OMF V3C86 Heaven’s Way of Setting Things Right

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Yu Jin left the Yun Zou Sect immediately and headed in the direction of the Hei Dian Sect. The distance between both was actually quite far but that wouldn’t prove difficult for a cultivator or practitioner of a high enough level. If he really used his full strength, he probably wouldn’t even have needed a full day to travel there.
Halfway to the territory of the evil sects, he stopped though. This part of the mortal realms was rich in spiritual energy thanks to the varied shapes of nature congregated here. Mountains towered high above the meadows, creeks crisscrossed the land and the wind whispered in the treetops of the ancient forests. If one wanted to find rare spiritual plants or even beasts, then this was the first place one should go.
It was a place that had often been the cause for fights between the two factions and had been ruled by either side for long periods of time. Right now, the righteous faction had the upper hand and only some of the peripheral areas were under the rule of the evil faction. But that didn’t mean that it was something the righteous sects could use however they liked. For the disciples, this was a place fraught with danger. If they weren’t sent to temper themselves, they would never even think of entering here.
Yu Jin silently floated in the air above this place, not caring for the dangers lurking on the ground at all. His gaze roamed and finally settled on a spot between the mountain peaks.
The spiritual energy at that spot was different from that of the surrounding area: While the rest softly wafted over the ground and seemed to gather at some places the spiritual energy between those peaks roiled and warped. Looking at it, it seemed as if it wanted to escape the valley but was imprisoned and would inevitably have to return to the place it came from.
Yu Jin took a look in the direction of the Hei Dian Sect and gave a sigh before slowly descending and landing at the top of one of the mountains. He scrutinized the valley again. Indeed, there was a disturbance in the spiritual energy just as he had thought.
“Sure enough, Heaven has its own way of setting things right.” He shook his head and took out a piece of paper. Using his spiritual power he wrote a message, folded it and sent it back to the Yun Zou Sect as a paper crane.
Whatever they did it wasn’t up to him. Whether or not anything would happen he would just leave it to fate.
He took a last look at the valley before flying up on his sword again and speeding off in the direction of the Hei Dian Sect once more.
Contrary to Qiguan Cheng Da he didn’t take his time and thus arrived at the edge of the Hei Dian Sect’s territory a few hours later. He took a look around, his gaze lingering on the Beguiling Night Tree for a moment.
He wasn’t an alchemist but he had studied spiritual plants and beasts quite a bit in case he ever got into a situation where he needed one of them. The peculiarity of this tree’s fruits wasn’t lost on him either.
Yu Jin forcibly shook his head and took out another piece of paper. When had he become so easily distractible? The most important thing now was to inform those two that he had come to take their report once again.
He wrote another message and sent it across the Hei Dian Sect to where Jing Yi and Qiu Ling currently were. While waiting he couldn’t help but look at the Beguiling Night Tree again.
Honestly, just one fruit might be able to answer all his questions. Maybe he would remember that person? Maybe he’d at least get a clearer glimpse at whatever it was he had forgotten when he reincarnated after his last life? But it might also leave him without any clues or, even worse, suggest something that wasn’t actually true. The things one might see could be too easily misconstrued.
Yu Jin closed his eyes and decisively turned away. He walked further away from the edge of the chasm until he couldn’t see the tree anymore and sat down on the grass.
There were risks a cultivator had to take to advance but there were some things one shouldn’t even consider to risk. Taking a glimpse at your last life if it wasn’t intended by fate was such a risk. There were just too many things that could go wrong and might cause you to diverge from the path you were destined to walk. And maybe that would even keep you from ever finding out what you really should have seen.
He didn’t want that. Whoever it was he should remember, he wanted to remember him and he wouldn’t do anything that might jeopardize the slim possibility of ever doing so. He’d rather wait a few more years or even a century if it could just lead him to that person.
Looking up at the sky that was slowly turning dark he took a deep breath. It would have been too good to be true to happen upon something that might help him to achieve what he desired. If this had been the Fractured Crystal Leaf, he might have decided differently but the Beguiling Night Tree’s fruit definitely wasn’t a solution. It was more of a problem in itself.
Well, maybe he’d have better luck the next time.
He closed his eyes and just waited for Jing Yi and Qiu Ling to come over. As opposed to Qiguan Cheng Da he didn’t mind the wait. The spot he had chosen was hidden enough so he wouldn’t be noticed by any disciples guarding the sect and what difference was there between immersing himself in the spirit of the world here or in the Yun Zou Sect? In fact, he felt like a change of scene might be beneficial. After all, no place was like another. Maybe this Hei Dian Sect might reveal some new insight to him.

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