LWS V3C14 Why Would They Fall in Love?

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Su Yan rubbed his hands again and skipped back to his protagonist. He still had to finalize his personality, after all!
“Dou Fang Hai should be quite different from his master to make sure people will have something to talk about. How about letting him be someone with just ordinary talent in all regards? Or, well, as the protagonist he should probably have at least one area he’s good at.”
Su Yan frowned and circled his new protagonist. It was expected that a super mysterious master like Ziju An would be good at everything. He didn’t need a disciple that was good at something. But if he took someone in, it would be expected that he chose someone capable. If he didn’t, then he’d have to give a good explanation to the sect master. What could that be?
“Personality-wise Dou Fang Hai should be someone open. In comparison with his master, he’s a total extrovert and might even be considered loud and unruly. Could that be something that attracts his master? But that would be strange, too. Someone mysterious like Ziju An would certainly like an elegant person more.”
Su Yan stopped in front of Dou Fang Hai again and looked back and forth between the two characters. This was too strange! Why would they fall in love? There was nothing that connected them. Neither their talent nor their personality was a good match. People were right to talk about them!
Honestly, if this was a story from real life, people would certainly do the same. So what was the reason?
Su Yan looked up at the ceiling. He definitely couldn’t expect help from the system and Nie Chang was outside. He really was alone with this problem.
He sat down on the floor again and examined the ordinary-looking face in front of him. Maybe there was something in Dou Fang Hai’s history? But no. That would be like a non-human ancestor for Ziju An. He didn’t want the story to become too complicated. But what else could it be?
Su Yan couldn’t help but think of himself and Nie Chang. How had they fallen in love? Thinking about it like that … They didn’t really have any hobbies or talents in common and their personalities … they differed very much, too. So was spending enough time together enough to fall in love?
He rubbed his head and sighed. “Maybe it would have helped to take that special task at the beginning more serious. In the end, just what is it that makes a couple compatible?”
Maybe being complete opposites could also have such an effect? Wouldn’t they complement each other? Just like … he and Nie Chang did.
When he was getting angry Nie Chang would always manage to calm him down. And when he indulged in flights of fancy then Nie Chang would bring him back down to earth. It wasn’t wrong to say that while he was an emotional person Nie Chang was rational. And in regard to their talents … he had no clue about technology while Nie Chang seemed really good at it.
Su Yan smiled wryly. Alright. Nie Chang had obviously read a lot, too, and could just casually help him out when he was stuck while writing. Wasn’t this … too unfair? Why was his boyfriend so …
Wait! Wasn’t Nie Chang exactly like Ziju An? Or, no, it should probably be said that Ziju An was exactly like Nie Chang. He seemed to know everything and seemed to be able to do all of that, too. If the other person was stuck, then he would help out, and if he felt that the other would be alright on his own, then he would hold back.
It turned out … the male lead of his second story had unwittingly also been crafted just like his boyfriend.
Su Yan sighed. Well, there was something good about that, too. If Nie Chang was able to fall in love with an ordinary person like him when he was given enough time, then Ziju An could also fall in love with his disciple Dou Fang Hai.
The only question was why he would take him in in the first place but he really had no idea for that right now. Ah, he would just have the system judge everything else first. Maybe it would give him some suggestions again.
“Alright. I guess that’s settled then.” Su Yan looked at his two new creations again and slowly nodded.
It seemed his two characters were all set? Then should he start working on the setting next? Or should he first go out and tell Nie Chang about his progress?
Su Yan looked back at the so-called door in the middle of the Special Dimension. If he went through there, he would certainly land ruggedly in the back room of the repair shop and then he’d have to go back into the Special Dimension later on to craft the setting where the same damn thing would happen once more.
Of course, he wouldn’t do that! Did he look stupid?
Su Yan decisively turned away from the door and back to his characters. Alright, so now, he’d craft the setting for the two of them.
He stared at them and slowly pressed his lips together before letting his head hang low. “System! You didn’t explain to me how I can craft a setting! Just what am I supposed to do?!”
Who knows if Su Yan had roared loud enough or if the system had finally found its own conscience but this time Su Yan actually got an answer.
[For crafting the setting of a story the host may imagine it. Hand gestures may be used to reposition already imagined objects of the setting.]
“Just like that?”
The system didn’t deign to affirm a second time and just stayed silent. Su Yan pursed his lips but didn’t mind too much. Why should he still get angry after experiencing this so many times already?
Instead, he just concentrated on the issue at hand. The most important place he had to craft was the one where the protagonist and the male lead would spend the most time. Since they were master and disciple that would certainly be the master’s palace.
It was just … how the hell was he supposed to fit a whole palace into this little Special Dimension?! Was this shitty system kidding him?!

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