OMF V4C65 I Can’t Beat Him up for You

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Jing Yi frowned. What was going on? Why hadn’t he been able to look at that man? Even after rediscovering some memories where he had played a big role he still didn’t even know how that man looked. Was it because this was, after all, just a memory? Maybe he wasn’t allowed to do what he hadn’t done in his past life?
“Honestly. Is it asking too much for you to turn around and look up at him? He’s your lover, isn’t he? Why don’t you dare look him in the eye?”
Then again … That just now hadn’t been the words of a lover. If anything, these were the words and actions of an admirer. An admirer that was a bit lacking. Who would come to someone’s garden, pluck off a flower and then present it as if he had done something very romantic?
The image of a goofily smiling man sprang up in his mind and Jing Yi’s lips couldn’t help but twitch. Alright, this was exactly what Qiu Ling would do, too. These two … were really very similar.
Jing Yi furrowed his brows even more. Was all this really just a coincidence? Or maybe … Could it be that Qiu Ling had also been reincarnated once just as he had? Maybe once upon a time, he had been that person? Maybe that was why Qiu Ling had fallen in love with him at first sight even though he had still been so young? Maybe as an immortal, he could perceive better what had happened in their past lives?
Jing Yi bit his lower lip. Maybe that was it. But … then why had Qiu Ling fallen in love with that other person?
He couldn’t figure it out so he could only believe that he was thinking too much.
“I guess I can’t deny it. Somehow, I’ve been very much in love with another man. Searching for some kind of connection between them … I guess I’m just as hopeless as Qiu Ling.”
He sighed and shook his head. His past self was really too vexing. He hadn’t even seen the face of his past lover yet. Maybe then things would be easier. Or maybe … it was good as it was. Maybe seeing more of him would make it more difficult for him.
Yes. He should probably go somewhere else and try to remember other things. As long as that man wasn’t around it should be better, shouldn’t it?
He walked along the edge of the garden, turned at the corner of the palace and walked away. As soon as he stepped forward, the plane in front of him turned into a road.
Jing Yi paused and raised his brows. Was this … some kind of clue? Was he supposed to follow this road? He hesitated. What if he had misunderstood and this road would vanish just like the flower before? He didn’t really want to risk that. But what else could he do?
He gazed into the distance. This wasn’t a real road just like the hut he had seen hadn’t been real. This was only something formed from his memory. In the case of the hut, it had been something he could really remember because he had experienced it in this life. This road, however … It was probably part of a memory that was available to him.
He really regretted not knowing more about the inner self right now. Maybe then he would know what to do. In the end, he could only step forward even though he felt that it wasn’t the right thing to do.
He slowly followed the road and soon enough the palace he had visited with his mother before appeared in the distance. Jing Yi stopped and looked up at it. This was where he had met his father. This was …
“Jing He.”
Jing Yi shuddered. Where had that been coming from? It felt like a nightmare suddenly being reminded of the person Qiu Ling had loved before. Unfortunately, after being called by Jing He’s name so often by his fiance over the years Jing Yi hadn’t even noticed that his mother, too, had called him the very same name in one of his memories. Otherwise, he might have noticed that something was odd about being called this familiar name twice already in his memories.
As such he only turned around and noticed a man hurrying toward him. He smiled in a friendly and familiar manner. Jing Yi couldn’t help but reciprocate it and one word emerged in his thoughts.
He froze. He had just blurted it out without thinking any more about it. Would this …
The memory didn’t shatter this time. Instead, the man nodded at the palace. “I was on my way to your father. You seem to be headed there, too?”
Jing Yi followed his instinct and nodded. It seemed everything would be alright if he just did what his past self would have done? And he … seemed to be able to feel it?
Together with this uncle of his Jing Yi walked toward the palace. He didn’t know what to say. Most likely his past self wouldn’t have said anything anyway. He seemed to be the kind of person that wouldn’t talk if he didn’t have to.
His uncle seemed to want to talk, though. “You’re fleeing from that not so secret admirer of yours?” There was a hint of teasing in his voice that made Jing Yi blush.
“Uncle …”
“Ah, I know, I know. Uncle has let you down. I’m afraid I can’t go and beat him up for you.”
Jing Yi’s lips curved into a smile although he felt that it was rather perfunctory. “It wouldn’t be wise anyway.”
“Mn. The war with the demons …” His uncle sighed again and gently patted his shoulder. “Don’t think too much. If you like him, everything will be possible. If not … Well, I might not be able to beat him but I can still hold him off so he can’t come and bother you.”
“Demons?” Jing Yi couldn’t help but blurt out. He cursed. Naturally, this wasn’t anything his past self would do. The memory that had been proceeding quite nicely stopped and he found himself standing alone on that road in front of the palace where he had wanted to meet his father.
Ah, it seemed he’d have to control himself better if he wanted this to work.

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