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While his boyfriend started to work on his cover Su Yan pondered the other questions that inevitably came up with publishing a second story. First of all: How should he call it?
He pursed his lips but this time he didn’t have as much trouble as the last time. After all, hadn’t he already stumbled upon the best title when he discussed the title of ‘Like a Ray in My Night’ with Nie Chang previously? Thus, he immediately typed his idea in:
[Title: Master’s Cutest Disciple]
Su Yan grinned and went on to choose the genre and add the tags. As for the synopsis … Well, he’d leave that for later. After all, he’d have to think about that really well while the tags and genre were easy. He could just use the same he had taken for his first story. Thus, his second story once again ended up as part of the Romance Fiction genre and was tagged with cultivation and some bl-specific tags.
Finally, Su Yan couldn’t delay writing his synopsis any longer. Now, what should he write? After all, he hadn’t planned everything yet and didn’t really know how their relationship would progress. Maybe he should just refer to how they met? Ah, that didn’t sound bad …
[When the sect admission test of the Jin Shan Sect draws near the Elder Ziju An visits the city at the foot of the mountain to find a disciple of his own. With Dou Fang Hai, he seems to have found the right person.]
Su Yan frowned. ‘Elder’ didn’t really reflect Ziju An’s image of a young, handsome and strong man. What else could he call him? The only title that may evoke the kind of person he thought of Ziju An as would be Grandmaster. But could he call him that? Well, he was the current sect master’s senior martial brother and the strongest person in the sect so … it shouldn’t be too strange? He pondered a bit and finally changed Ziju An’s title.
Now, the only thing he had to do was somehow include what would happen afterward. Dou Fang Hai’s personality definitely had to be mentioned and that they would somehow fall in love along the way was equally important. Everything else probably didn’t need to be part of the synopsis.
[Unfortunately, Ziju An’s disciple is prone to causing mischief. As a good master Ziju An can’t help but indulge his little disciple, thinking that all this is just a phase.]
Su Yan’s hands stopped moving. Alright. He had the first part. Now, what about falling in love?
He stared at the text he had written until now and frowned. Ah! How was he supposed to add that?! He went over some possibilities in his mind but none of them seemed to really fit. Maybe he should change the beginning again? But what if that didn’t work either?
Su Yan frowned even more. No, he couldn’t do that. He had to first write the second part. After that, he could still change whatever wasn’t good.
[With time, Ziju An stops thinking about changing his disciple’s ways of making trouble. The closer the two of them get, the more other people seem to worry about their relationship though. And finally, it really seems as if Ziju An and Dou Fang Hai aren’t just master and disciple.]
Su Yan stared at his synopsis and pursed his lips. This didn’t seem right somehow. Well, everything he needed was in there but it sounded so strange when he read it. He should probably try again.
Su Yan deleted what he had written so far and started another attempt with the previous sentences in mind:
[Shortly before the Jin Shan Sect opens its doors for a batch of new disciples Grandmaster Ziju An visits the city at the foot of the sect to find a disciple of his own. With Dou Fang Hai, he seems to have found the right person. Unfortunately, the boy just loves to cause trouble.
As his master, Ziju An should probably discipline him but faced with this cute little dumpling Ziju An can’t help but indulge him. The more lenient he is, the more other people start to worry if this is truly just a relationship between master and disciple or if maybe something more is going on.
Amidst their worry even the master and disciple pair themselves can’t help but question the nature of their relationship.]
Su Yan slowly nodded. The beginning wasn’t that different but the second part sounded much better now. He wasn’t completely satisfied with the end but he really couldn’t think of a better way to put it. Well, he’d just leave it at that. If he ever found another way to write it he could still change it, after all.
Having finished his part of setting up the novel Su Yan turned to look at how far his boyfriend had gotten with the cover. The result …
He smiled wryly and pushed his chair a little closer. “Ah Chang, do you really think that’s a fitting cover?”
Nie Chang stopped working and turned to look at him. “It’s about a master and his disciple, isn’t it? What did you call it?” He leaned over to take a look and grinned. “You even called it that and still complain about the cover? Don’t worry about it! Your readers will love it!”
Su Yan pursed his lips. He really wanted to believe his boyfriend but … This cover obviously showed a man and a child that were smiling at each other as if they had eaten too much sugar. This absolutely wasn’t the bratty Dou Fang Hai he had imagined. How was this a child that would run around and cause trouble? This was a little angel that would always listen to his master!
“Just trust me. You’ll see what I mean when you upload it.”
“Mn. Alright.” Su Yan wasn’t that happy but he wouldn’t be able to make a better cover anyway so he might as well take Nie Chang’s attempt.
Who knew? Maybe the readers would indeed like it.

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