LWS V3C16 Making a Point

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In a happy mood, Su Yan walked to the so-called door of the Special Dimension. He frowned at it but there was nothing he could do. This was the only way if he wanted to go back.
Su Yan sighed and stepped forward.
He found himself face to face with the floor again and the pain from entering the Special Dimension that had just subsided was back again. Ah, he really needed to talk about that with the system …
A system that could create a Special Dimension should also be able to equip it with a door. A real one.
Su Yan sat up and hurriedly closed his eyes. Alright, something was really wrong with the way he left the Special Dimension. He carefully cracked one eye open but there still wasn’t any trace of the big table that occupied half of the back room. Instead, this place looked suspiciously like … Nie Chang’s apartment?
Su Yan opened the other eye, too, grabbed the armrest of the couch and pulled himself up. “Ah Chang?”
“Over here.” Nie Chang’s voice drifted over from the door to the kitchen, accompanied by a resigned sigh.
Su Yan turned around and his spirits lifted immediately. He skipped over with a smile on his lips and hugged his boyfriend. “Ah Chang, I’m back!”
“I can see that.”
“Mn! I finished everything. I can get back to work now. Eh, right, why are we here? Not that I want to complain. Your apartment is nice, too.”
“Well … Have a look at the time?”
“Huh?” Su Yan took out his phone and … Never mind his question. No wonder they weren’t in the shop anymore. “How strange! I just created my two new main characters and a really simple setting. Just a study, nothing more. I really can’t comprehend how that could have taken fourteen hours. It’s definitely the system’s fault! It probably did something to the time! You know like how time moves faster or slower in another dimension in movies? Since it’s a Special Dimension that might be what’s happening.”
“Yeah. It certainly couldn’t be … that you’ve just forgotten the time.” Nie Chang raised his eyebrows.
A certain someone who had taken the time to change every ordinary thing in the study into something extraordinary looked up at his boyfriend with a sliver of guilt and laughed embarrassedly. “Hahah, how could that be?” His eyes turned into little crescents from smiling intensely.
Nie Chang smiled back. “Right. How could that be? I must be thinking too much.”
Su Yan hurriedly nodded. “Yes, yes. So … uh … I’m all yours now?”
“Then what am I going to do with you now?” Nie Chang gently entrapped him in his arms and bent down. “I somehow feel like —”
“Uh! I know! Let me give you a massage! You worked so hard today. You should relax a bit! Ah, come, come, come. Just sit down for me. I’m going to do the rest!” Su Yan tugged at Nie Chang’s shirt and wanted to pull him to the couch but Nie Chang didn’t budge an inch. “What is it? Why aren’t you cooperating at all? I definitely can’t pull you all the way on my own.” He pouted and started to play with the buttons on Nie Chang’s shirt.
“I’d rather forgo the massage.”
“Why? I’m really good at it!”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “Well, I wouldn’t know. The last time you offered to give me one you went at it for like ten seconds before you just started feeling me up.”
Su Yan took his hands back at once, his cheeks turning crimson. This certainly couldn’t be described as feeling someone up, could it? “That … What are you talking about? I never did anything like that! Even if I did … You’re my boyfriend! So what would be wrong with feeling you up?”
“I wasn’t back then.”
“That … Don’t be so fussy! The important thing is that you’re my boyfriend!”
“Mn. And your boyfriend feels a bit tortured if you touch him like that but he isn’t allowed to touch you back.” Nie Chang grabbed Su Yan’s hands to make sure they couldn’t roam where they shouldn’t for the moment. Then, he started to trail Su Yan’s spine as if to emphasize his point.
Su Yan just blinked. What was happening right now? Hadn’t they … decided to wait two weeks? Why did it seem like Nie Chang wanted to change their agreement?
Nie Chang actually wasn’t doing anything more than casually touching him. Just like how Su Yan had done it when he gave him that so-called massage. But now that Su Yan had finally understood that Nie Chang liked him and that he liked him back … It didn’t feel all that innocent anymore.
Su Yan shuddered and clutched Nie Chang’s shirt. “Point taken.”
“Are you sure about that? We could continue, you know?”
Su Yan shook his head. “How about … just watching a movie or something?”
Nie Chang smiled. “Actually, I quite like this. So, why don’t we continue?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. Nie Chang was obviously teasing him again! And he couldn’t even do anything about it! How mean! “Then, if you don’t want to watch a movie, what would you like to do? I’ll accompany you!”
“Mn …” Nie Chang looked at his boyfriend who had an expression that obviously screamed ‘I’ve been wronged!’ and the corners of his mouth quirked up. Ah, this was pretty nice, too. He leaned down and his lips gently touched Su Yan’s. “I missed you.”
Su Yan who had just wanted to complain that Nie Chang was taking advantage of him shut right up. He really couldn’t fault him. Fourteen hours … was a really long time. It was his own fault that Nie Chang was like that right now. “I’m sorry. I should have returned sooner. So, how about … I don’t do any of my stuff today and … I won’t do anything on my own tomorrow either, alright? I’ll be there just for you! We can do whatever you want to do!”
“Really? The whole of tomorrow?”
Su Yan nodded hurriedly. “Yes, yes! The whole day! Here!” He retracted his hand and fished his phone out of his pocket before handing it to Nie Chang. “You keep it. You can keep my notebook, too. I won’t even glance at it!”
Nie Chang weighed the phone in his hands. He had been a little angry when Su Yan hadn’t even come back by the time the repair shop closed but when he saw him like this he really couldn’t bring himself to keep being angry. In the end, he just sighed and kissed Su Yan’s forehead before giving the phone back. “It’s alright. There are things you have to do and sometimes they will take a long time. Just make sure you tell me beforehand. Now, let’s watch that movie.”
He looped an arm around Su Yan’s shoulder but didn’t pull him to the couch. Well, if he was able to decide, then they’d naturally watch that movie while in bed. Wouldn’t they be much closer then?

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