LWS V2C59 A Shock in the Morning

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Su Yan was thinking too much. As soon as the two of them went back to bed and his head hit the pillow he had already fallen asleep again. The one who was once again lying in the dark and wondering what he had done to deserve this torture was Nie Chang.
Well, who had asked him to fall in love with such a messy sleeper? He was really considering getting up and settling down in the living room instead. Unfortunately, he was pretty sure that Su Yan would wake up as soon as he did as much as shift to the side because a certain little koala might not be able to remain at the same place for more than five minutes but he was more than capable to cling to the only source of heat next to him throughout the whole night.
Thus on a certain Tuesday morning, Su Yan woke up in a great mood and instantly fumbled around to find his phone while his poor boyfriend blearily opened his eyes. Ah, would it make a difference if he turned around and got at least half an hour of sleep now?
While Nie Chang still considered turning around Su Yan had already taken a short look at the website. His face lit up and he lunged himself at Nie Chang, hugging his waist and rubbing his cheek against his chest. “Ah Chang, I just looked at the reactions to my story! There are already people who read everything and even commented on the last scene! Isn’t that great?”
“Mn.” Nie Chang rubbed his eyes and ruffled Su Yan’s hair with the other hand. “You’re the best.”
“Indeed! And it’s all thanks to you!” Su Yan stretched his neck and kissed Nie Chang on the lips. “Thank you so much!”
Nie Chang sighed. Well, never mind that he hadn’t slept much. Now, he was definitely wide awake. He looped an arm around Su Yan’s waist and put the other behind his own head. “How is that my merit? It’s your story.”
“But you let me have some time to write even though we just got together and you certainly want to spend as much time with me as possible. And then we even talked about some things when I was writing and editing and you gave me some pretty good ideas. So without you, I wouldn’t have been able to write such a good story and then there wouldn’t be so many people reading and commenting and reviewing. It’s all thanks to you! Ah, you’re really the best boyfriend I could have found for myself!” Su Yan gave him another kiss.
Nie Chang smiled. “If I remember correctly, then the one who found his partner was me. You just waited to be found.”
Su Yan pursed his lips before grinning mischievously. “What waiting? I clearly played the pig to eat the tiger!”
Nie Chang coughed. “So that proverb can actually be used like this?”
Su Yan just made a biting motion instead of answering him.
Ah, it seemed his darling was playful today? He should be careful with what he said and did or he might get a surprise. “So, did you read everything already?” He motioned at the phone, hoping that Su Yan would take the hint and return to observing his results.
His boyfriend didn’t seem to want to fulfill his wishes though. Instead, he actually started lightly scratching him. “I can’t. I’m so happy right now that so many people care. What if I take a closer look and notice that they’re criticizing a lot or gave a bad rating? Then I’d feel like such a failure.”
“How about I take a look?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “No … I’ll do it myself.”
Nie Chang waited. Just look at Su Yan’s face! This obviously wasn’t the end of this.
Su Yan was indeed still pondering. He didn’t dare to take a look but he also didn’t want to ask Nie Chang. How could he rely on his boyfriend for something as easy as this? Uh, he should just do it himself! How bad could it be? But then again …
Seeing his boyfriend still struggle Nie Chang combed through his hair again. “How about getting up first? Then I’ll drive you to Auntie Zhu’s shop and we’ll eat before going to work. You can still look at the comments in the car.”
Su Yan didn’t seem convinced. “I’d still be looking at them.”
“Well, either you look at them or I look at them first or we don’t look at all. Maybe that’s what you want?”
“Of course not!” Su Yan sat up and opened the website again. Hmph. He’d just look at it now. He started with the reviews on the novel’s main page. As soon as he looked at the number displayed below the novel his eyes widened. What?! He had already gotten over fifty reviews?! What was this supposed to mean?
He shook his head and lied back down, before scrolling to the reviews. He already hadn’t understood why there had been so many comments and reviews after the first scene but since it started out like that it might not be so strange that it had developed like this. Mn, he should just read all of them. He sorted the reviews in the order of the time they were posted and continued to scroll until he found the first review he hadn’t read yesterday.
Let me kiss you, little junior: [5 stars! Love the story! Love the shou! He’s just so cute. If he was my junior, I definitely would have toppled him!]
Su Yan blinked and scrolled further.
Cultivating sword arts: [Good story. It’s just missing a thorough display of sword techniques. Maybe the author could add one at the end.]
Su Yan blinked twice. There were once again things he didn’t understand. He really had to read some bl novels. He looked at the next review and frowned.
Supreme Immortal Gathering Winner: [What the fuck is this gay shit?! I found this in my recommendations. How dare this newbie author put his sick fantasies into xianxia?! You better stop writing now!]
Su Yan sat back up. “This bastard! Hmph. Just wait! You’ll get a nasty reply!”
Nie Chang raised his brows. What had just happened?

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