OMF V2C56 Wherever She Goes Chaos Ensues

In a palace in the Nine Heavens, the Fate’s Scribe, Shun Tao, frowned at a scroll of fate lying in front of him. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the crown prince’s scroll of fate this time. Instead, it was the scroll of fate detailing the life of the former servant girl Hong Bao who had been sent back to the mortal realm after her status as an ascended deity was revoked.

Shun Tao read through the fate that was already written there and couldn’t help but shake his head and exclaim. “No wonder! No wonder! It’s really no wonder. That explains how she managed to get into the Nine Heavens despite being so …” He coughed.

It turned out everything had been a mix-up. Hong Bao had never been supposed to ascend. Well, he really couldn’t say that he was surprised by this piece of news. Which redeeming qualities did she have other than causing trouble? And since she hadn’t cultivated, there shouldn’t have been anything that justified her ascension.

Shun Tao leaned back, once again feeling a headache incoming. He was supposed to concentrate on the fate of crown prince Jing He but currently, everything was going well on that side. He didn’t know if the dragon king had obediently returned to the dragon realm or was once again in the mortal realm, observing His Highness’ reincarnation, but at the very least, nothing had gone wrong yet. His Highness had even managed to pass the medium trial of living a life in hardship. That was more than he would have expected in such a short amount of time! After all, it had barely been an hour since the matter of him entering the Yun Zou Sect had come up in the scroll of fate. It seemed like his tries to prevent the mortal reincarnation from cultivating had been effective this time.

Anyway, since matters were proceeding well on that side, Shun Tao hadn’t been able to help himself and had taken a quick look at Hong Bao’s scroll of fate that had started to continue to fill once more. What he saw … It really made him wish he hadn’t looked. What should he do now? Should he report this issue? After all, the person who should have ascended had lost their chance because of this mistake. Wasn’t that unfair? Seriously, how had that happened? Those guys taking care of the ascensions were usually so meticulous.

There had to be a story behind this.

Shun Tao rubbed his head. He felt a little guilty toward Hong Bao so he had thought he should write her a nice fate. Maybe she could fall in love with a handsome man that would reciprocate her feelings. Naturally, the most important was that she wouldn’t cause any chaos. Now, it seemed that her fate had been quite strange from the beginning till the end.

She was born as a normal mortal child but things started to get strange when her sister became a cultivator and left. Hong Bao stayed alone with her mother — their father had long died — but the surroundings of their village grew more dangerous by the day. Finally, her mother fell prey to the beasts that lived in the forest.

That was when Hong Bao’s sister came back. She was hailed as a genius cultivator and when she heard that something had happened to her little sister, she naturally couldn’t just sit back and watch. She got no help from her sect and, in fact, they didn’t even want to let her go. What if something happened to this genius of theirs? Wouldn’t their sect lose out?

Hong Bao’s sister didn’t care for that. It was her family they were talking about here! Thus she sneaked out of the sect and traveled to her village all on her own. Then, she single-handedly destroyed the demons that were the cause of all the trouble, sustaining grievous injuries.

Her heroic and selfless deed was what had led to her being noticed in the Nine Heavens. For this act, she had been chosen and allowed to ascend before she had cultivated to the highest stage. Naturally, somebody had even been sent down to fetch her. It was just … How had the person actually ascending ended up being Hong Bao, that happy-go-lucky girl? Those two were nothing alike!

Shun Tao could only sit there and frown. He was of half a mind to descend to the mortal world to take a look at the situation himself but … First of all, he was still under detention and only allowed to go out to report to the Heavenly Emperor, and secondly, what if Hong Bao saw him and actually fell in love with him again, once again pulling one crazy stunt after the other? This woman was obviously incredibly motivated whenever the man she loved was concerned. She might just start cultivating and ascend again. What would happen then?

No, he couldn’t take that risk. But he also didn’t want to leave those things be. Someone had to have an eye on Hong Bao or who knew what might happen?

Shun Tao stood up and went to the door, motioning one of his scribes over and handing him the scroll of fate. “I want you to investigate the details of this person’s fate.”

“Yes.” The scribe took the scroll and hurried off to start on his assignment.

Shun Tao went back to his study and sighed in relief. As long as someone had an eye on her, nothing should happen, right?

Of course, Shun Tao thought too simple. Hong Bao had already managed to get embroiled in the next troublesome thing.

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