OMF V2C20 A Most Perfect Plan

Fu Min and Ai Hua halted in their analysis. Damn. Had they just done that in front of His Majesty?

“Uh …” Fu Min gulped and shook his head. “That won’t be possible. A Grandmaster needs to start cultivating in a sect and stay there until their ascension. So you would have had to start at least some thousand years ago to be the Grandmaster of the Yun Zou Sect now.”

Qiu Ling frowned. “Then what is your great plan? Don’t tell me there’s nothing I can do to save my beloved from that bastard?!”

Fu Min tensed. Right, they should have brought that up sooner. “Don’t worry, Your Majesty! We just wanted to make sure you understood the whole situation. Wouldn’t it be bad if you didn’t pay attention to one of your love rivals?”

Qiu Ling nodded. Indeed. Especially if it was such a formidable opponent. He couldn’t be careless!

Fu Min sighed in relief when he saw that Qiu Ling had calmed down again. “Alright, since you know now, let me explain our plan. Overall, there are two main problems in regards to the Yun Zou Sect: The first is the multitude of senior martial brothers that will try to charm His Highness. The second is the Grandmaster residing in the sect that might take him in as a disciple and develop amorous feelings for him over time. The solution to these two problems is actually the same: You have to take up one strategic spot.”

Qiu Ling tilted his head. One strategic spot? Like what? Could it be … He narrowed his eyes and pondered. Considering everything Fu Min and Ai Hua had just told him about the hierarchy of the sect … “If I became that Grandmaster’s disciple, then he wouldn’t be able to form a relationship with Jing He and might even support me in pursuing him. Moreover, with him as my Master, my own status should be high. I might be a better catch than those other senior martial brothers.”

Fu Min’s eyes widened. “Indeed!” How had His Majesty come up with this so fast though? They had needed hours to come up with this plan!

Actually, it wasn’t that surprising. Qiu Ling might be agitated whenever he stood in front of Jing He and thus make the impression of being hot-headed and irrational but if he needed to, he could be quick-witted. After all, he hadn’t become the dragon king for nothing.

Qiu Ling didn’t bother about Fu Min’s hurt feelings. He leaped to his feet again and clenched his fists. This was exactly what he needed! The perfect plan to get rid of all his rivals and get his beloved back!

And the best of it was that it wouldn’t even interfere with Jing He’s trial. He didn’t mind his beloved being part of a lesser-known sect. If he could still become his lover, he certainly wouldn’t care. There were much more important things than one’s position!

Qiu Ling was thrilled but then, he furrowed his brow and sat back down. “So what do I need to do to become that Grandmaster’s disciple?”

Fu Min smiled happily. Ah, all the effort he had poured into this wasn’t in vain after all! There were still some things His Majesty couldn’t figure out. He was still needed. Ah, how great! He cleared his throat and put his hands on the table. “To be honest, that isn’t difficult at all. If you went there in your true appearance, you’d be older than the typical recruit. So you should —”

“No.” Qiu Ling rejected the idea before Fu Min could even finish his explanation.

Fu Min was stunned. Now what? Their plan was perfect but if their king didn’t want to turn into a child … How would he become a disciple?

“Hm …” Ai Hua turned to Fu Min, her lips pursed. “Do you think it would be possible to just go there and ask to be taken in? His Majesty is a dragon, after all. His power is way higher than that of these mortals and he looks quite young.”

Fu Min glanced at their king. Well, Ai Hua had a point. He was without question even stronger than the rumored Grandmaster of the Yun Zou Sect. And compared to the cultivators and practitioners of the sects who had long lives and might even become immortal he also didn’t look that old.

Counting in mortal years and comparing him to somebody who hadn’t grown up in the countryside like Mister Zhong but instead came from a well-off area and stemmed from a rich and influential family, he could probably be described as looking to be in his late twenties. If somebody had already achieved true immortality at that age … The Sect Master of the Yun Zou Sect would be laughing in his sleep if he was able to get such a talent! This might be feasible … Although some adjustment might be needed.

“Being accepted as a disciple of the inner sect isn’t a problem. It’s just … I’m afraid it might not be so easy to become the disciple of the Grandmaster. If that Grandmaster sees His Majesty, he would take him in. But how to be seen is the question. This kind of man is highly elusive, so it is equally hard to attract his attention. We would need some lucky coincidence or would have to come at an occasion where the whole sect is assembled.”

Qiu Ling perked up. It seemed they had arrived at the most important point now. “Is there such an occasion in the near future?”

Fu Min shook his head. “Not that I know of. The next one should be some sort of assembly some years from now.”

“That’s too late.”

Fu Min and Ai Hua nodded. They hadn’t expected any other response.

“In that case …” Qiu Ling narrowed his eyes. “We’ll have to create an opportunity. In which cases would that Grandmaster leave the sect?”

“He wouldn’t. It’ll be hard enough to make him leave his own palace in the sect.”

“Then how could we do that?”

Fu Min pursed his lips. “Ai Hua and I could attack the sect.”

“Rejected. Jing He is still there. What if anything happened to him?”

“Isn’t that Qiang Wei with him?”

Qiu Ling threw Ai Hua a pointed gaze. Do you seriously believe I would allow that? How could Qiang Wei be enough to guard my beloved?

The two dragons in front of him had nothing to say to his accusing glare. What else could be done?

“I don’t think there is any other reason he would leave his palace for though. If he wants something, he’d just send someone or message the right people.”

Ai Hua sighed. “These Grandmasters are really too elusive. Do we really need to depend on luck for this?”

Qiu Ling frowned. No, he definitely wouldn’t just count on luck. Something as uncertain as this … He couldn’t depend on it if Jing He’s heart was at stake!

He stood up and left the room, not caring about the two dragons left behind that still wanted to find a better solution. Who cared? He’d just play it by ear. It would certainly work out. He would make that Grandmaster accept him as his disciple if that guy wanted to or not!

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