OMF V4C12 A Fate Too Cruel

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Jing Yi as the person whose supposed death had led to the conversation between Jin Ling and Xin Lan was still following Leng Jin Yu through the secret realm. He was a little stunned from what he had seen until now.
When he heard from Leng Jin Yu that the sect master had asked them to hurry over to the Leyuan region to enter a secret realm that was opening he had thought of it as a place that normally couldn’t be found and was hidden with some kind of magic. It was called a realm but he had imagined it as a house or maybe a town. At most he would have thought that it would be as big as the capital. But even after following his senior martial brother for half a day he still hadn’t seen anything like an end to this realm. Just how big was it?
Jing Yi really wanted to ask but Yu Jin had always struck him as someone who rather kept to himself and didn’t like to speak if there was no reason to. He was afraid he might disturb him if he said something now.
Ah, it would be so much easier if Qiu Ling was here with him. His fiance probably would have told him all about this secret realm even without him asking. Just imagining it made Jing Yi smile. It was just that he didn’t know how long it would take for Qiu Ling to find a way to get them out of here.
Considering what Yu Jin had said before it probably wouldn’t be too soon. Maybe they’d need to stay in this secret realm for a whole week. But then again, Yu Jin didn’t know about Qiu Ling’s origin. Everyone else thought that he was just an especially talented practitioner but he knew that Qiu Ling was more than that. Don’t even talk about his identity as a member of the dragon race, even his talent for cultivation was enough to give Jing Yi confidence that his fiance would manage to find a way to save them. It was only a question of time.
He didn’t know if a week was a realistic estimation but he hoped so. Qiu Ling was normally so clingy. Wouldn’t he go crazy if they didn’t see each other longer than that? It wasn’t even unexpected. After all, hadn’t he told him that the person he loved before had died? Back then it had seemed as if that had upset him very much.
It wouldn’t be strange if he grew worried if they were separated for a long time. Especially considering what had happened before. Had Qiu Ling seen what exactly happened?
Jing Yi looked at Yu Jin’s white-clad back. He really wanted to ask but … This senior martial brother of his seemed so concentrated. He struggled for a while before accelerating his steps. “Senior Martial Brother Yu …”
Leng Jin Yu turned around and looked at the boy, not saying anything.
Jing Yi grew flustered. Had he already annoyed him? Yu Jin had never seemed like the type to grow angry but still. “I … I’m sorry. I just can’t stop thinking of Qiu Ling. Do you know … Did he see what happened at that time? Does he know we’re in here?”
“And … does he know we’re alright?” Jing Yi clutched the hem of his sleeve and nervously looked at the person in front of him.
Leng Jin Yu really wanted to sigh. The more questions Jing Yi asked the more he’d have to lie. He really didn’t want to do that. Faced with this dilemma he just turned away and continued forward.
Jing Yi watched his expression or at least he tried. From beginning to end Yu Jin’s face hadn’t had even the slightest change. What did his silence mean? Was he angry? Or was it that he didn’t know? Or … It couldn’t be that he thought it unlikely for Qiu Ling to know, could it? “Senior Martial Brother Yu, so, you think Qiu Ling doesn’t know? Wouldn’t he worry very much then?”
Leng Jin Yu couldn’t take it any longer and nodded. “Probably, yes. But nothing is certain right now. Don’t think too much. Let’s just … continue to look around.”
“Yes.” Jing Yi bit his lower lip.
Don’t think too much. It was something that could be easily said but doing so was much more difficult. He knew how Qiu Ling was. If he didn’t see him after an explosion had happened, wouldn’t he freak out? What if … What if he became like back then in his inner self?
Jing Yi stopped walking. Just a while ago in the Hei Dian Sect, he had seen Qiu Ling still mourn for that other person. And it had probably been a lot of time since he lost him. Qiu Ling was obviously someone who felt deeply and would be deeply hurt by these feelings if something went wrong.
He didn’t want to be the reason another scar was added to his soul. There had already been enough things going wrong in Qiu Ling’s life. Why couldn’t he have a bit of luck for once?
Leng Jin Yu noticed that the other person wasn’t following anymore. He turned back to take a look and was greeted by the sight of the boy’s crying face. For a moment he didn’t know what to say. Maybe it would be better if he said nothing? But Jing Yi didn’t seem to get better at all. Quite the contrary, his sobs even intensified and he finally fell down to his knees.
Leng Jin Yu sighed and went back to him. He crouched down and grabbed his shoulders. “I know it’s hard but crying won’t change anything. Right now, we can’t leave and we can’t send a message to anyone outside. That is something we have to accept. The only thing we can do now is to brace ourselves and try to change these facts as soon as possible. So, stop crying and let’s continue. We’re not completely out of options yet.”
“But … Qiu Ling … I’m afraid he … he won’t take it well.”
Leng Jin Yu’s lips tightened. So the reason the boy was crying like this was actually because he was worried about his lover. Truly, those two were very much in love. It really was a pity to break them up.
This kind of fate was too cruel.

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