LWS V3C19 You’re the One Kissing Me

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“Ah Yan … Are you saying that we already would have had sex if I didn’t tell you that you shouldn’t listen to Zhi Bao Yu?”
Su Yan pursed his lips again. How could Nie Chang expect him to say something like that?
Well, his expression was enough to answer Nie Chang’s question. Thinking back now … “Wait! Was that when we were … you know … making out on Monday when we came back? And then your phone rang and you ran into the living room.”
Su Yan pursed his lips even more. He wouldn’t say it! He definitely wouldn’t say it!
Nie Chang looked at him and groaned. “God! So this means we already would have had sex two days ago if we just ignored the phone? I can’t believe this!”
Su Yan slapped his shoulder. “What are you making such a fuss for? Isn’t it alright to wait two weeks? I really can’t understand you.”
“Are you sure about that?” Nie Chang sat up too and gently hugged Su Yan’s waist, pulling him into his arms again. “Didn’t we only want to wait because you were unsure if I would stay with you? But we’ve been together for a bit now.”
“Three days!”
“Four days if you count Sunday.” Nie Chang put his chin on Su Yan’s shoulder. “Do you really still believe I would just leave you?”
Su Yan hesitated for a bit before shaking his head. “No.”
“Then why are you still so adamant about this? You see I really don’t mind waiting a bit but … it’s getting harder each day.”
Su Yan tried looking at him before hurriedly turning away. “You’re making it sound too easy! My mother said we should wait two weeks and she knows best.”
“Maybe you should call her again and ask if she really thinks so?”
“Why would she change her mind about this?”
“Because she likes me, obviously!” Nie Chang laughed before becoming serious once again. “Eh, Ah Yan, it’s not that I want to urge you. If you really … don’t like the idea and can’t imagine sleeping with me now, then I will wait. Whether it’s one week or two or even more. But … I keep feeling that maybe you’re … not really thinking like that?”
“Hah?” Su Yan turned in Nie Chang’s arms. “What are you talking about?”
“You’re saying that your mother told you to wait for two weeks and that Zhi Bao Yu told you to sleep with me immediately and that I told you to never listen to Zhi Bao Yu again. But what do you think? What do you feel? Do you really … not want to sleep with me? Because on Monday I … I did feel that maybe you wanted to.”
Su Yan grew silent. Just what kind of question was this? How was he supposed to answer this?
“You like cuddling with me, right?”
“Of course.” Faced with a simple question Su Yan gave a straightforward answer without even thinking. He even snuggled up closer against Nie Chang’s chest and rubbed his head on his shoulder. “You’re so warm. Really cuddly!”
“Mn, I see.” Nie Chang ruffled Su Yan’s hair, trying hard to ignore the feeling of the warm skin against his. Honestly, was Su Yan doing this on purpose? “You also like when I kiss you, don’t you?”
Su Yan looked up with a pout. “What are you trying to do?”
“I’m just asking.”
“Then I do. But that’s not anything bad, right? I should like kissing you. If I didn’t, wouldn’t you be an utter failure as a boyfriend?”
Nie Chang coughed. “Darling, you’re too vicious! Why would it be my fault if you didn’t like kissing me? Shouldn’t that be yours?”
Su Yan looked up at him with a blank expression. “My fault? Why would it?” His tone suggested that this wasn’t just about kissing. There was obviously no situation he could imagine where something would be his fault.
Nie Chang sighed. He really felt like calling Madam Su right now. How had she raised this child?!
Seeing Nie Chang’s expression Su Yan felt like he should elaborate a bit. “Isn’t it obvious that it would be your fault? You’re the one kissing me. So if I don’t like it, then you’re not good enough at it.”
“That … Kissing is something done between two people. It isn’t just my technique that comes into play there.”
“But you’re the one kissing me.” Su Yan blinked his eyes, oblivious to how this could have something to do with him. What was his boyfriend even talking about?
Nie Chang looked into those eyes and his drive to argue about the matter withered at record speed. Ah, never mind. As long as his darling was happy … He should better get back to the real topic anyway.
“Alright, it’s my fault. It doesn’t matter anyway since you like it. You see the reason I asked this —”
“Didn’t you say you were just asking?” Su Yan furrowed his brow a bit and gazed at Nie Chang suspiciously. “Why is there a reason now?”
Nie Chang coughed. “That … I … That’s not what I meant. I just thought after talking about it with you that if you like cuddling with me and kissing me, then maybe you would also enjoy having sex with me. What do you think?”
Su Yan nodded without thinking. “Sure.”
“So … We’re going to stay at home today and …?”
Su Yan frowned even more. “Of course not!”
“I can’t understand what you’re saying, darling.”
“We already talked about the two weeks. So, naturally, in two weeks we’ll … well, you know. And then I’ll enjoy it.” He didn’t question whether he would. Nie Chang definitely was a good boyfriend. Naturally, he would like having sex with him. It was just a question of when he’d do so.
Nie Chang opened his mouth only to close it a second later. He really didn’t know what to say. Why had he said all these things before if his darling didn’t change his mind at all? He didn’t even seem to be thinking about it!
In the end, he could only sigh. It probably was his own fault for agreeing to the two weeks in the first place. He should have tried to haggle until they agreed to one week. That would have been a time he could wait without a problem. Well, without much of a problem. It would still be one if he had to sleep next to this little koala bear every night.
Somehow after being subjected to Su Yan’s quirky reasoning long enough, he had completely forgotten that they hadn’t actually talked about the two weeks with each other. The one who decided on that had only been Su Yan. But, well, there was no way to get him to reconsider now anyway so maybe it was good that Nie Chang felt that this really was his fault.

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