OMF V3C72 He Was Lucky To Have Someone Like Him

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Meanwhile, Jing Yi was working on Yue Lin’s assignment in his place at the Hei Dian Sect. Even though this Senior Martial Brother of his wanted him to learn how to read or write as fast as possible he didn’t neglect to let him learn alchemy, too. After all, what was a disciple of the Alchemy Division that didn’t know anything about alchemy?
Thanks to Qiu Ling reading the basic manual to him and the two times he had actually seen one of the Official Disciples of the division that were giving them pointers for their refinement processes Jing Yi felt like he might indeed become an alchemist later on. Having Yue Lin help him definitely was a great help to him, too.
Speaking of that … He was a bit afraid of what would happen when they returned to the Yun Zou Sect. Would he be able to continue learning alchemy? Or would everything revert to how it was before he met Qiu Ling? Would he just be one of the outer sect disciples who weren’t taught anything and had to fend for themselves, trying to figure everything out just from the things they saw and heard somewhere whether they were true or not?
If he compared how the two sects treated their disciples, then he actually felt that the Hei Dian Sect was better. Sure, a fringe disciple also wouldn’t get much help but there was a manual that explained the basics and they had access to the library of their division or at least to part of that library. And there would be an Elder or at least a senior disciple instructing them once in a while. It certainly wasn’t easy either but they had opportunities to learn. Well, if they were like him and couldn’t read any of those books, they were in trouble, too.
He really was lucky to have somebody like Qiu Ling at his side. He had helped him so much already. If not for him, he neither could have started to cultivate nor could he have learned anything about alchemy. Qiu Ling had also been the one to teach him how to write his first words.
Jing Yi couldn’t help but smile when he thought of that. He took a glance at Qiu Ling who was still sitting on the other side of the room and glaring at the herbs on the table. His fiance obviously felt neglected.
Jing Yi repressed his smile and took up his brush, writing three characters on a scroll of paper he had put on the side in case he needed to take notes. Then, he put down the brush as if nothing had happened and continued to grind the berries of the herb in front of him before putting them in the cauldron. He hadn’t lit the fire yet so there was a bit of time.
Jing Yi looked up again and pointed at the scroll beside him. “Qiu Ling, there’s something I don’t understand. Could you come over and read it to me?”
Qiu Ling froze and then, the dark expression receded and his face lit up instead. He leaped to his feet and ran over, instantly hugging Jing Yi from the back. “What is it you can’t read? Let me teach you!”
Jing Yi nodded at the scroll without saying anything.
“Mn? Just this line?” Qiu Ling picked it up. “I love you …”
Uh? He stared at the three characters he had just read. I. Love. You. It really was true.
Jing Yi looked at him and chuckled. It couldn’t be that Qiu Ling didn’t get it, could it? Had he really surprised him this much? “What is it? You don’t believe it’s true?” He reached up and grabbed Qiu Ling’s shoulder. “I know I haven’t spent much time with you today. First, it was the meeting with Senior Martial Brother Qiguan and then the assignment from Senior Martial Brother Yue. But you’re still the most important to me. I love you and nothing will change about that. I want you to know that.”
Qiu Ling put the scroll down and smiled. He really had been dazed for a moment. Even though he himself always ran around loudly proclaiming his love for Jing He, his beloved wasn’t that open about it. He was sure he requited his love but it was a rare chance to actually have him express it.
“Mn.” Qiu Ling smiled and hugged Jing Yi closer. He should take advantage of this! “So, the rest of your day is exclusively reserved for me?”
Jing Yi smiled. “I still need to boil this but after that, I’m all yours.”
“Let me do it!” Qiu Ling carelessly waved and lit the fire below the cauldron.
“That …” Jing Yi pressed his lips together. “It can’t be too hot and —”
“I know, I know.” Qiu Ling smiled and kissed Jing Yi’s temple. “Haven’t I read all those recipes to you? Even if I didn’t know anything about alchemy before I would still remember what they said. You don’t have to worry.”
Jing Yi sighed. Right. He had forgotten about that.
Qiu Ling noticed his gaze that seemed somehow disappointed and didn’t know how to proceed. Why was his beloved looking like this?
When Jing Yi caught his gaze he smiled again. “It’s nothing. I just thought that I’m making a lot of trouble for you. I originally thought that becoming an alchemist would be a good thing since I could be of help to you then but it turns out I can’t even learn the basics without your help.”
Qiu Ling stood up and pulled Jing Yi to his feet. “Isn’t that alright? I’m your husband-to-be. Who else should help you with that? Actually, the things that are now aren’t that important. You’ve just started to learn. The really important thing will be the time after your ascension. I’ll let you learn all about the alchemy of my race if you want.” Qiu Ling’s eyes gleamed.
Jing He loved plants. He knew a lot about them but he had never learned to refine pills. If he woke up with his memories from this mortal life, maybe he would want to continue. Then he could use this opportunity to take him to the dragon realm under the pretense of having him learn and —
Uh, wait, there was no reason to pretend anything. Jing He had already promised to marry him as soon as he came back from his trial. He didn’t have to kidnap him to marry him in secret.
Jing Yi had no idea what his fiance was thinking about but he was happy that Qiu Ling was so thrilled about this. He tiptoed and gave him a kiss before he turned back to the cauldron. He really hoped that he would indeed ascend one day. He didn’t want to leave Qiu Ling behind all alone.
I have to cultivate as fast as possible, he thought to himself. When we get back to the Yun Zou Sect I should ask Senior Martial Brother Qiguan how to do that. Or, wait … I still have that manual from Grandmaster Zhangsun. Maybe that will help with my cultivation?

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