Fang Hai cracked his eyes open and found Ziju An looking at him with a solemn expression. He completely opened his eyes, blinked and couldn’t help but frown a bit. “Why aren’t you doing anything? You promised to kiss me!”
“Well, you’re too short. How am I supposed to kiss you when you hug my waist like that? I can’t bend down, can I?”
Dou Fang Hai nodded. That was true.
“So, can you let go of me first?”
“What if father kidnaps you before you can kiss me?”
“Brat!” Dou Jin Fu really wanted to drag the child away from the Grandmaster. Why did he have to watch such an embarrassing scene? It was a wonder the Grandmaster hadn’t lost his temper yet!
Ziju An didn’t mind. Quite the contrary. The longer he looked, the more pleasing to the eye his future disciple seemed. He didn’t mind indulging the child a little. Thus, he patted his head again and slightly ruffled his hair, his long fingers gently combing through the strands. “He wouldn’t dare. Don’t I have you to protect me?”
“Mn!” The child finally decided that his bride-to-be was right and lowered his arms, then he immediately lifted his chin, closed his eyes and pursed his lips for Ziju An to kiss him.
The Grandmaster chuckled, bent down and kissed Dou Fang Hai’s brow. He wanted to straighten up and go over to discuss with his father but who would have thought just how bratty the child would turn out to be?
Dou Fang Hai had cracked his eyes open again and seen that his bride-to-be didn’t have the same kind of kiss in mind that he had. Thus, as soon as Ziju An’s lips touched his skin, his little hands shot out and curled themselves around the pristine fabric of the other’s white robe. He tiptoed and gave those lips a resounding smack.
Ziju An and Dou Jin Fu looked at the child with wide eyes, both unsure what to say. Dou Fang Hai didn’t mind the slightest bit. He let go of Ziju An’s robe and stepped back with a satisfied smile.
“Now you’ve kissed me. You can’t marry anyone else anymore!”
Ziju An just nodded, straightened up and walked over to Dou Jin Fu. Did this count as being taken advantage of? But the person who did it was just a child …
Dou Jin Fu wanted to scold his brat but didn’t find any words. He took a covert look at the Grandmaster’s face and found him to be just as stunned as he himself was. Would he get away with it if he claimed that the brat was adopted and that he had no idea where this mischievousness came from?
In the end, he only opened and closed the door to the study for the Grandmaster and hurried to pour him a cup of tea. He even placed a piece of fabric next to the cup just in case the Grandmaster wanted to … well, get rid of some stains his son had left?
He waited but the Grandmaster didn’t move and didn’t say anything either. Dou Jin Fu got even more nervous. Shit! Should he go and discipline the brat for the Grandmaster to see? But neither did he dare to go nor did he dare to sit down. What was he supposed to do?
Finally, there was some movement from the Grandmaster. His shoulders shook. A moment later, his whole body was twitching from holding in his laughter.
Dou Jin Fu gaped. This … what was happening here? The Grandmaster … was amused by his son’s bratty behavior?!
Ziju An waved a hand and tried to calm down but he needed a few minutes until his breath was orderly again. He sighed and finally took up the cup of tea with a grin. “Ah, I just imagined what my junior martial brother will have to say when I tell him this story.”
“Your … junior martial …” Dou Jin Fu’s eyes widened. “Isn’t that the Jin Shan Sect’s Sect Master?!”
“Mn.” Ziju An leisurely sipped the tea, the calmness of a great Daoist master already restored. Ah, he really couldn’t believe that he had been tricked and kissed by a little brat. Well, it was his future cute disciple so it wasn’t a problem.
Dou Jin Fu really wanted to kneel down in front of the Grandmaster and ask for leniency. Wouldn’t the whole Jin Shan Sect try to hunt them down if word got out that his brat had brazenly kissed their Grandmaster?! Ah, he should have paid more attention to educating his son … Now it was already too late though. He could only try to cut his losses.
Just when he wanted to indeed kneel down and beg for forgiveness Ziju An placed the cup of tea back onto the table and turned toward him. His face that had carried a smile the whole time had suddenly turned very, very earnest.
Dou Jin Fu gulped. Oh heavens! So it was already too late to apologize?
“Mister Dou, I know this is quite sudden but I’d like to take your son in as my disciple. Do you give your consent?”
“Ah? What?” Dou Jin Fu’s jaw dropped to the floor. What had the Grandmaster just said?
“I’m currently searching for a disciple and your son met my eye so I’d like to take him in. Is this alright with you?”
“But …” Dou Jin Fu tried to wrap his head around this concept but couldn’t. What about the issue from just now? “He called you a pretty sister. And kissed you.”
Ziju An’s lips twitched. Was this pair of father and son deliberately trying to anger him? “Yes, could we maybe not bring this up again?”
“Oh, sure … Of course. Uh, well, if you really want to take him in, I certainly don’t have anything against it. He’s quite the brat though. You might throw him out in a week or two. It’s alright to send him back then.”
Ziju An straightened up and that enigmatic smile returned to his lips. “Naturally, I wouldn’t just return a disciple I took in. I’ll painstakingly help him cultivate and make a great Daoist out of him.” He paused for a moment and refilled his cup. “I might also educate him on a few other matters.”
“Sure, sure! Please do! I’m just worried he might be too much for the Grandmaster.”
Ziju An smiled wryly. Did he really look like he wouldn’t be able to rein in a child?
His expression probably spoke leagues about what he thought because Dou Jin Fu immediately tensed. “Uh, I meant I’m worried it might be too much unnecessary trouble for the Grandmaster. Haha.” He scratched his head and laughed. Uh, just what was he saying? He should better shut up. “Well, when do you want to take him away?”
Ziju An smiled. “Immediately.” He definitely couldn’t leave the child here or the boy might pick up some more nonsense. Mn, he had to take him home and educate him so he could become a decent man some day.]

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