LWS V3C18 Not Having Enough Self-Control

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Su Yan felt better when waking up the next morning. Ah, it really was true. No ghost would dare to try and get him as long as Nie Chang was around! And now that the sun had risen again there was no reason to worry anymore anyway. Thus, a certain someone happily woke up his boyfriend.
Nie Chang opened his bleary eyes. A pair of slightly cold hands was stroking his chest right now and the first thing he saw was a cute face hovering above his. He reached up and pinched those slightly rounded cheeks.
“Ah!” Su Yan slapped those hands away and frowned. “What are you doing? I woke you up so gently! And you actually dare to pinch me!”
“Mn. Showing my love …” Nie Chang pulled the blanket up higher in the hope that it would prevent someone from trying to touch him again. Hadn’t Su Yan claimed just yesterday that he knew he was wrong and had understood that it was torturous to be presented with a sumptuous meal only to be told that you could only look at it but not taste it? How come he was still doing the same thing today then?
Su Yan pursed his lips in anger. “What do you mean showing your love? You pinched me!”
“You were looking so cute. I couldn’t help myself.”
Su Yan’s pursed lips slowly shifted into a smile. Nie Chang was obviously better at sweet-talking someone than he was. He actually felt … that what Nie Chang said was really sensible. “Mn, that is called natural beauty. But you’re sweet, too!” Su Yan hugged him in satisfaction. Ah, he had such a good boyfriend!
Nie Chang who had wanted to prevent Su Yan from touching him suddenly found himself grabbed by a pair of slender arms while a hairy head came to lie on his chest, spreading a familiar scent. Ah, he really should have insisted on sleeping in separate rooms. Why did it never work the way he wanted it to? From now on, he would only watch romantic movies with Su Yan, he promised! So please, just let go of him already, yes?
Unfortunately, Su Yan’s self-awareness was as lacking as ever. With the feeling that this was really such a perfect morning and that he really liked being this close to Nie Chang, he once again reached out his paws and rubbed his chest. Mn, having a boyfriend really was great. He had never felt this warm and comfortable when he was sleeping in as a single.
Well, he did when Nie Chang stayed over but that obviously didn’t count.
Nie Chang sighed and closed his eyes. Just talking couldn’t solve this problem. If he wanted to stop this torture, then there were only two possibilities: One, he had to be more decisive in the following days. Two, he had to convince Su Yan of not waiting two weeks.
He had seen yesterday just how well the first possibility worked though. If anything out of the ordinary happened, his little darling would insist on sleeping together until he finally gave in. And he would definitely give in. He just didn’t have enough self-control to deny Su Yan something if he looked at him so pitifully. Ah, as a man he shouldn’t be like this …
Contrary to what he thought Nie Chang reached up and gently hugged Su Yan closer. If his darling wanted to cuddle, then naturally they would cuddle. He could only hope that his self-restraint would be enough to get through this without a blunder.
Finally getting a response from his respective other half Su Yan was thrilled. Naturally, that reaction had to be shown! He lifted his head, his hair sticking up in all directions and smiled.
Nie Chang’s heart thumped. This kind of expression was exactly what he had fallen in love with first. Su Yan was really too cute to resist when he looked like this.
Nie Chang gulped and unwittingly tightened his embrace. Su Yan happily clutched his shoulders and pursed his lips before slowly leaning in. Their lips met halfway. Nie Chang reached up and cupped the back of Su Yan’s head. He pulled him as close as he could, prying Su Yan’s mouth open and invading it with his tongue while his hand was slowly gliding down Su Yan’s back. He really … didn’t want to wait any longer.
“Darling …,” he rasped out between two kisses. “How about we forget about that whole thing with the two weeks? Let’s take today and tomorrow off and just … do it now?”
Su Yan froze before hurriedly sitting up and glaring at Nie Chang. “What are you even talking about? Don’t tell me you can’t wait anymore after just three days.”
Nie Chang tried pulling him back toward him. “That’s right. I can’t wait anymore. I want you.”
Su Yan’s expression got even worse though. “So that’s all I’m worth to you! I thought you loved me! But it seems I misunderstood!” Su Yan tried to get up and leave but Nie Chang caught his waist and pulled him back.
He could only sigh. He probably shouldn’t have said anything. Nie Chang closed his eyes and rubbed the space between his brows. How had Su Yan even arrived at that conclusion? “That’s not it …”
“Of course that’s it! We clearly said we’d wait two weeks but now you’re saying you don’t want to anymore. “Fuck! Zhi Bao Yu was right. Men are all the same!”
Nie Chang coughed. Was it really alright to say something like that when you were a man yourself? And even with that kind of aggrieved expression. “Ah Yan …”
Su Yan wanted to interrupt him but Nie Chang hurriedly put a finger against his lips.
“Darling, just listen to me for a second, alright?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and turned his head away, clearly not in the mood to listen to him. Nie Chang sighed but spoke anyway. His little darling wouldn’t be able to keep this attitude up for long anyway.
“It’s not about not wanting to wait and it’s definitely not that I don’t love you. It’s the opposite, actually. I love you very much and if you wanted me to, I’d gladly wait a whole year for you. In theory, that is. Because you see you’re just so irresistible.” He reached up and gently stroked Su Yan’s cheek. “You lying next to me for the whole night and then waking me up like that … How could I stay calm? It’s because I love you too much, so I can’t hold myself back.” He pulled Su Yan back onto his chest again and kissed his temple.
A certain someone didn’t erupt immediately so Nie Chang felt that he was more or less safe for now. To make sure Su Yan really understood what he was talking about he grabbed his hand and slowly led it downward.
Su Yan’s eyes bulged and his face turned crimson. This … What was with this kind of talk early in the morning? And why was Nie Chang … Ugh. This wasn’t right at all!
“I can’t resist you at all. I just … want you so much. I have no self-control in front of you. So, don’t make me wait for too long, alright? Is the thought of doing it earlier really so unbearable to you?”
Su Yan yanked his hand back and pouted. “What are you talking about? You were the one who said I shouldn’t listen to Zhi Bao Yu. And she said clearly that having sex with you is the first thing I should do. If it wasn’t for that, wouldn’t I …” Su Yan’s voice trailed off. He definitely wouldn’t say that!
Nie Chang blanked. When his thoughts finally caught up with him again he suddenly realized that he had dug his own grave long along. Ah, he really wanted to slap himself! So the reason for this whole torture was the thing he carelessly said as a side note? Was there still any leeway to persuade his boyfriend now?
He feared there wasn’t. Now, it seemed he could only light a candle for himself.

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