LWS V3C10 Such a Good Author!

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Su Yan wanted to get up immediately but Nie Chang hurriedly pulled him back. He had the feeling that this would get even worse if he let Su Yan slip away now. He definitely couldn’t let go!
His reaction only made Su Yan’s temper worse though. He slapped Nie Chang’s chest with an accusing gaze and started to curse him. “What kind of boyfriend are you? Bringing some woman to your shop when you’re already in a relationship?! And you’re even shamelessly bragging to me about it!” He tried to get out of Nie Chang’s arms while his boyfriend just clung onto him.
“Ah Yan —”
“Don’t ‘Ah Yan’ me! I’m angry!”
“Take a look —”
“I won’t! You’re a heartless bastard! I’m going to call my mom!”
Nie Chang gave up talking with him and just shoved the phone into his face. Su Yan wanted to look away but then curiosity got the better of him. He was furious, yes, but he at least wanted to know what kind of woman was better than him! He was such a cute and adorable guy. How could Nie Chang bear to hurt him like this?!
Thus … Su Yan froze and looked at the screen with a puzzled expression. “Why is there a picture of us?”
Nie Chang lowered the phone and threw Su Yan an indignant gaze. “Because you’re the beauty they were posting about.”
Su Yan kept still. He was the beauty? Then didn’t that mean …
Nie Chang lifted his brows. “So, are you still going to call your mother?”
Su Yan shook his head like a rattle-drum.
“Then will you take back everything you said just now?”
Su Yan hurriedly nodded and clung to Nie Chang’s neck. “Of course, of course! It’s all my fault. There’s no way you’d be like that. You’re completely different from all those other men out there. You’re the world’s best boyfriend. You’d never be unfaithful to me.” Su Yan gave his boyfriend a kiss but he only got a questioning gaze in response. Su Yan pursed his lips.
This completely wasn’t his fault! How could Nie Chang just show him something strange and expect him to understand immediately! Furthermore … “How can they just write something about a beauty? I’m obviously also a man! That was completely misleading! They probably only wrote that because they wanted to make it difficult for me!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Forget it. He just couldn’t keep being serious when Su Yan was like that. “Alright, alright. It’s not your fault. Let’s just forget about it. But they weren’t wrong with calling you a beauty. You’re obviously the most beautiful person working in my shop.”
“Mn! You’re naturally right!” Su Yan hurriedly agreed to what Nie Chang said. He obviously wasn’t really listening though. Instead, he was inwardly reprimanding himself.
How could he be so stupid? He should have looked at the whole post first before erupting like that. What was Nie Chang thinking now? Oh god, he really had to pay more attention in the future!
Naturally, Su Yan was thinking too much. Nie Chang had seen him throw tantrums for such a long time already that he was a little numb to it by now. Most of the time, he even found it amusing to watch him rage because of little things.
The only problem was when it was something concerning their relationship. After all, he didn’t want to lose his boyfriend right after luring him into a relationship. Thankfully, his skills in regard to coaxing Su Yan had already been mastered long ago. Whatever made his little darling hiss and scratch he would be able to smooth those ruffled feathers in a few moments.
“Let’s go to work.” Nie Chang gently shoved Su Yan from his lap.
Su Yan felt like he was granted amnesty. Didn’t driving to work mean that everything was resolved? He happily grabbed Nie Chang’s arm and followed him down. Naturally, Nie Chang didn’t forget to grab the notebook and phone Su Yan had completely forgotten on the way out. Ah, wouldn’t his darling blame him if they arrived and there was no opportunity to write when no customers were around? He definitely couldn’t risk that!
Surprisingly, a certain someone was very well behaved when they got into the car. Nie Chang put the notebook on the back seat and handed Su Yan his phone before starting the engine. He was waiting for Su Yan to say something but everything stayed quiet.
He turned around and found Su Yan staring at him. His brows slowly lifted. “Is … something the matter?”
Su Yan smiled and inched a little closer. “No, it’s nothing. I just thought what a lucky person I am. My boyfriend is so handsome and caring and brilliant. You’re the most perfect man on earth.”
Nie Chang cringed. “Stop fawning over me and look at your system. You’re really bad at flattering someone.” Honestly, he would have preferred another furious outburst above this. Getting furious because Su Yan thought that he had spent time with some woman at least meant he got jealous. That was actually kind of adorable. While this kind of fake compliment … ah, he definitely didn’t need it.
Su Yan humphed. “You just don’t appreciate it! I’m going to flatter your customers later on. You’ll see, they’ll love it!” Su Yan turned away and indeed opened the system.
Hmph. And he had tried so earnestly to lighten the mood and make Nie Chang forgive him. Now, look at that! His effort had been completely in vain. That guy didn’t deserve his flattering at all.
Nie Chang just smiled and steered the car onto the road. Ah, this kind of Su Yan was much better. He really wasn’t used to getting compliments from him.
Just when Nie Chang started to appreciate the mood Su Yan already turned back to him. “Eh, Ah Chang, do you remember? I told you the system wanted me to find reasons why a couple would break up.”
Nie Chang nodded. “It’s not even been an hour since then. Naturally, I remember.”
“Mn. It actually wants me to find ten. I thought about it and I guess I already found two today. Misunderstandings could definitely lead to someone breaking up. I mean just imagine I wouldn’t have told you what I thought about that Weibo post. Wouldn’t we have broken up because I thought you cheated on me? I’m sure my mother would have told me to leave you if you’re being like that!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. He was pretty sure Madam Su would have looked up the post herself and whacked her son on the head as soon as she noticed what was up. But naturally, he wouldn’t say that now. “Mn, thankfully, you’re so straightforward!”
“Right! So, I should note that down.” Su Yan hurriedly typed his first response and the system converted it into the first item on a list. Nothing else happened though.
Su Yan pursed his lips. Hmph. Stupid thing. Couldn’t it at least praise him a little? He had been so fast to find this!
“So, what’s the second reason?” Nie Chang hadn’t missed that Su Yan had said he had already found two. The misunderstanding he could understand. After all, this morning had been full of them. But what was the second one?
“It’s about what you said before. You know? In regard to the second story? That there are people around with unreasonable expectations?”
“So you were actually listening that closely …”
“Naturally!” Su Yan happily typed this in as well and grinned at his list. Now he had already found two of ten things that might cause an otherwise completely fine couple to break up.
Ah, he was such a good author! The system should better hurry up with promoting him from the rank of Apprentice!

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