OMF V4C56 Such a Coincidence?

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At the same time, Jing Yi stopped cultivating in the secret realm and opened his eyes again. He had taken in a lot of spiritual energy and he could feel that the second stage that he had hurriedly reached on his way to the Hei Dian Sect had finally stabilized.
Ah, this secret realm was really too suitable to cultivate! If he continued like this, reaching the third stage would probably take just as long as reaching the second stage had. In the end, it seemed he was still quite lucky despite the circumstances.
For now, he needed to take a break, though. Even though cultivation could replenish the energy of the body somewhat, he was still only a mortal. Right now, he only felt hungry and tired.
He took a look at the window. It seemed that a day had already gone by. The sky was turning dark again. Yu Jin didn’t seem to have come by, so he was probably still busy with the traps he had mentioned. In that case … it shouldn’t be a problem if he ate something and went back to sleep, right?
Jing Yi bit his lower lip. Yu Jin had said that he couldn’t help him anyway but he still felt like he should do something. Wouldn’t it be heartless to just wait and have him do everything?
“Ah, I guess I can only hurry up with my cultivation. When I reach the third stage I might at least not be a burden to him anymore.”
He sighed and took two of the spiritual fruits out of the magical bag Yu Jin had given him. Eating them also had an effect on his spiritual energy so this wasn’t too bad. He was only afraid that they might not be enough for the time they’d have to spend here at the palace. After all, who knew how much time that would actually be?
Jing Yi shook his head. This wasn’t the time to think about that. He concentrated on eating the fruits and taking in their energy. Everything he could do to raise his level was a good thing. When he managed to attain the third stage all of this wouldn’t be important anyway. So, he had to concentrate on cultivation. Before that … he had to sleep for a while though.
Jing Yi lay back down and closed his eyes. His heart couldn’t help but thump. Would he once again see something from his past? And if yes, then what would it be? That man? Or maybe his parents again? Somebody else from his family? Previous friends?
Ah, it really was hard to imagine. His past life was quite different from his current one. He didn’t want to remember for fear of damaging his current relationship but he still couldn’t help but wonder.
What kind of life had his former self led? Why had he allowed others to destroy his relationship if he was so much in love with that man? Why had people objected to it anyway?
Thinking about the bit he had seen it seemed as if they made a fine couple. In his previous life, he had obviously been an immortal with a high status. Shouldn’t that be a suitable status to be with a king?
Jing Yi frowned slightly and opened his eyes again. Could it be that this wasn’t about their status? Maybe that man … Could it be that they had been just like him and Qiu Ling just … the other way around? Had he been an immortal that actually fell in love with a human king?
Just how had that happened? Where had they met and why had an immortal developed feelings for a mortal if he knew that the other would die someday while he still lived on? And had they maybe, somehow managed to get together in the end? Had there been a happy ending to their story? Had they found a way to be together or maybe even for that mortal king to become immortal? Just like he cultivated to become immortal so that he could stay with Qiu Ling forever?
Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel intrigued. Could there really be such a coincidence? Two similar lives … It seemed unbelievable at first glance but maybe it wasn’t? Maybe you were … somehow still the same person?
He couldn’t really imagine that. Considering the things he had already seen he’d like to believe that he would have reacted differently. But then again he didn’t know much about the situation he had been in, in his previous life. Maybe things hadn’t been as easy as he thought?
Honestly, what exactly was reincarnation? What did it mean? He should probably go and ask Yu Jin tomorrow. After all, he had certainly concerned himself with that subject considering what Yu Jin had told him about the memories he had seen in the Yun Zou Sect.
Well, that was something for tomorrow though.
Jing Yi closed his eyes again and finally drifted off into sleep. As for the effects of the Fractured Crystal Leaf … Maybe madly cultivating for an entire day had taken such a huge toll on his mind and body that even his soul was resting at this moment because Jing Yi didn’t see anything that night.
When he woke up the next morning sunlight already spilled into the room. Jing Yi couldn’t help but frown. How come he hadn’t remembered anything? Had the spiritual energy he absorbed from the Fractured Crystal Leaf already run out? That was … a bit of a pity. Because as much as he hated remembering that man he indeed would have liked to know what exactly the situation between them had been. Maybe then it would have been easier to understand just what was going on.
Well, if he could talk to his senior martial brother about reincarnation, then at least some of his questions might be cleared up anyway. The problem was just … how was he supposed to do that?
Jing Yi sat up in bed and looked at the door that was still tightly closed. He couldn’t leave the room but there was no sign of Yu Jin. So … what should he do? Wait?
It seemed … there was nothing else he could do.

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