OMF V4C9 That Strand of Golden Hair

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Yu Jin was right with his assumption that the incident with the Jade Gathering Beast had come about because of a certain dragon king. At the same time, the culprit who handed the Beast to Qiguan Cheng Da had already arrived in the demon realm again.
Jin Ling was in an especially good mood. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to go over but it should be about time for that Qiguan Cheng Da to act. Maybe Qiu Ling had already lost his beloved. Ah, he really wanted to see his expression!
Jin Ling went back to the palace but stopped in front of the side door he usually used. Nobody was around and he took a moment to breathe deeply and school his expression. If he wanted to extort some information regarding Jinde from Xin Lan, then he had to make sure that his acting was flawless.
He opened the door and stepped inside, slowly walking toward the inner chambers of the palace. Most likely …
When he arrived Xin Lan already stepped out of the shadows on the other side of the room.
“Xin Lan. Did everything go well?”
The dragon nodded, his gaze measuring Jin Ling’s face. “Your … plan wasn’t successful?”
Jin Ling’s lips curved up in another beautiful smile. “Oh, no. You got it wrong. It’s probably about to come to fruition. It’s just such a pity that I couldn’t be there to see his stupefied expression.” Jin Ling showed a wistful expression. This time he didn’t even need to act. He really regretted it deeply! He should have given that Qiguan Cheng Da a mirroring gem, then he could have watched from afar.
Xin Lan nodded. If Jin Ling still wanted to watch his expression, then it wasn’t anything lethal. Well, if he had actually managed to kill Qiu Ling, then he certainly wouldn’t have kept so calm. He would probably still be laughing right now.
Jin Ling slowly walked over, the smile still tucking at his lips. “Say, Xin Lan, how do you think a dragon looks … when he loses his partner?”
Xin Lan furrowed his brows. “You killed his partner?”
“Ah, you can’t say it like that. The one he bound his soul to is the Son of Heaven. How could I just go and kill him? Wouldn’t the gods wage war against us? I still know what to do.”
“But he is dead?”
Jin Ling rubbed the gem at his ear. “He should be. I did find someone to do it instead of me, after all.” He sighed and gave Xin Lan a contemplative gaze. “It’s really such a hassle. Finding someone, providing that someone with an opportunity, hoping that everything will go well … It would be so much easier if there was a capable person at my side that would do such things for me.”
Xin Lan didn’t respond to that. There was something far more important now. “So you’re not sure whether or not he is dead.”
“How can one ever be sure about something like that?” Jin Ling once again touched the gem and his smile became gentler. Even after all this time he just couldn’t believe it. How could Jinde have died? Certainly … Certainly, there had to be something more to that.
He took out one of the strands of golden hair he had brought back from the Yun Zou Sect. He carefully held it in his hand and stroked it with his thumb. “You wouldn’t know anything more than me, would you?” He couldn’t imagine how Jinde might have managed to escape his fate but he couldn’t imagine him dying either. Maybe … there had really been a miracle?
Xin Lan stared at the strand of hair in Jin Ling’s hand. Golden hair … Whose golden hair would Jin Ling keep? Especially … considering the length …
Xin Lan furrowed his brow even further and his eyes narrowed. His hand moved and he slapped Jin Ling across the face, his other hand snatching that strand of golden hair. He held it, his fingers trembling.
“You —” Jin Ling was livid but he still swallowed his anger. He wasn’t even sure if he could beat Qiu Ling in a fair fight. Winning against Xin Lan? Don’t make him laugh!
“I?” Xin Lan looked up from the shimmering hair, a fury in his eyes Jin Ling had never seen before. “I’m certainly not the one at fault here! You actually …”
He lifted the hair again before mechanically turning aside. He walked to the incense burner in the corner and put the hair inside. Xin Lan watched it burn until nothing but ash was left, his heart heavy the whole time.
“You actually dared to desecrate his body …” He had to close his eyes for a moment and take a deep breath so as to control his voice. He definitely couldn’t let that brat hear how hoarse it was right now. “I really can’t understand you. He did so much for you. Why do you always do such things? Making him suffer like that. Even after his death, you won’t let him rest in peace!”
Jin Ling tightened his lips. “I never made him suffer.”
Xin Lan didn’t even turn around. Speaking to Jin Ling about this was pointless. It had always been. “Your Highness … Was this strand all you had?”
Jin Ling looked away. “What are you getting so worked up for? It’s not even his hair.”
Xin Lan looked back. He didn’t believe him. Not one word.
“I went to that human sect where Qiu Ling has gone and found a separate dimension. I found a golden hair there and thought …” He stopped talking but Xin Lan already understood.
He turned back around and sighed. “Why are you still unable to accept it? He’s dead. It was your father who killed him. And he did so in front of your eyes. What is there to doubt?”
“He wouldn’t die so easily. Not him.”
“His soul dissipated. I burned his body when only an empty husk was left. Your Highness, you have to accept it. The sooner you do, the better.”
“Why didn’t you help him? Why didn’t you fight against my father? You’re obviously the better fighter!” Jin Ling’s voice started out low but he couldn’t help screaming at the end.
Yes, why? Why hadn’t Xin Lan helped him? If he did, then maybe Jinde would still be alive. After all, he had always said that Xin Lan was a rare expert. Ah, he still remembered the day he had first asked him about that.

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