OMF V2C58 Feign Recognition

The person who caught her was able to see a little even in the darkness. When he saw the face of the person that had crashed into him, he did a double-take though. The girl in front of him was about fifteen years of age with a slightly plump figure and rounded cheeks with two dimples. This was … “Hong Bao?!”

This man was none other than the demon hunter Liu Cheng from the Chun Feng Sect who had met Hong Bao in the capital city when she went down to the mortal world the last time. To him, it had been several weeks since their last meeting so he couldn’t help but be surprised when he stumbled upon her again.

He couldn’t help but wonder if he might be imagining things. After Hong Bao led him to follow the people of the teahouse and break into that courtyard, he had been shamefully defeated and taken to some strange place where he was interrogated by demonic-looking people. Whenever he told these demons that he wouldn’t be defeated by their evil ways, they grew angry. In the end, he was thrown out of that place.

All the while, he hadn’t been able to stop worrying about what might have happened to Hong Bao. One of those men seemed to have known her but that didn’t have to mean anything. He might have gotten close to her under a disguise! A young girl like her wouldn’t be able to look through that. Anyway, it seemed she hadn’t been harmed. That was a relief! He would have liked to ask but this wasn’t the right moment. There were more pressing matters.

Liu Cheng pushed her off his body and pulled her into a sitting position, looking her over once again. It really was her, no doubt about that. “What are you doing here?”

Hong Bao who was completely blind in the night started fumbling around. Her hands found the man’s chest and patted up and down, somehow landing at his face after a while. She tried finding out who the person before her was but only came up with a blank.

What to do in such a situation when the other one knew you but you didn’t know who it was? Of course, you needed to feign recognition! “Oh, it’s you!” She smiled sweetly and somehow managed to find that person’s sleeve. She held onto it, not intending to let go anytime soon.

Liu Cheng was a little taken aback. Even though they had seen each other before, they couldn’t be said to know each other that well. Why was she so happy to see him? It couldn’t be … Had she actually fallen in love with him even though their time together had been that short? Then what about her darling that she had wanted to save so desperately? He shook his head. This wasn’t the time to get all sentimental and ponder these questions either! He should first find out why she was here. Maybe something had happened.

Liu Cheng cleared his throat and slid a little further away. “Hong Bao, what are you doing here? It’s late at night. You shouldn’t be running around here. Especially not alone!”

Hong Bao pursed her lips. It really was hard to pretend to recognize someone. How was she supposed to answer now? “Uh … It couldn’t be helped. I was waiting for someone.”

“Waiting? This late at night?” Liu Cheng was taken aback. If it was any other woman, he might have thought this was the confession of a tryst but since it was Hong Bao … And since they had already told him about her darling very openly before, there shouldn’t be any reason not to mention him if she was indeed waiting for him. So it should be somebody else. “Why did you wait for that person?”

“To help my sister out! You see …” Hong Bao suddenly shut up. “Oh, I can’t tell you. I had to promise her not to tell anyone. Nobody. She stressed that!”

“Alright. You don’t have to. Then, where is your sister now?”

“I guess she’s with my brother-in-law.”

“Mn. And where is your brother-in-law?” Liu Cheng only smiled. Patience was one of the things he didn’t lack. His task this time was nothing that could be achieved in a day or two either so he had a lot of time.

Hong Bao lowered her head. “I don’t know. She didn’t tell me. It’s not her fault though! I was supposed to go with the person I was waiting for but who knew that they would never show up? Now, I’ll have to go home alone.”

Liu Cheng sighed. So something like this had happened. This girl really was getting into trouble every single time. First, she had to deal with demons and now, something like this happened. “Where do you live? I’ll bring you there.”

Hong Bao’s face lit up. “Really? It’s …” She lifted her hand and wanted to point in a direction but unfortunately, she didn’t know where to point. Where was she?

“Wait.” Liu Cheng procured a talisman, imbued it with some energy and the paper lit up, engulfing their surrounding in a soft, golden glow.

Hong Bao looked up and was instantly stunned. The man in front of her was really good-looking. He had dark brown hair that was combed back into a strict-looking knot at the back of his head. His eyes were equally dark and with a stern look. His eyebrows were thick and straight with two vertical lines between them as if he was furrowing them a lot while thinking, very heroic! His nose might be a little wide but she could live with that. Much more important were his thin lips and the slight shadow of a beard above them. This man seemed mature and a little wild. In any case, really strong like nothing could happen to him!

Hong Bao was instantly fascinated. She gave Liu Cheng a once-over and still felt that he was pretty good. It couldn’t be … After her sister finally found her true love, it was now her turn?!

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