LWS V3C12 A Ridiculously Handsome Man

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Su Yan put down his notebook and skipped over to Nie Chang. “Ah, you’re the best boyfriend ever!”
Nie Chang reached out and hugged Su Yan close with a smile. “I’m hearing that rather often today.”
“It’s because it’s the truth!” He kissed Nie Chang but instantly skipped back in front of his notebook. “You can have a look at the result when I’ve finished!”
“Oh, al—”
Before Nie Chang managed to accept, Su Yan had already clicked the button and disappeared from the back room. Nie Chang sighed.
“I’d love to see what you’ve thought of. Just tell me more when you come back.” He shook his head and went back to work.
Su Yan once again landed ruggedly in the Special Dimension of his Lovely Writing System. He groaned and rubbed his elbows that had collided with the floor this time. With an accusing gaze at the ground, he got up only to find himself face to face with Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing. Oh. It seemed the system hadn’t changed anything since the last time he was in the Special Dimension.
Su Yan stood up and frowned. Now, how was he supposed to craft his characters if there were already two standing around?
“Uh … System?” He called out but didn’t get a response. Damn. What now?
“Hey! Don’t you want me to plan a second story? Crafting characters should be part of that, shouldn’t it? So how do I do that now that there are already two of them here?”
He waited again but the system still wasn’t very cooperative. “Come on! This isn’t funny! How do I change this? Let me craft two other characters!”
The system stayed silent though. Su Yan frowned. This dumb thing! Wasn’t it supposed to help him? How could it just stay silent like this?! He grumbled and walked around the two platforms in the hope of finding some kind of clue. Just how was he supposed to do this?
Su Yan tried to remember how he had done it back then. “Uh … Start the test?” He looked up at the ceiling but everything stayed the same. He pursed his lips. What a shitty system! Wasn’t this blatantly bullying him?
He turned back to the two characters he had crafted back then and sighed. It had worked so well. Why wasn’t he able to do it now? It couldn’t be that the system only had limited opportunities to craft characters? But even if it had it shouldn’t just be two. That would be way too few! After all, planning a second story was also part of the normal tasks.
But … what if that was true? After all, the system had wanted him to start this story only after the first one was completely published. So maybe … the two spots he had would be re-used?
Su Yan stopped in front of Mei Chao Bing’s apparition and tried to imagine a typical xianxia master. The character in front of him lit up, the white light warped and finally receded, revealing … a bearded old man.
Su Yan grimaced. Alright. He shouldn’t have imagined something typical. This definitely wasn’t how the handsome master from his story should look like! No, this time he would break with his tradition of using more human-like characters with flaws in their appearances and just make this male lead ridiculously handsome!
Su Yan narrowed his eyes and stared at the bearded old man. At once, the beard vanished because he felt that it definitely wasn’t handsome. The wrinkles disappeared together with it and the white hair turned black again. Now, he had at least a young man in front of him. He still looked quite normal, though.
Su Yan rubbed his chin. How was he supposed to make him better looking? Honestly, what made a man handsome?
He thought of Nie Chang who definitely was what he would call handsome. Naturally, the stupid system wasn’t slow on the uptake this time. The ordinary cultivator changed into a copy of his boyfriend.
Su Yan facepalmed and gave a sigh. “Turn that back!” he shouted at the system but this time, everything stayed as before again. It seemed his boyfriend was getting special treatment here? “Alright, never mind. Let’s just do something with this.”
Su Yan slowly circled his test object. This was exactly like back when he had crafted Mei Chao Bing. Thankfully, he already had a direction in mind though. He once again thought of that long-haired cultivator-uncle in the white robe that he had crafted before this but let him have the honor of carrying Nie Chang’s face a little longer. That was definitely something easier to work with than the ordinary face from before.
Now, as for changing that a bit … The typical description of a good-looking man in a xianxia novel would be ‘having jade-like skin, sword-like eyebrows, and narrow phoenix eyes’. If he wanted a ridiculously handsome master, then his character needed to have all this!
The system didn’t mind listening to him this time. The already good-looking face of Nie Chang was improved even further. It really … made one question the beauty-standards in xianxia novels. If all the people there looked like that … wouldn’t all ordinary mortals want to commit suicide?! This was really ridiculous!
Then again he wanted to have a ridiculous handsome male lead this time. In that case … this wasn’t good enough!
Su Yan rubbed his hands and circled his creation again. What could he do to make this person even more outstanding? In the end, he was a cultivator and one who had reached the peak. He wasn’t supposed to look human anymore, he should be fairy-like … No! What was he thinking? He should be god-like! The most handsome man that had ever been seen!
He needed to have some mythical charm …
Su Yan stopped in front of him again and his gaze moved up and down. Mythical … Remembering some xianxia novels he had read the most mythical thing he could think of were those mythical beasts. The biggest difference between them and human beings was their especially old age and their colorful appearance. It wasn’t strange for a mythical beast to have sparkling blue or fiery red hair and eyes.
So, maybe that wouldn’t be too bad for his male lead either? But then he’d need to have a good explanation. Mn, maybe he could just use it as an inspiration but not do so much? He should have an eye and hair color that was different but would still be believable …
Su Yan froze. Right! Why hadn’t he thought of that sooner?! His lips quirked up into a grin and the figure in front of him changed once again.

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