LWS V3C39 A Lot of Dual Cultivation

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Su Yan felt like crying. He had wanted to be really secretive about it and only reveal it when he really posted the first chapter but now the readers already knew! This was so unfair!
He turned to Nie Chang and pouted, waiting for him to come and pacify him. Unfortunately, his boyfriend was really busy and didn’t notice his miserable state.
Hmph. He didn’t need his help anyway!
He turned back to the screen and scrolled down for other questions. Ah, he’d just ignore the other comments for now! Most likely, most readers wouldn’t have —
Little Water Fairy: [I read in another comment that the story will be about a master and his disciple? Is that true?! ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ)]
Su Yan gaped. This … What was happening here? Were these guys ganging up on him?! He couldn’t answer this question!
Finally, Nie Chang noticed that something was wrong with his little darling. He pushed his chair over and took a look.
“Oh, they figured it out already?”
“Yes!” Su Yan turned to him with teary eyes. “How could this happen? It was supposed to be a secret! Now I can’t even answer the question!”
“Who said that? Just evade it and say something vague.”
“Something vague?”
“Yeah, like …” Nie Chang tightened his lips and pondered. “‘Maybe it is. Or maybe it isn’t. Who knows?’ Or ‘You’ll see soon enough’, ‘Have a look an hour later and you might find out already’. Something along those lines.”
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked at the reader’s comment again. That might work … Mn …
Lao Gong Says I’m The Best: [Maybe it is. Or maybe it isn’t? (¬‿¬) You’ll see soon!]
He turned to Nie Chang again and waited for his approval.
Nie Chang just laughed and ruffled his hair. “What are you looking at me for? If you think the response is good like this, then just post it.”
“Mn.” Su Yan pursed his lips but still clicked on the [send]-button. Ah, this was probably the best response he could give without saying what the story would be about. And he definitely didn’t want to announce it just yet!
“Alright. Is my little darling pacified now?”
Su Yan wanted to nod but paused. “What do you mean by that?”
“Er … I mean … are you feeling better now that the problem is solved?”
Su Yan considered it for a moment and finally nodded. “I think so. But let me take a look at the other comments.”
Nie Chang nodded but still went back to his work. Don’t kid him, his little darling would have forgotten that he was sitting beside him as soon as he started to read the next comment.
Indeed. Su Yan didn’t remember that he had told his boyfriend to wait when he saw the next question.
Wearing rose-colored contacts: [If it’s a cultivation story, will there be dual cultivation between the MC and ML? ། ﹒︣ ‸ ﹒︣ །]
Su Yan’s expression brightened. Ah, finally, a normal question again! He wanted to answer that there would naturally be cultivation in a story set in a cultivation world but then his gaze was drawn to that extraneous word again. Wait … What exactly did this person mean with ‘dual cultivation’? He had never heard of this before!
Su Yan pursed his lips and furrowed his brows. Dual cultivation? Paired cultivation? Cultivation for two?
Su Yan’s little brain worked hard for a while until a light bulb finally went off in his head. Ah! So this reader was asking if the two main characters would still cultivate together even though they weren’t fellow disciples! This question really was easy to answer!
Lao Gong Says I’m The Best: [Yes, there will be! In fact, there’ll be a lot of dual cultivation! (n˘v˘•)¬]
Su Yan sighed in satisfaction. Ah, answering his readers’ questions felt really nice. He continued to read their responses to his message and reacted to them if it was about something they wanted to know. Only when he had read the very last response did he remember that this meant that he had already finished the task the system had given him, too.
He hurriedly picked up his phone and opened the Lovely Writing System to see what would happen next.
[Through interacting with your readers you’ve shown them that you care. Just like in any other relationship this will make it more likely that they’ll care about you, too.
Don’t forget that this is a continuous process though! Your readers shouldn’t be up to date only before you start a story but also while it’s running. Will there be changes to your release schedule or something not included in a chapter you’d like them to know? Tell them about it! Your readers will certainly be happy that you’re thinking about them while they’re thinking about your story.]
Su Yan took a mental note of this and clicked for the next task.
[Publishing your second story]
[While your first story was short and could be revised completely before publication there isn’t any limit to the length of your second story. Thus you should first make sure that you have written the best possible beginning and edited it sufficiently. If you’re sure about this, then publish your second story and inform your readers about your likely update schedule for this project.
Hint: It’s alright to give an estimated update schedule but it shouldn’t be higher than your actual output of chapters.]
Su Yan’s mood brightened even further. He could immediately start publishing his story?! This was so great!
He immediately sat down and started setting it up. Ah, this would definitely be an even greater success than his first story! Well, he still needed a title and a synopsis though. Oh, and then there was the thing with the cover …
Su Yan took a look at the cover of ‘Like a Ray in My Night’ and stealthily eyed Nie Chang. If he asked nicely, would his boyfriend make another one for him? Ah, he was such a great boyfriend. Naturally, he would!
Thus, a certain someone pushed his chair over and fluttered his eyelids as prettily as he could. Nie Chang instantly lost his ability to work. Forming coherent thoughts had suddenly gotten a lot more difficult, too.
Nie Chang gulped and decided that it was better to give his little darling what he wanted as soon as possible. “So, what may I do for you?”
“Ah Chang …” Su Yan slid a little closer and grabbed his boyfriend’s arm in a thought-provokingly slow manner. “You’ve helped me so much with my first story and you know now, the system asked me to publish the second one so … Could you help me make a cover again?”
“Sure.” Nie Chang mechanically stood up and got his own notebook.
Ah, he wouldn’t be able to take it if Su Yan looked at him like this for even a second longer. His little darling … was just too cute!

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