LWS V3C28 Are You a Troupe of Performers?

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Su Yan rubbed his hands when he took his seat in front of his notebook again. It made no sense to look for responses to his message shortly after posting it and he really had no idea how to plan the rest of his story so the best decision was definitely to start writing the thing.
Alright, maybe there was also a teeny-tiny part of him that just really wanted to start writing and thus made up excuses. But honestly, what was so bad about that? If your muse felt like kissing you, why should you reject her? That would totally be bad manners!
In a happy mood, Su Yan closed the document he had used to plan his story and opened a new one. Ah, he could hardly believe that he was already starting on a new story! Would people like it as much as ‘Like a Ray in My Night’? He could only hope so.
Su Yan shook his head. What was he thinking about? Now wasn’t the time to worry about that! Now was the time to concentrate on his story and write a brilliant first chapter!
He typed a large [1] and … froze.
Alright, this was supposed to have a lot of chapters, so numbering them was a given. But … what now? How would he name it? And what was he even going to write?!
Su Yan had tears streaming down his face. With all the excitement about starting his second story, he had completely forgotten that he hadn’t planned the beginning at all!
He angrily grabbed his phone and stared at the system. “It’s your fault! You didn’t remind me at all!” He didn’t hold back in scolding the poor thing, startling Nie Chang next to him.
His boyfriend looked over and took a relieved breath when he noticed that the one being scolded wasn’t him. He shook his head and went back to work. This was probably something Su Yan and his system would have to work out on their own. Well … could a system work something out?
Nie Chang paused for a moment, before shaking his head again and continuing to work. Su Yan would definitely tell him if he needed something. For now, it seemed like scolding the system was enough for him. So … he should see to it that he got some work done before his little darling decided that disturbing him wasn’t all that much of a problem.
Next to him, Su Yan had to face that scolding the system wouldn’t lead to anything. He grumbled a bit but finally put the phone down. Whatever. He had written so many stories already he definitely wouldn’t fail to write a new beginning for one.
Let’s see … The two main characters would meet at the admission test so maybe that would be a good starting point? But then again it would probably be better if the readers already knew a bit about the characters at that moment, right? So … Maybe he should start at the point where Dou Fang Hai found out about the admission?
Eh? Come to think of it how did he find out?
Su Yan pursed his lips and frowned. This was a pretty important question. And answering would also tell his readers quite a lot about Dou Fang Hai so … this really seemed like a good starting point.
Suddenly inspired Su Yan stopped frowning and finally started to write his story, making Dou Fang Hai’s backstory up on the go:
[The people of Jin He City gathered in the marketplace, surrounding a large, wooden stage where three people in white robes were preparing something.
Dou Fang Hai squeezed through the crowd and clutched the edge of the stage, tiptoeing to see what was going on up there.
One of the people in white stood not far from him. It was a young woman and she seemed to be observing what the two men did. Every now and then she would shout out to tell them to set up something at another place and the two men would just nod and do what she wanted.
Dou Fang Hai curiously looked at her before calling out. “Pretty sister!”
The woman didn’t react at first so he called out again.
“Pretty sister! What are you doing?”
The woman finally turned around and searched for where the voice was coming from until she finally saw the child hanging at the edge of the stage. Dou Fang Hai was barely tall enough to lift his nose above it.
“Eh? Where did you come from?” The woman walked over and crouched down next to him with a smile.
Dou Fang Hai smiled back. “I’m living down the street. What are you doing? Are you a troop of performers? Do you dance?”
The woman’s smile froze for a moment and she had to tell herself that this was just an ignorant child who didn’t mean anything bad. “No, we’re from the Jin Shan Sect!” she proudly proclaimed but Dou Fang Hai just looked at her blankly. “Uh … the sect on top of the mountain!” The woman pointed to the mountain that rose behind the Jin He City.
“Oh!” This time Dou Fang Hai understood what she was saying. “So you’re all immortals? Then did you come down to see the performers? Are they not here yet?”
The woman smiled wryly and reached over to pinch his cheeks. “Are performers all you’re thinking about? We’ve obviously come here to test if the children of your city are suitable to become our disciples.”
“So, we can become immortals?”
The woman hurriedly nodded. “Of course! That’s much better than performers, isn’t it?”
Dou Fang Hai nodded. “So I can also become an immortal?”
“Uh … Maybe? It depends on whether or not you have the talent.”
“How do I know that?” Dou Fang Hai’s interest was successfully peaked. Becoming an immortal definitely sounded better than seeing performers.
After all, the performers that had come the last time had said that immortals would travel through the whole country and even go to the big, golden ocean. They could fly in the air on their swords and fight against scary monsters. This was so cool! He definitely wanted to become an immortal, too!
“You just have to take the test together with the other children later. Alright, I have to go and help the others now.”
Dou Fang Hai nodded and watched the woman hurry back to the two men. His clear eyes sparkled. He really, really, really wanted to become an immortal, too! Could they start the test yet?!]

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