LWS V3C41 Publishing Another Story

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Su Yan uploaded the cover Nie Chang had made and read everything he had filled in again to make sure there were no embarrassing mistakes. Then, he clicked [Create]. Since this wasn’t the first story with this account anymore he wasn’t asked if he wanted a walk-through and was just forwarded to the page where he could upload the chapters.
Su Yan didn’t bother checking anything and copied the first chapter over. He rubbed his hands and clicked [publish]. This time, there naturally was a message from the website again.
[Chapter published!]
[Do you want to leave a message for your readers?]
Su Yan pondered. Naturally, he should post a message alongside the first chapter. After all, this was the beginning of a new story and the system had said that it was important, too.
Lao Gong Says I’m The Best: [Thank you for all your kind responses to my message today! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ I was so happy seeing them that I couldn’t stop myself from sitting down and writing the first chapter ….〆(・ω・。) Here it is! I hope you like it! ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡]
Su Yan leaned back and sighed in satisfaction. Ah, this was so great! Starting as a BL author had really been so much easier than back then when he started with writing fanfictions. Was it because he was more experienced now or because of the system?
Anyway, he was really curious how his readers would react to the start of his second story. Would they like it as much as the first one? Well, this time, it would probably need a few more chapters for them to have a reaction. The protagonist was still a child, after all. He’d need quite a few chapters to grow up and make a relationship even possible. So … maybe the readers would even be disappointed?
Su Yan turned to Nie Chang and grabbed his arm just when Nie Chang wanted to get back to work. “Ah Chang!”
Nie Chang stopped moving and looked at him. “What? Did something happen?”
“I published the story!”
“Oh … Then … Congratulations?” He smiled, leaned over and kissed Su Yan’s brow. “You did really well!”
He was sure to have said the right thing but it seemed he still didn’t know his boyfriend good enough. Su Yan slapped his arm with an angry expression.
“You’re not taking me seriously! I’m really worried here.”
Nie Chang cleared his throat. “I’m sorry. I should have picked up on that. So what’s the problem?”
“The story is!” Su Yan pointed at the screen with a scrunched up face. He didn’t explain what exactly the problem was though.
“Why would you say so? You’ve written quite a bit already, right? And didn’t you like it before? You seemed very satisfied earlier.”
“That was before! But now …”
“Don’t you think you’re thinking too much? Your readers will probably love it.”
“But the protagonist is a child right now and it’s supposed to be romance.”
“Oh. Well, actually, there are quite a few BL novels out there where the protagonist is a child at first. You just have to make sure that it stays interesting and that people will be able to get a glimpse of what’s to come. Wouldn’t that be alright?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. That sounded indeed right … “Are you sure?”
“But of course!” Nie Chang bent forward and gave his little darling another kiss. “Don’t you worry about it. They’ll love it! Eh, why don’t you write the next part and then have a look? The readers following you should be notified about your new story, shouldn’t they? They’ll probably go and read it immediately and you’ll have the first comments in just a few minutes.”
“That could be …”
“See? So, don’t worry until then. Ah, come to think of it, it’s already quite late. How about I call for take-out? What would you like to eat?”
Su Yan looked at him especially pitifully. How could Nie Chang ask what he wanted to eat right now? He was way too nervous to even think about eating!
“Alright, I’ll just call for something. When it gets here you’ll already know what your readers think.” He gave Su Yan another kiss before getting up and going to the back room to ask what Old Lao and Gong Gong wanted.
Su Yan continued to sit at his seat. Should he really just write the next chapter and then look at what his readers said? But he was so nervous. He would probably not be able to type even one meaningful word.
Just when he worried over what to do a young man carried some computer parts over he wanted to buy. Su Yan really wanted to heave a sigh of relief but he managed to suppress it in time. Ah, he was a serious employee of his boyfriend! He couldn’t let him down when he had to do his job!
With a very earnest attitude, he settled the bill with the customer and wished him a good day. Then, he went back to worrying about his story and what the readers might say about it. He probably could have taken a look already to check if someone had managed to comment yet but he didn’t dare.
Thus, he really did what Nie Chang had proposed and opened his document to continue writing. Mn, the meeting between Ziju An and Dou Fang Hai’s parents would probably be quite funny. That was exactly the right thing to divert his attention! He left their way to Dou Fang Hai’s house out and just continued from the moment where they went inside:
[Dou Fang Hai let go of Ziju An’s hand and hurried toward the inner rooms of the house. “Daddy! I found a pretty sister to marry! Come and have a look at her!”
His father only snorted. “What do you mean? Pretty sister? Marry? Didn’t I tell you yesterday already? You’re at least ten years too early for that! How old is that brat?”
“She’s really old already but she’s pretty. I’m sure she’ll stay pretty.”
“Ah? Really old?”
“Mn!” Dou Fang Hai nodded earnestly. “Come and have a look! You have to tell me if she’s suitable to be my bride.”
“Oh. Alright.” His father let him pull him to the front hall but instantly froze when he saw the white-haired person in the equally white robe standing there.
Ziju An smiled. “Sorry to intrude!”
Mister Dou was utterly floored. Wasn’t this a cultivator from the Jin Shan Sect?! What in heaven’s name was his son saying he had found a pretty sister to marry?!]

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