LWS V2C60 Gaining New Insight

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Su Yan started to furiously type his reply. As a responsible boyfriend, Nie Chang naturally wouldn’t let him send something like that though. Su Yan was obviously angry and whatever he touched in that kind of mood could only go wrong.
He still remembered how back in their school days someone had teased him so much that Su Yan haughtily left for a test telling him to just watch him succeed. In the end, he ended up with zero points. After getting the result and having to deal with the furious teacher Su Yan curled up at home for a whole week while his father screamed at him to go back and improve and Madam Su, in turn, screamed at her husband to just leave her baby alone.
The one to coax Su Yan out of hiding had finally been Nie Chang but it hadn’t been easy at all. Since then he had always made sure that Su Yan wouldn’t touch anything important when his mood wasn’t good.
He wasn’t sure if this was really important but since Su Yan had just been reading reviews someone had probably left a bad one. If he wrote a response in that kind of mood, it would probably be a disaster and Su Yan would regret it a lot. But by that time it would already be too late.
Nie Chang hurriedly grabbed the phone. He looked at what Su Yan had written and hurriedly deleted everything. He definitely couldn’t let him send out this kind of message. Never mind that he had been so angry that he mistyped quite a few characters, half of this would probably be censored anyway and they might even ban him for a few days! He couldn’t let that happen.
“Heh!” Su Yan reached over and tried to get the phone back but with their difference in height, his arms were too short to even touch it when Nie Chang held it out of his reach. “Ah Chang, stop it! Give it back! I’m going to teach that shameless guy a lesson! How dare he cuss at me?!”
Nie Chang sighed, threw the phone on the floor and kissed Su Yan’s temple. “He’s an idiot. Do you want to condescend to his level? Just leave him be and concentrate on what the others wrote, alright?”
“But —”
Nie Chang cupped his cheeks and shut him up with a kiss. “You’re great. You’re the best. I know that and lots of other people know, too. So, ignore that idiot and just concentrate on what everyone else says, alright?”
Su Yan pouted. “Maybe … if you give me another kiss.” He craned his neck and waited.
Nie Chang couldn’t help but reach out and pinch his cheeks. “You have no idea how adorable you are.” He leaned over and closed his eyes, pulling Su Yan into his embrace. “I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
Their lips met and Nie Chang gently pressed him down. “How about … not getting up today?”
Su Yan circled his neck with his arms and grinned. “I remember you said something similar yesterday. How come you’re so irresponsible since we got together? If you continue to be like this, you’ll have a bad influence on me.”
Nie Chang laughed. “Alright, alright. Then let’s get up.” He let go of Su Yan and sighed. Ah, now probably wasn’t the right moment. The atmosphere just wasn’t like yesterday.
He picked up Su Yan’s clothes and handed them over. “Go and wash up.”
Su Yan pouted again. “You go first. I’ll read a few more reviews.” He leaned over and picked up his phone again, grinning like a Cheshire cat.
Nie Chang raised his hands in resignation. “If my darling wants me to do that …” He picked his own clothes up and gave him another kiss. “If you see another idiot, wait until I get back.”
“Why? Do you want to help me get revenge?”
“Mn. If you want me to.”
“Alright. Now go!” Su Yan slapped his arm and before lying back down.
Nie Chang just chuckled and left while Su Yan continued to look at his reviews. Most of them were really good but there were also a few bad reviews. He pursed his lips at them and did what Nie Chang had told him and just ignored them.
Hmph. Idiots. They just didn’t know what great literature was! No taste at all!
Although … the good reviews were a little strange as well. Quite a few of them said that the story was good but that it was missing something. He didn’t really understand though. A few of them mentioned sword arts like that user ‘Cultivating Sword Arts’ but even stranger were the people talking about an attack that hadn’t achieved anything.
Su Yan lowered the phone and furrowed his brow. What was this about? The only attack that had been done was the one from the demonic cultivators who attacked Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing when they were out on patrol. The readers couldn’t be feeling that the attack had been too … easy on the characters, could they? Did they really want it to cause more damage to Yun Bei Fen? But wouldn’t the story end as a tragedy then?
Su Yan really couldn’t understand. He had written xianxia for a long time and fights were something normal there. But this was a romantic project, ah! Why would people want the fight to be more important? Did they actually want the protagonist to die? How vicious!
But, well, it was still good that he found out now. That would help him with his next project!
Su Yan put the phone aside and started to ponder. He didn’t know if there was another task from the system already but his fingers were itching to touch the keyboard again. He really wanted to get up and start planning another story right now! And he would definitely make use of what he had found out just now.
Mn, in that case …
Su Yan jumped out of the bed and haphazardly threw his clothes on. Never mind that. He had to start typing while the inspiration was still fresh! This story would definitely be set in a xianxia world again but this time there would be more cultivation of sword arts and a lot of fights! Oh wow, this would be such an awesome story!

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