LWS V3C11 There’s No More Love

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Su Yan and Nie Chang soon reached the repair shop. Both of them were in a good mood as if the misunderstandings that morning hadn’t happened at all. Furthermore, today they even arrived on time to open the shop. Or, well, Old Lao was doing just that at the moment.
He looked over when he heard the car drive up but turned back to the shop just as fast when Nie Chang got out of the car and opened the door for Su Yan. Ah, so much dog food so early in the morning … Did they think he wanted to adopt a new pet or something?
Old Lao grumbled but still nodded at them when they smilingly came over. He could probably count himself lucky that the Beauty didn’t have the slightest clue about technology or he’d have to watch this the whole day.
Nie Chang could imagine what his employee thought but he didn’t say anything about it. Honestly, if that guy had gotten a girlfriend before him, he also would’ve shown off and he certainly wouldn’t have been shy about it.
He led Su Yan inside and gave him a kiss when he sat down at the counter. “Alright, I’m in the back if you need anything. Don’t miss me too much!”
“That’s what I should say!” Su Yan grabbed Nie Chang’s shirt and pulled him back when he wanted to go. Their lips met and he smiled contentedly. “Thank you for not being angry anymore.”
“I wasn’t angry in the first place. So don’t think about it anymore.” Nie Chang placed another kiss on top of Su Yan’s head before disappearing into the back room. Ah, maybe he should start working at the counter, too …
He sighed and sat down in the back room. Never mind. Su Yan would probably be angry if he was always around him and distracted him. It was good to give him some time to work on his stuff while he was doing his own work. That way Su Yan wouldn’t have an excuse for avoiding him at home.
Nie Chang smiled while taking out one of the notebooks that had been delivered yesterday. He stopped thinking about the matter with Su Yan and concentrated on his work. After all, the sooner he finished, the sooner he could spend time with his boyfriend again.
At the same time, Su Yan had opened his own notebook and looked at the space the Lovely Writing System had provided him for the next part of the main task. Planning a second story … It sounded easier than it was.
He slowly copied what he had already noted down in the document this morning and added what he had talked about with Nie Chang:
[Main characters: a master from a righteous sect and his disciple]
Su Yan frowned. Thinking back to how he had planned his first story he definitely couldn’t just leave it at that. With how strict the system was in its evaluation, he would get a bad score if he tried. After all, hadn’t he unlocked a special dimension for planning stories? In fact, since he reached the second level he couldn’t just craft characters there but even the setting. He hadn’t used it since then because … well, the time since he reached the second level had just been too short and he had already had the story planned then. He never even thought about crafting the setting in there. But now the result of his planning might determine whether or not he’d be able to advance to the next level and thus get new rewards. He definitely couldn’t skimp on his effort with this task!
Su Yan looked around. There weren’t any customers yet so it was probably the best time. Now that he knew how it worked he shouldn’t take that long to craft his characters. The setting might take him longer but it would also be alright if he only did the first part now. Nobody said that he had to do everything at once, after all.
He closed the window of the main task and navigated to the Special Dimension. Before he could click on it he halted though.
Eh … he couldn’t just do that, right? First of all, he was in a place where people could come in any moment so it wasn’t safe. And then, he had promised Nie Chang just this morning to always tell him what was up with the system’s tasks. He at least had to write him a message.
Su Yan took out his phone and messaged his boyfriend.
[The system wants me to plan a second story.]
In the back room, Nie Chang who had just started to work took out his phone and raised his brows. Hadn’t they already talked about this just this morning?
[I know?]
[Don’t you think it wants me to use that Special Dimension for this? (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)]
Nie Chang couldn’t help but laugh. So that was where this was coming from. His darling wanted to take a break right after arriving at his workplace to work on the task his system had given him. Well, as long as he was happy …
[Come on over then. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧]
Su Yan smiled, grabbed his notebook and hurried into the back room. Old Lao who had just finished opening the store looked at the empty counter and scratched his head. What was going on? Before he could go to the back room to ask Nie Chang his phone vibrated. He took it out and knitted his brows. It was actually a message from the Big Boss.
[Take over the counter for a while.]
Old Lao lowered his phone and sighed. Ah, there was no more love in this world! He sat down at the counter and looked at the door. Hadn’t they gotten the Beauty to join the shop so he could take over the counter? Why was he sitting at the counter now when the Beauty was with the Big Boss in the back room? He really wanted to cry … At least help him find a girlfriend so he wouldn’t be affected as much by all this dog food!

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