LWS V3C42 Who Would Dare to Have Impure Thoughts?

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Su Yan clasped a hand over his mouth and giggled once again, the previous nervousness already forgotten. Ah, his boyfriend really had the best ideas! Su Yan didn’t stop to look for his comments just yet. After all, he couldn’t be sure that there would really be some already and even if there were he’d much rather read all comments at once than only the first one. Who knew if that one would be good, after all? Thus he continued to write the meeting of Ziju An and Dou Fang Hai’s father.
[“Uh … Daoist master …”
Ziju An nodded. “Thank you for your hospitality. This one is called Ziju An.”
“Ziju An?!” Dou Jin Fu grabbed his brat and whacked his head. “What did you just say who you brought?!”
Dou Fang Hai sniffled and rubbed his head with tears in his eyes. “A pretty sister to marry! Why do you never listen?!”
Dou Jin Fu really wanted to slap that child again but held back. He couldn’t discipline his child in front of the Daoist master! “Ah, Grandmaster, I’m sorry. The brat is a little slow. He certainly meant no harm!”
Ziju An just laughed. “Ah, don’t worry. I’ve never been proposed to like that.”
Dou Jin Fu already had tears streaming down his cheeks. Please, master, stop joking! I’m embarrassed enough as is. If he had known beforehand that his brat would encounter the Grandmaster of the Jin Shan Sect today he never would have talked about marriage with him yesterday!]
Su Yan’s eyes gleamed when he reached this part. Wasn’t this the perfect opportunity to introduce his cultivators as the super-handsome men they were?! Ah, this was too great!
[It had been so obvious that his brat would run out today to search for a pretty sister to marry later on. Why hadn’t he remembered that the Jin Shan Sect would come to conduct their test on the market square today? Talking about marriage with his brat right before the test was like inviting an incident to happen! After all, who didn’t know that cultivators were especially handsome people?
It was said that they stayed young forever because of their cultivation and since the impurities of the body would be shed at a certain stage it was practically impossible to find anyone who didn’t look like he was crafted by the heavens themselves in a cultivation sect.
Just take a look at this Ziju An in front of them: It was said that he was the strongest cultivator of the Jin Shan Sect who had even been transferred the title of Grandmaster early on. He was probably several thousand years old but you couldn’t tell at all.
There wasn’t a single wrinkle on his spotless skin to the extent that he hardly looked as if he was twenty years old. His hair that had originally been black had lost all color and turned into a shimmering white that made it seem as if his head was surrounded by a halo. It was hard to even look at. The most distinctive was his eyes though. He had no idea how his brat had missed this but what should have been brown had already turned into a warm golden hue.
Feeling the gaze of those eyes on him Dou Jin Fu really wanted to run head-first against a pillar. What had given his brat the idea that this person could be casually asked to marry him?! Where did his brat get this kind of recklessness from? Certainly not from him!
Ziju An didn’t know what exactly Dou Fang Hai’s father was thinking but he could imagine the general direction. “Mister Dou, could we talk for a bit?”
“Uh … sure!” Oh heavens! His brat had certainly angered this Daoist! Now he’d have to pay for his faults. Ah, having a child really wasn’t easy. “How about … going to my study?” He weakly motioned to a door.
Unfortunately, he had reckoned without his son. Dou Fang Hai shot forward and hugged Ziju An’s waist as good as he could with his short height. “Where do you want to take my pretty sister? Leave her alone! You already have mother!”
Dou Jin Fu’s face instantly flushed red. “What are you even talking about, brat?!” Even if you gave him a hundred guts he wouldn’t dare to behave indecently in front of a cultivator and certainly not in front of one like this! Who would dare to even have impure thoughts about him! This person practically radiated holiness! Not to speak of the fact that he probably wouldn’t need one finger to crush him to death.
Ziju An lightly laughed and patted Dou Fang Hai’s small head. “What are you getting this anxious for? Didn’t I promise to marry you already? I’m just going to talk with your father for a bit to make sure that everything is set. Don’t you want that?”
Dou Fang Hai looked up and was instantly entranced by the gentle smile the ‘pretty sister’ was showing. His slightly plump cheeks flushed red and an uncharacteristically shy look entered his eyes. “Really?” He wanted to peek at his father to see if it was true but he couldn’t look away from the person in front of him. Mn, he didn’t want to let go of the pretty sister …
Ziju An nodded. “Of course. So, how about letting me go over?”
Dou Fang Hai shook his head. No. He wouldn’t let go of her! “I don’t wanna.”
Ziju An sighed. “How are we supposed to marry if you’re being like this? Look, the sooner you let go of me, the sooner we can get married. Don’t you want that?”
Dou Fang Hai pursed his lips. He really, really wanted to marry her but … “Father said I’m ten years too early anyway.”
“Oh?” Ziju An raised his brows. This little one was unexpectedly difficult to deal with. “But you know … if you let me go and talk to your father now, then maybe I’ll be able to convince him otherwise. Wouldn’t you like that?”
Dou Fang Hai’s grip loosened a bit. “Can’t I come with you?”
Ziju An sighed. “How could that be?” He wouldn’t be able to tell his father that he wanted to take the child as his disciple if he was there, after all! Wouldn’t this child throw a tantrum if he did? “You don’t have to worry. I’ll only talk with him for a few minutes and then I’ll be right back.”
Dou Fang Hai pursed his lips. He wasn’t afraid that the pretty sister would lie to him but he was afraid that his father would do something. After all, even though his father was married to his mother he had heard that men could marry more than one wife. Maybe his father also wanted to marry the pretty sister?! He had to prevent this!
Dou Fang Hai looked up at the person he had decided to marry and tightened his grip again. “I’ll let you go.”
Ziju An wanted to praise the child when the brat showed his not so cute side again.
“If you kiss me!”]

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