LWS V3C36 Sweet Little … Daddy?!

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Su Yan covered his mouth with both hands and giggled. Ah, his readers certainly wouldn’t expect this! They would probably fall off their chair or tumble down where they stood or … well, lucky them if they were already lying down.
Alright, considering that all experts in his new story were total beauties it wasn’t that unexpected either that some of them would be mistaken for women every now and then. It was just that his readers couldn’t know that at this point in time. Mn, he really was such a good author …
He tapped the case of his notebook thoughtfully. This wouldn’t ruin the image of the great master, right? Maybe he should have added an explanation that they were all super beautiful at the spot where the sect master and all the Elders were gathered in that room?
But that would be strange, too, wouldn’t it? He could hardly just write a line like [The whole hall was brimming with beautiful men since all experts in this world were beauties thanks to a secret to their cultivation]. No, something like that had to be shown slowly and with finesse. So, for now, everything would have to stay like it was.
Well, never mind! Su Yan just threw the thought aside. It was funny and that was always a good thing. Furthermore, the great master had left the sect master’s hall in such a cool way that nobody would think any less of him just because a child mistook him for a woman once. Wouldn’t they rather think that, yes, this child was a troublemaker, alright? And that was exactly what he wanted! So he should leave it at that.
Su Yan nodded and congratulated himself for his wise insight. Ah, he hadn’t even thought that much and just casually made a joke and then it somehow fit with the rest of the story. If this wasn’t natural talent, then what was?
Mn, he should use that inspiration and start writing the next scene immediately! There was no day like this day for writing the next part! His fingers flew across the keyboard once again.
[Ziju An cleared his throat and tried to ignore what the child had said just now. “Little boy, you still didn’t tell me your name.”
“It’s Dou Fang Hai!”
“Oh, that sounds like a really good name.” Ziju An couldn’t help but smile. This little one seemed really proud of that name. Maybe his family was important in the Jin He City? “Say I saw that you wanted to take the test for the Jin Shan Sect just now but —”
“No!” Dou Fang Hai nearly screamed the word at him and scrunched up his little face. “I don’t want to! Who wants to join such a shitty sect? They obviously don’t know what’s good!”
“Uh …” Ziju An rubbed his brow. Had a disciple whose name he didn’t even know just deprived him of his opportunity to take in the disciple he liked?
Dou Fang Hai was indeed really angry at that ominous sect but his bad mood didn’t hold fast for long in the face of absolute beauty. He took another step forward and reached out, taking Ziju An’s hand as if it was the natural thing to do.
“Pretty sister, how about you come home with me? I can show you to my father!” He didn’t even wait for the answer and tried to drag Ziju An with him. Unfortunately, he only reached up to Ziju An’s belly button. Dragging him really wasn’t that easy.
Dou Fang Hai frowned and looked back. “You’re quite heavy even though you look so skinny.”
Ziju An coughed. “Dou Fang Hai, wait a moment, yes? Can we … talk about something first?”
Dou Fang Hai blinked before his eyes widened in shock. “Don’t tell me you don’t like me?!”
“No … That’s not it. I do like you. You’re such a cute little]
Su Yan stopped. Uh, what was a good word? He slid over to Nie Chang and tipped his boyfriend’s shoulder. “Ah Chang, what kind of pet name would you give someone?”
“Yeah, like …” Su Yan pursed his lips. In the end, Dou Fang Hai and Ziju An would become a couple so … “Like your lover?”
Su Yan blinked. “How uninspired.”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Who was the one asking him for ideas right now? “Well, I’m not sure what kind of pet name you’d like. That’s a pretty normal one. You could certainly choose something more creative or sweet or … whatever.”
“Then tell me!”
“How about …” Nie Chang leaned over and cupped Su Yan’s cheeks. “Love of my life? Sweetest boy on earth? My Sweety? Honey? My little honey pie? Little treasure? Little bunny? Little dumpling? My little Beauty? Xiao Yan? Yan Yan?” He leaned in closer with every name until his lips finally met Su Yan’s.
Mn, doing work for your boyfriend really was so great! Maybe he should give up on working at the repair shop himself and just become Su Yan’s full-time assistant? If his little darling made it big as an author, it wouldn’t be impossible …
Su Yan forgot about the problem with the name and hugged Nie Chang’s neck, reciprocating his kiss. Mn … Working with his boyfriend was really so great! They should have done that from the first day he came here with him.
Nie Chang sighed and grabbed Su Yan’s waist, slowly pulling him closer. Just when he was about to lift him onto his lap … Su Yan’s phone suddenly went off.
Both of them froze. Just who had dared to disturb them now?!
Su Yan grumbled but still picked up the call. “Yes?” He sounded quite grumpy though, making the person on the other end hesitate.
“Xiao Yan?” The person called out tentatively to make sure this wouldn’t end in disaster.
Su Yan blanked at the familiar voice.
“Xiao Yan? Are you there? Hello?”
Su Yan’s lips moved but it took a moment for an actual sound to emerge. What he said shocked his boyfriend next to him silly though.

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