LWS V3C44 Too Much to Handle?

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Su Yan pursed his lips. This conversation between Ziju An and Dou Fang Hai’s parents or, well, Dou Fang Hai’s father at least, had gone quite well. Now the question was: Should he detail what happened after that? Probably not.
Even if Nie Chang was right and his readers wouldn’t mind that the protagonist was still a child, he probably couldn’t let them wait too long. Thus everything that could be left out should probably be left out. Returning to the sect was one of those things. So, the next chapter should probably start after Ziju An and Dou Fang Hai had returned to the sect. Maybe he could continue with the sect admiss—
Su Yan froze before ruffling his own hair. “Argh! I’m such a dumbass!”
Dou Fang Hai had already been taken in as a disciple. Why should he still take part in the sect admission test? But if he didn’t take part in it, then how would he clash with the antagonist Jin Bao Fu? He couldn’t just have him take part in the test because it was a prerequisite, could he? That somehow seemed a little … unoriginal.
Ah, maybe there didn’t even need to be an admission test? After all, he already was a disciple now so taking part was unnecessary and there were certainly other ways to clash with the antagonist. Come to think of it wasn’t Jin Bao Fu a prince? Maybe that could be the reason for their conflict?
Mn, someone in Jin Bao Fu’s position probably wouldn’t take it nicely if somebody didn’t pay him the attention he thought he deserved or was maybe even rude to him. So maybe the protagonist would say something that offended him? But that was a little too simple and shouldn’t be a reason for a conflict that would embroil them for many, many years further. No, it had to be something consequential. The best would be if it had something to do with the sect. So, what was important for the two of them in the sect that could cause such an intense fight?
Never mind the antagonist for now but the only thing important to Dou Fang Hai right now was his master or, well, in his mind the pretty sister he wanted to marry. But it wasn’t like Jin Bao Fu would want to marry him too, right?
Su Yan actually pondered the idea for a moment. Well, Ziju An was described as heaven-defyingly beautiful. It wouldn’t be that strange for two boys to want to marry him. And Jin Bao Fu was the kind of person that felt entitled to have whatever he fancied. So … it would indeed not be impossible.
Su Yan pursed his lips and stared at the document. It somehow didn’t feel right. This was the male lead, not the female lead in some corny love story. There shouldn’t be people left and right falling in love with him. If anything, they should worship him for his strength.
Su Yan straightened up. That wasn’t bad, now that he thought about it. Mn, he would probably be able to work with that.
[After formalizing their relationship as master and disciple with a cup of tea, lots of coaxing, and some white lies, Ziju An finally brought his new disciple Dou Fang Hai home to his Fu Yun Peak in the Jin Shan Sect.
He settled the boy in the room adjacent to his own under the pretext that future husband and wife shouldn’t share a room but that Dou Fang Hai as the future husband should be there to protect his future wife in case someone broke in. In truth, he just wanted to keep an eye on him and make sure that the boy settled in well.
He didn’t immediately start with his plan to educate the boy and teach him cultivation since he felt that such a young child would need some time to explore everything around him and calm down. Maybe he would even start to miss home after a few days? He had to make sure that such a thing wouldn’t impede his disciple’s progress! Thus, he first let him run around on his peak to familiarize himself while he continued with his own matters.
Unfortunately, it turned out soon that his disciple didn’t need any time for familiarization or something of the like. He took to living on the Fu Yun Peak like a duck to water. And he very naturally showed Ziju An just what his father had meant when he said he was afraid the boy might be too much for him to handle.
“Wife!” Dou Fang Hai opened the door with a bang and jumped at Ziju An, pulling him out of his meditation. “Wife, wife! Come look!”
Ziju An smiled wryly. Never mind that he couldn’t break his disciple of calling him ‘wife’ or ‘pretty sister’ he also hadn’t managed to have the child understand that there was no need to come bothering him for every pretty stone he found or every rare insect he discovered even though he had told him over and over again.
He sighed and got up to follow his disciple. “You’re not supposed to call me your wife.”
“But you’re going to be my wife.”
Ziju An sighed again and just followed his disciple. This time it seemed like he hadn’t been playing around close to the house and had instead run to the foot of the peak where a path led toward the other peaks.
Dou Fang Hai didn’t drag his master down the whole way, though and instead stopped halfway down. “Wife —”
“You’re not supposed to call me wife.”
“Pretty sister, look there!” Dou Fang Hai for once decided that he should concede a bit to get what he really wanted and pointed to a clearing in front of a large building where several hundred people had gathered. “Something seems to be going on. Should we have a look at what they’re doing?” Dou Fang Hai looked up at his master, his eyes sparkling with curiosity.
Ziju An sighed and ruffled his disciple’s hair indulgently. “We don’t even have to look. I can tell you what they’re doing. They’re assembling before taking the admission test.”
“Admission test?” Dou Fang Hai had no idea what that was supposed to be. A test sounded exciting though. “So can we go take a look?”
“Mn, if you want to.”
Faced with his disciple’s enthusiasm Ziju An couldn’t help but promise. He couldn’t imagine that this would lead to any problems. Well, he hadn’t really experienced yet what a handful Dou Fang Hai could be.]

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