LWS V3C15 Special Items Are Ordinary for a True Master

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“Heh, System! How do I craft the master’s palace? Isn’t the Special Dimension too small? Can you make it bigger?” Even though he knew there wasn’t much hope Su Yan still tried to get at least some information from the system.
[As an Apprentice of Dating the host may only craft simple settings that don’t exceed the size of a room.]
Su Yan looked up at the ceiling. This time he had actually gotten an answer and it was even so clear. But why did he feel that it somehow sounded condescending? Strange. The system’s voice hadn’t changed though?
He grumbled a bit before finally sighing. There was nothing he could do about this limitation right now. He could only plan the most important room in Ziju An’s palace and hope that his planning for the second story would be enough to have him advance to the next level. Most likely, he would get more space for crafting the setting as someone of the third level. At least he hoped so.
Su Yan looked around the white space of the Special Dimension. The most important place in Ziju An’s palace would certainly be … uh … his study?
Su Yan tried to imagine a typical study in a xianxia setting and his face lit up. Mn, this was definitely a room worthy of being the place where a master spent most of his time! Naturally, his super handsome male lead would need something a little more special though.
So, how about some magical treasures as decoration? Oh, but it couldn’t be anything tacky. This godly master naturally needed to seem low-key. After all, didn’t all true master’s like to do that? They would pretend to be simple and then drown you in the wealth they had accumulated in their early years! Everyone would know they were special then and naturally, the one to benefit from this wealth would be the protagonist.
So … What kind of great treasures could he put in this study? And where to put them to display them in a way to make knowledgeable people’s eyes bulge as soon as they stepped in?
Su Yan skipped over to the desk. A true master would definitely sit there a lot and do things like calligraphy or painting or something. The things he used for that definitely couldn’t be ordinary!
The first thing he would need for that was a brush. Su Yan picked up the one lying there and pursed his lips. This was obviously just an ordinary brush. Now, what could this brush be made out of? The horn of a rank ten magical beast and the hair of a rank eleven magical beast? That would certainly be luxuriant. Just right for this powerful master! It was probably just something he casually harvested on the way.
Oh. Naturally, that kind of brush should also be crafted by someone extremely proficient in crafting magical treasures but that wasn’t something one could see outwardly. It should give off spiritual energy if you came close enough though. After all, people had to notice that it was a special brush to let it have any meaning. After all, how would they get jealous of the protagonist for having such a master if they didn’t know that he wasn’t just extremely handsome but also extremely wealthy? Such things had to be displayed in a low-key manner!
Su Yan happily placed the brush down again and went on to imagine an ordinary-looking but extremely special … paperweight. Because when doing calligraphy then you couldn’t have your paper slip from side to side, right? This paperweight naturally wasn’t just something with ornamental value — although it had been crafted by an expert, too — but instead, there was a gem with magical properties embedded that would certainly come in handy one day!
Su Yan swept through the entire study until even the most ordinary thing had turned into a priceless treasure. Don’t joke with him! A godly Daoist master certainly wouldn’t paint on ordinary paper! And why should he sit on an ordinary chair if he could have one inscribed with a spell that would strengthen the spiritual energy of the one sitting in it?
Ah, he really felt like he was a genius! This was exactly how a mighty master in a xianxia story should be like. And he would definitely sit in this study as if all this was a matter of course. Mn, masters were such a wonderful thing!
Eh? Come to think of it … Su Yan turned back to his two characters. Didn’t the system say that he could interact with them?
“System! Can I have the great master sit down or something? You know so that I can see if everything fits together?”
Maybe the Lovely Writing System had a good day or maybe Official Shen Lu had changed some of its settings once again because Su Yan actually got another answer:
[The host may interact with the crafted characters. Interactions may not exceed simple actions that display the characters’ basic personalities.]
Su Yan frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
[Simple actions include displaying facial expressions, gestures, and simple movements. The basic personality of a character includes traits of the character’s archetypes, as well as distinctive traits of the polar attitude types of extroversion and introversion.]
“Oh.” Su Yan nodded before frowning even more. “Wait … What?”
The system stayed silent. It probably thought it had provided Su Yan with sufficient information although a certain author had no idea what this explanation should tell him.
“So … I can’t have the great master sit down? But isn’t that simple, too?”
In the end, he could only sigh and put up with it. If the system didn’t want to talk to him, then there was nothing he could do about that.
Su Yan looked at his two characters and the ordinary-looking but actually very special setting and smiled in satisfaction. It seemed he had already managed to finish this part of his planning. Now, he could go back to the repair shop and start working on the plot.
After all, besides the fact that the two characters were master and disciple who would fall in love with each other while there would be some fights between the protagonist and some cannon fodder characters in the meantime, he had no idea what would happen in the story. Starting it like that … probably wasn’t too good?

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