LWS V2C39 What Did You Say?

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Su Yan and Nie Chang squatted in the cubicle and hugged each other. If one thought about it, it really seemed ridiculous.
Su Yan didn’t have any mind for that though. He really liked being hugged like this but he definitely hadn’t forgotten about, well, that. He took another glance and shifted around in an attempt to make it more bearable for Nie Chang. The only thing he managed to do was to drive his boyfriend crazy though.
“Ah Yan, stop squirming. You’re just making it worse.”
“Oh.” Su Yan instantly froze. “Then what do we do now? Should we try to call them over and explain?”
Nie Chang sighed. “Darling, you do know what they’re expecting us to do, don’t you?”
Su Yan blushed and instinctively refuted. “I don’t know!”
Nie Chang didn’t know whether he should laugh at him or rather pinch his cheeks again because he was so cute. “Then let me explain it to you: They think we’re going to have sex in here. So do you believe they’d stay within earshot?”
Su Yan pressed his lips together. “Most likely … not?”
“I think so, too.”
“Then what else can we do? You …” He took another look, making Nie Chang even more uncomfortable.
Could his boyfriend not mention that all the time? Or look at it? He was starting to feel self-conscious about it. Nie Chang shook his head and tried to push the thought aside. Su Yan wasn’t doing it deliberately. They were probably both equally embarrassed. “How about you call Zhi Bao Yu?”
“I already wrote her a message before but she didn’t react. She’s probably at work right now. It’s been a few hours since I talked with her, after all.”
Nie Chang sighed. “That means we can only wait.” He shifted to the side and sat down next to Su Yan. Hugging him really wouldn’t do him any good.
Su Yan pulled up his knees and hugged them to his chest. In this kind of situation … what was he supposed to do? He took a glance at Nie Chang’s face. Considering the circumstances he seemed really calm. Wasn’t it uncomfortable?
Su Yan leaned his head against the door of the cubicle and looked up at the ceiling. Honestly, he actually hadn’t felt that curious about these things before. Thinking about it now maybe he was a little odd in that regard?
Before the things that happened the last weekend, he hadn’t even been able to imagine things like making out with someone or having sex. He hadn’t missed doing those things either or, well, you probably couldn’t miss what you didn’t know? Anyway, he hadn’t badly wanted to do them.
But it probably was different for Nie Chang? This was the second time in just one day. So his mother was most likely right. He couldn’t let Nie Chang wait for too long. After all, he had already been patient for several years.
Could it be … two weeks were still too much?
Su Yan tried to remember every movie he had watched and every novel he had read where something like this … or, well, something similar at least had happened. It seemed like the only way to resolve this issue was to either take a cold shower or to do what you wanted to do.
Su Yan turned to the side and sized up Nie Chang. He seemed relaxed but he was probably just pretending so that he wouldn’t worry. Most likely … he felt really unbearable inside.
So … since they didn’t have a shower at hand …
“Ah Chang, how about having sex?”
Nie Chang jerked in surprise and started coughing wildly. Heavens! He could probably be glad that he wasn’t driving just now! How was Su Yan always coming up with such things without warning? Couldn’t he give him a little heads-up before? Just some kind of hint that something unbelievable would happen in a moment?
Su Yan grew flustered at that reaction. “Ah Chang!” He started patting Nie Chang’s chest while worriedly watching his face. It couldn’t be that bad, right? He had never heard that getting hard and not finding any relief could have this kind of consequence.
Nie Chang barely caught his breath and turned around to Su Yan with a questioning gaze. Maybe he had just misunderstood? It didn’t seem likely but his thoughts had been going in that direction so maybe he had just interpreted something harmless the wrong way? “I’m sorry. What did you just say?”
Su Yan blushed and played around with Nie Chang’s cufflink. “I … I was asking if … Well, what do you think? Maybe we should just … have sex? I mean … right now?” He cautiously peeked at Nie Chang’s face but couldn’t find any expression there.
Su Yan waited but there still wasn’t any answer. He tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve and finally shook his arm when he couldn’t take it any longer. “Nie Chang, I’m talking with you!”
Nie Chang mechanically turned his head. “What did you just say?”
Su Yan was past the point of being embarrassed and actually approached the point of being angry again. “I asked if you wanted to have sex with me!”
“… now?”
“Yes! Of course, now!”
Nie Chang looked at Su Yan’s angry face, at the fluffy sweater with the cat, the clothes that had dropped to the ground before and the floor-length mirror on the other side of the cubicle. And, well, they were still locked-in.
However, you looked at it this was neither the place nor the time for that. Especially since … Nie Chang coughed and turned back to Su Yan. “Ah Yan, I … I’m honored that you’re actually considering that but … I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“Why not? You … You don’t want to have sex with me?” Su Yan pouted but reconsidered the next moment. “Don’t pretend! Just take a look at yourself! You obviously want to!” He actually thought about reaching over to drive the point home but finally kept his hands to himself. Who knew what would happen if he actually touched?
Nie Chang smiled wryly. “I definitely want to.”
“Then why aren’t we doing it?”
Nie Chang reached out and gently stroked back Su Yan’s hair, smoothing those ruffled feathers once again. “Because I love you way too much to do it just like that.”

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