LWS V2C38 That Kind of Situation

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Su Yan stared at Nie Chang, not appeased at all by his apology. “You’re still not getting out?”
Nie Chang sighed. “I doubt I can.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Well, how about you try to open the door?”
“Why should I? You were the one who just came in without asking!”
“But you’re closer to the door.”
Su Yan snorted and turned his head away.
It seemed someone’s feathers were still ruffled, now even more so than before. Nie Chang sighed. Smoothing them should be the first step but he really didn’t know how. What could he do right now besides apologizing?
“Ah Yan, look, I really didn’t mean it. Come on, forgive me already. I can’t stand it if you’re mad at me.”
Someone pursed his lips and continued to stare at the wall of the cubicle. Well, it was probably a good sign that he wasn’t scrambling to get out of his arms.
Nie Chang tried to find anything to make it up to Su Yan but the only thing he noticed was the sweater he wore. Nie Chang stared at it. This was … what those women had picked out for him? How was this anything you’d wear on a date?
When his boyfriend stopped apologizing Su Yan could only take it for around half a minute. How come Nie Chang had suddenly gone mute? He tried to gauge his expression out of the corner of his eye but it seemed just blank. That couldn’t be right!
Su Yan turned back to face him but made sure to continue pouting just in case. He couldn’t let him believe that everything was alright! “What are you doing?” he snapped and slapped Nie Chang’s shoulder.
His boyfriend looked up with an incredulous gaze. “Is this … what you were supposed to wear to our date?” He pointed at the sweater and got another slap from Su Yan.
“What do you mean by looking at it like this? It’s cute, alright?!”
“It’s …” Nie Chang looked back down and raised his brows. “It’s indeed cute.”
“Then why are you looking at it like this?”
“There’s … a cat on it.”
Su Yan grabbed the lower hem and look down himself. “Yeah. What’s the problem with that?” He lifted his head again, obviously unable to understand what Nie Chang was going on about.
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. He really didn’t know how to respond to that. “I … guess I was just surprised?”
Hearing that word again Su Yan suddenly remembered that he had originally been mad at Nie Chang. Hmph. This guy had nearly managed to divert his attention! “You’re surprisingly often surprised today.”
Nie Chang gulped. It seemed he had said something stupid just now. “No, it’s just that I had expected something different. I mean we’re searching for clothes for a date, aren’t we?”
Su Yan frowned. “I don’t get what your problem is. If I had a girlfriend, I’d love it if she wore something cute to our first date.”
“Alright but neither you nor I have a girlfriend. We just have a boyfriend.”
“So what? Now I’m not even allowed to wear cute clothes just because I’m a guy? But I like it! Look, it’s fluffy.” He gripped Nie Chang’s hand and had him rub over the sweater.
He regretted it right the next moment.
“Ah Chang …” Su Yan’s gaze slid from Nie Chang’s hand that was still pressed against the cat on his sweater to his boyfriend’s body. “You’re not into anything weird with cats, are you?”
Nie Chang used his other hand to facepalm. Was that the question you should ask in this kind of situation? Honestly, how about having a bit of self-awareness? “Ah Yan, have you noticed where we are?”
“Of course. We’re in a boutique.”
“No, we’re in a changing cubicle of around three and a half square meter and you’re currently leaning against your boyfriend with your whole body and even encouraging him to touch you. So, do you really want to ask me whether or not I’m into something weird or not?”
Su Yan blinked. Wait … So this was … because of him? He risked another glance and gulped. Somehow, this reminded him of this morning when they had been in bed together. So that was why Nie Chang had reacted like this. Before, too …
He gingerly took his hand back and stepped away. Well, there wasn’t much space in the first place so it wasn’t like he was actually giving any room to Nie Chang. He averted his gaze and slowly reached out to the door. “Then I … just go and you … uh …” Su Yan blushed. What was he supposed to say now? ‘You do whatever it is you’re supposed to do in such a case’? Or should he be more direct?
Before it could get any more awkward, he turned around and … crashed against the door.
“Ah!” Su Yan crouched down and rubbed his nose. Why hadn’t the door budged when he tried to open it?!
Nie Chang watched his boyfriend squat in front of him and sighed. “You still haven’t understood what happened? I certainly didn’t stumble in here by chance. One of the women pushed me in. They locked the door from outside.”
Su Yan turned around, covering his nose with one hand. “Why would they do that?”
“That’s what I’d like to ask you. How do you even know them?”
“I don’t! Why would you think so?”
“Because …” Nie Chang paused. Where should he even begin explaining this? “Well, they knew your name and had everything prepared. Furthermore, you were so excited the whole time. Doesn’t this mean you know them and had something planned?”
Su Yan looked away and rubbed his nose again. “That …” He couldn’t tell him the truth, could he?
Nie Chang frowned. He knew him long enough to spot the thought of ‘let’s just make something up for now’ in his eyes. He crossed his arms and leveled Su Yan with a look. “Out with it.”
Su Yan shifted around. Well, Nie Chang probably deserved hearing the truth considering he was already … He took another look before turning back and scratching at the wall of the cubicle, lowering his voice as much as he could. “I asked Zhi Bao Yu for advice.”
Nie Chang leaned forward. “What did you say?”
“I said … I asked for advice.”
Nie Chang just stared at him. The cubicle wasn’t that big. Even if Su Yan mumbled as low as he could, he’d still pick up on something. And he was sure that he had heard a certain name from him.
“Alright, they’re friends of Zhi Bao Yu!”
“Your former co-worker who wanted to set you up with that security guard.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Could you not phrase it like this?”
“That’s what happened though. And it was just last week.”
“That’s true.” Su Yan lowered his head.
If Nie Chang said it like that, he really felt like he had done something stupid. “Ah Chang …” Su Yan reached out and tugged at the hem of his pants. “I’m sorry. I didn’t really think about it. I just … wanted to do something nice for you.” He looked up, his eyes still a little wet from when he had crashed into the door.
Faced with this kind of Su Yan, Nie Chang really couldn’t keep being angry. He sighed and knelt down in front of him, gently taking him into his arms. Well, by now, he should probably be accustomed to Su Yan pulling this kind of stunt. “It’s alright. That’s also what I love about you.”

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