LWS V2C47 Solving Another Problem

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Su Yan hesitated for a while whether or not he should put some novels into his reading list. Wouldn’t it look strange for someone not to have even a single book they read but post a story? Come to think of it, it would probably look strange anyway if he just registered his account and then posted the same day, wouldn’t it?
He pursed his lips and contemplated, the cursor hovering over the button to create a story. It wasn’t a problem to put some books he had read on his other account into his new reading list but … how long should he wait until he uploaded the story? This was a task the system had given him, after all! Oh, well, there was also the problem that he hadn’t read any bl besides that one novel. He couldn’t only put xianxia in there, could he?
Nie Chang saw his boyfriend just sitting there and knew that something was up again. He really wanted to ask but he was unsure if Su Yan’s anger had already subsided. Maybe he should find something to bribe him first?
Ah, come to think of it … Nie Chang silently stood up and started reheating the food. Soon enough the smell of egg-fried rice and Kung Pao Chicken wafted through the kitchen.
Su Yan sniffed and turned his head, temporarily forgetting about the problem. He looked at Nie Chang’s back like a starving man might look at a bun but couldn’t help grumbling inside. This jerk! He was making himself some food and didn’t even ask if he wanted some, too? Wasn’t this his apartment?!
Su Yan’s little inner devil was soon enough shut up because only a few minutes later Nie Chang took a bowl out of the cupboard, filled it and placed it next to Su Yan with a pair of chopsticks. “You didn’t eat much before and seemed like you struggled a bit right now. Why don’t you eat something first?” He pushed the bowl a little closer to Su Yan.
Even if Su Yan had still been able to remember their tiff from before his stomach was definitely used for making decisions more often than his mind. He let go of the notebook, took the bowl and started to eat happily. He did remember to apologize to Nie Chang in his mind though. He had suspected and cursed Nie Chang without any reason. Ah, his boyfriend really was such a good person!
Seeing Su Yan happy again, Nie Chang put the rest of the dishes on the table and once again sat down next to him. He even pushed his chair closer to him. “So, what was puzzling you right now?”
Su Yan’s chopsticks stopped moving. “How do you know?”
Nie Chang just laughed and ruffled his hair. “Wasn’t it obvious by the way you looked at the screen? You had your cute lips pursed again and your whole body was tensed.” He bent forward and gave those lips that were once again pursed a kiss, not minding the oil one bit. He even contemplated giving a remark about how they always were sweet but he held back at the last minute. Today really wasn’t a good day to tease Su Yan. Not after everything that had happened already. “So, what was it about?”
Su Yan sighed and gobbled another piece of chicken up. “I’m not so sure about the task. Doesn’t it look strange if I register the account today and then immediately upload something without reading anything at all?”
“Well, you could explain that you had another account before but wanted to start over. Didn’t the system say to upload the story with a message?”
“But why would anyone do that?”
“Because you’ve done something else before. It’s not that uncommon to change genres, is it?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “That’s true …” But still. He didn’t feel quite right with this.
Nie Chang could also see that Su Yan wasn’t completely happy with this solution. “You can also just add some novels first. Nobody can see whether or not you’ve read them already anyway.”
Su Yan perked up and nodded while shoveling the rice into his mouth. His gaze seemed to say ‘What you say makes sense. Please continue!’ Nie Chang laughed and kissed his temple.
“You’re probably worried because of the genre, right? There’s no reason to, actually. There are a few novels that are really popular. You can just add those and people will assume you’ve read them. And when there’s not a task from the system or one that’ll take a little longer you can use your time at work and slowly read up on them.”
Su Yan nodded eagerly. All of this was right! “You’re so smart!” he praised between two bites.
Nie Chang smiled indulgently. “Let me add some things for you while you eat.”
Su Yan continued to nod. Ah, he should treat his boyfriend better! Thinking like that, he put the bowl and the chopsticks down, leaned over and placed a smack on Nie Chang’s cheek. At first, he thought he was definitely being cute and Nie Chang would like it. Then he saw the oily stain. Ugh. It seemed eating and kissing didn’t work too well together.
He reached over and tried to rub it away but only managed to make it worse. Nie Chang laughed anyway. “Leave it. It’s proof that you love me.”
Su Yan’s expression instantly darkened. “What proof that I love you? Don’t even talk about it! I’m here with you. What more proof do you need?!” He stood up and got a paper towel before proceeding to rub at Nie Chang’s cheek.
Nie Chang hummed a tune and let him be while he put some of the bl novels he had read into Su Yan’s library. Ah, it felt actually quite good being cared for by Su Yan like this. Especially since he was right. What need was there for some proof of love if he was right at his side? Finally, he was at his side and he wouldn’t just leave it either.

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