LWS V3C37 You Can Disinherit Me!

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Nie Chang winced. Su Yan’s dad was calling him? Just how had that happened? Hadn’t he slapped him the last time he saw him so that Su Yan had to be brought to the hospital?
Su Yan wasn’t any less mystified. This really … was too unexpected. “You … Why are you calling me?”
Su Yan’s father sighed. “Xiao Yan, I’m sorry, alright? I … overreacted the last time.”
Su Yan didn’t know what else to say and an awkward silence stretched between them. Well, there hadn’t been much to talk about in the last few years since he moved out and now even that thing on the weekend had happened. It was probably to be expected.
Mister Su cleared his throat. “So … Nie Chang is your boyfriend now?”
Su Yan’s gaze flitted about. Was this some kind of trap? Well, even if it was, he didn’t care what his father thought! He had such a good boyfriend he wouldn’t let anyone malign him! Especially not his father! He didn’t care about that guy at all.
“That’s right! You can disinherit me if you’ve got a problem with that!”
Mister Su took a deep breath to scold his son for saying something like that but finally changed his mind when he crossed the predator-like gaze of his wife from the other end of the couch. Alright, if he dared to scold Su Yan now, he could probably pack up his things and only return next year at the very soonest. Or, well, maybe never. He couldn’t risk that.
“Xiao Yan, don’t be like that. I was just asking. So … Then what about that other man?”
“Hah? What other man?” Su Yan frowned. “What are you even talking about? There’s only Nie Chang, obviously!”
Mister Su’s brow twitched. Couldn’t that boy talk normally? Who had raised — He looked to his wife and stopped thinking about it. Never mind.
“I was talking about the one from the photo. Don’t tell me you forgot about that already.”
“The one from …” Su Yan blinked before erupting. “Don’t even mention that bastard!”
“But you kissed —”
“I didn’t kiss anyone besides my boyfriend! It was that bastard who attacked me! That’s called harassment! Sexual assault! It’s not my fault!”
“Alright, alright, I understand. Stop screaming already.” Your mother can hear you, dumbass! Do you want me to get thrown out again?!
“Hmph! Why were you even asking?!”
“I … I’m just trying to understand, alright?!”
Mister Su ground his teeth. Why was his son being so difficult? He was trying to be nice here! “So, ahem, how about bringing him for dinner today?”
Su Yan’s expression derailed. “Ah?”
“That Nie boy. Bring him for dinner today. If he’s your boyfriend, we should get to know him, shouldn’t we?”
Su Yan furrowed his brows. “You’re trying to impress mom, aren’t you? Don’t think I wouldn’t notice! You’re not as nice as this, normally!”
Mister Su sighed. “Are you purposefully making things difficult for me? I already said it’s alright and even invited him. Why are you still nitpicking?”
“You’re being dishonest!”
“I …” Mister Su sighed. Alright. His son was right. He wasn’t really alright with this. “I only found out recently that my son is going out with another man. Isn’t it natural that I’m a little disappointed? Give me some time to adapt!”
“Hmph. Mom didn’t need any time to adapt, either. Furthermore, what are you even talking about you only found out recently? We weren’t even together when you showed me those damn photos. Actually, if you hadn’t done that, we might not be together even now …” Su Yan pursed his lips. “Now that I think about it we should probably thank you. Who knows how long we would have had to wait until we could get together if not for your outburst. So, I guess it’s alright. Yeah, we’ll come over today after work.”
He didn’t wait for his father to say anything and just ended the call leaving Mister Su completely stunned. Wait. What had his son just said? If not for him showing him the pictures … they wouldn’t be together yet?
This couldn’t be! Didn’t this mean that he was the one who had condemned his son to become gay?! Oh no! He shouldn’t have done that. There might have still been a possibility to set things right! Argh! Was there no way to turn back time by just a week? He’d definitely do it immediately!
While Mister Su was wallowing in self-pity because he seemed to have turned his son gay Su Yan just put the phone away and snuggled up to his boyfriend again.
“Ah Chang, my father just invited us over for dinner. You don’t mind, do you?” He blinked his eyes at him rendering any protest Nie Chang might have had useless.
“Uh … If you’d like to go, we’ll naturally go.” Nie Chang cursed himself inwardly while still ruffling Su Yan’s hair.
He knew that this probably wasn’t a good idea. Su Yan’s father definitely wasn’t in favor of their relationship even if he invited them. Wouldn’t he try something to have them break up? He could only hope that Su Yan wouldn’t get influenced by what his father said.
Well, even if he did, he could probably expect some help from his future mother-in-law? After all, she really seemed to like the idea of him being Su Yan’s boyfriend.
“So, we’ll go right after work?”
Su Yan nodded happily. “Mn, my father didn’t say anything about a time just that it’s supposed to be this evening. But I guess mom wouldn’t mind if we got there a little bit early, right?”
“Mn, your mother would probably be really happy. Alright.” He kissed Su Yan’s cheek and let go of him. “If we’re supposed to go over after work, you should continue to write now. There won’t be an opportunity later.”
“Mn, you’re right!”
Su Yan returned the favor of the kiss and happily skipped back to his seat. As soon as he saw the last words on the screen he suddenly remembered why he had gone over to Nie Chang in the first place. Right. He still needed a pet name for Dou Fang Hai.

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