LWS V3C17 What an Adorable Scaredy Cat!

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Su Yan stared at the screen of the notebook that was resting on Nie Chang’s legs and frowned before turning to his boyfriend. “How is this a romantic movie?”
Nie Chang gazed back at him with a particularly innocent look. “It isn’t.”
Su Yan blinked. “What do you mean?”
“I never said it was.”
“It’s not a romantic movie. It’s obviously a horror movie.” He motioned at the screen that was showing the bloody face of a demon.
The movie wasn’t that old but the whole thing looked so ridiculously fake to him that he really wondered if this wasn’t a comedy instead. Su Yan didn’t seem to think so though. He had already clutched Nie Chang’s arm, his nails digging into his skin.
“Why isn’t it a romantic movie? We’ve always watched romantic movies together!” His tone was especially aggrieved. How could Nie Chang trick him like this?! He had expected some light-hearted, funny school romance or something and now he got blood-soaked warriors and hideous ghosts!
“Well, that was when I was still trying to woo you … I thought the romantic atmosphere might rub off on us? But now …”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. He had actually hoped this could end up as a romantic evening where Su Yan pretended to be scared for his sake so that he could loop an arm around him and hold him close. But it seemed wanting to snuggle in bed was asking for too much. Five minutes into the movie his darling seemed indeed a little scared. Was this the overly imaginative mind of an author running amok?
Come to think of it, he really had never watched a horror movie with Su Yan. But, well, he could have known before that it would end like this. Hadn’t Su Yan sometimes called him over in the middle of the night because he was scared? He just never would have thought that even such a badly made movie could scare him to this extent … So it turned out his little darling wasn’t just a cute and lazy cat but also a scaredy cat.
Nie Chang cleared his throat, wrenched his arm from Su Yan’s grasp and still looped it around his shoulder. Never mind, it certainly wasn’t bad to hug Su Yan when he was scared either. Although … he had a bit of a guilty conscience watching this movie with him now.
“Maybe … we could change to something else?”
“No!” Su Yan frowned.
Alright, he hated horror flicks but he definitely wouldn’t let Nie Chang change the movie now! Wouldn’t he think he was easily scared then? He couldn’t let that happen!
Thus, without knowing that his boyfriend already thought exactly that, Su Yan watched the movie with newfound determination. Needless to say, it didn’t even take another five minutes for him to burrow closer into Nie Chang’s arms and he stayed there for the rest of the movie.
In an excellent mood, Nie Chang finally put the notebook away. Mn, his goal for this evening had been achieved. Watching a horror movie and cuddling with your boyfriend really was the best way to spend an evening!
He leaned to the side and hugged Su Yan, giving him a gentle kiss on the temple. “Alright. It’s late already. How about going to sleep?”
“Mn!” Su Yan hurriedly nodded and burrowed into Nie Chang’s arms again.
Unfortunately, his boyfriend had other ideas. Nie Chang ruffled his hair before getting off the bed.
“What are you doing?!” Su Yan grabbed his wrist and held him back, his gaze anxious. How could Nie Chang leave him alone after watching such a scary movie?! He wouldn’t let him go! Even if he wanted to go to the restroom, he’d still have to wait until tomorrow!
Nie Chang blanked. How come … his darling was suddenly so clingy? It couldn’t be that he really wanted to stay true to his promise of only paying attention to him for today and tomorrow, could it?
He smiled and ruffled Su Yan’s hair again. “It’s really cute of you to want to spend more time with me but it’s already so late and … Well, sleeping together isn’t such a good idea. I’ll be in the living room.”
He tried to take his arm back but a certain scaredy cat had already plunged his claws into his flesh. He wouldn’t let go no matter what!
Nie Chang looked at those hands on his wrist and felt speechless. What was going on here? When he wanted to spend time with his boyfriend he just vanished for fourteen hours straight and then when he said he’d give him some time to himself he suddenly clung to him?
“Darling …”
“You sleep here!”
“How could I let you sleep in the living room?”
“With me, of course!”
“With …” Nie Chang blanked again. It couldn’t be that Su Yan … was trying to hint at something, could it?
Nie Chang pondered the question for a while but finally shook his head inwardly. Nah, that couldn’t be. Don’t kid him! He knew that guy too well. Su Yan wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face if he asked him to have sex. He’d probably be cussing at him for not getting his hints on the first opportunity while his face would be completely flushed red.
Looking at him now … He even seemed a little pale?
Nie Chang sat down next to Su Yan with a peculiar look in his eyes. “Ah Yan … It couldn’t be that you’re scared because of that movie right now, could it?”
Su Yan tensed. “How … How could that be?! Shut up and get back into bed!” He wouldn’t admit it! He definitely wouldn’t! Wouldn’t Nie Chang look down on him if he did?!
Nie Chang really wanted to laugh at him but couldn’t bring himself to it. “Alright, alright. I’ll stay here tonight.” He climbed back under the blanket and hugged Su Yan to his chest. “Tomorrow, let’s watch a romantic movie again, alright?”
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded and attached himself to Nie Chang as close as he could. Hmph, let’s see if any ghost would dare to attack him when Nie Chang was next to him!
In that way, a certain boyfriend who had originally thought that this scaredy cat was very adorable deeply felt this very same night that karma was truly too vicious. Alright, he would never watch a horror movie with Su Yan again. At least not for these two weeks …

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