OMF V2C12 Spirit Veins Are Like a Cup of Tea

Even though Jing Yi was the recipient of that provocative glance, he didn’t care at all. He didn’t know this person and he hadn’t interacted enough with children of his own age to understand that type of gaze. On top of it, he was much more interested in this test.

He watched as the other boy stepped into the small hexagon in the middle and then eyed the rest of the drawing. He didn’t know what the uncle next to the drawing meant with that ‘outer layer’ so he widened his eyes as much as he could and tried to take in everything at once.

The hexagon in the middle lit up with a white light indicating that this child had indeed spiritual veins. Then, the lines making up the rhombus furthest from Jing Yi lit up with a red light. A short pause followed before the outer hexagon turned a bright red too.

As if it was somehow tied to the formation even Elder Chu’s face also lit up. “Heavenly fire spirit veins!” He waved the child toward a disciple waiting at the side.

The boy stepped out of the formation with a smug smile and threw Jing Yi another taunting look. It didn’t have any effect though. Jing Yi just pondered what these ‘heavenly spirit veins’ could be. If the heroes of the Yun Zou Sect all went to Heaven like big brother Wu had said, then maybe these heavenly spirit veins were something future heroes needed?

Jing Yi grew agitated. Then what would happen if he didn’t have these heavenly spirit veins? Would he still be able to become a hero? He looked up at Wu Min Huan but only got a smile in return. Maybe big brother Wu didn’t know? Then he’d have to wait until he was tested to find out.

Thankfully, Jing Yi had always been a patient and obedient child. He waited until all the other children had been tested without making a fuss, thus earning even more goodwill from the present disciples. Finally, the fiftieth child had taken their test and was waved over to the group of outer sect disciples with earthly spirit veins, whatever that was.

Jing Yi curiously stepped into the small hexagon. It lit up with the usual white light, signifying that he indeed had spiritual veins. Wu Min Huan and his juniors held their breaths. Please, let this be heavenly spirit veins or at least paired spirit veins! They wanted to take him back to the inner sect!

One rhombus lit up with a green light and the martial sisters raised their hands in case they could already clap. Maybe he had heavenly wood spirit veins?! But then the lines of a second rhombus lit up with brown light. The martial sisters grew hesitant and looked at Wu Min Huan with worry. Unfortunately, even his trademark smile wavered. This didn’t seem like paired wood and earth spirit veins either.

Indeed, when they looked back at the formation the rhombus that was tied to the air element had similarly lit up with violet light. The martial sisters took each other’s hands and hoped that it would stay this way. If he got allocated to an adviser he could make his way into the inner sect with a bit of help! It wouldn’t be that bad.

Unfortunately, the next rhombus lit up and then the next and finally even the last.

Everyone stared dumbfounded. Elder Chu looked at Wu Min Huan questioningly but the Sect Master’s disciple also didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t known what kind of spirit veins the little dumpling would have. For Heaven’s sake, he had even contemplated taking him in as his first disciple!

His junior martial sisters hugged each other. “Wuwuwu, this can’t be! I want to take him back to the inner sect! I want such an obedient little junior martial brother to follow us around all day.”

“Me too, me too!”

“This is unfair!”

They couldn’t help but question the partiality of Heaven over this. This was so mean! They had already made so many plans! Unfortunately, all their plans meant nothing in front of the rules of the sect. Someone with this kind of spirit veins just wasn’t eligible to enter the inner sect. Even if they liked him even more, there was no way they could take him with them.

The fifty children who had taken the test before Jing Yi were equally bewildered. They looked at Elder Chu with questioning looks. It couldn’t be that the formation was broken, could it? Why was the person the Sect Master’s disciple favored a trash? They wanted to retake their tests! Maybe they were all heavenly geniuses!

Elder Chu contemplated the same. Maybe some mischievous disciple had tempered with the formation out of fun? He traced the lines with his gaze but couldn’t find any anomaly. There was only one explanation: He had misunderstood! Wu Min Huan hadn’t led this child by the hand because he was a genius the sect wanted to cultivate. He must have had some other reason! Ah, he had truly assumed too much before …

Jing Yi understood even less than the people around him and looked at the uncle in charge with curious eyes. Did he have the right spirit veins to become a hero?

The man cleared his throat. “Full spirit veins,” he announced solemnly and waved at no direction at all.

Jing Yi tilted his head. He didn’t understand that gesture. Which group did he belong to?

“Mn, in this case … You might want to reconsider joining the sect.” Faced with those large doe eyes Elder Chu couldn’t bring himself to say it more harshly. And of course, there was still the strange relationship with Wu Min Huan. He didn’t want to displease the person who might take over the sect in the future.

Unfortunately for him — and even more so for the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao who had thought he had planned everything perfectly — Jing Yi was a simple-minded child. Reconsider joining the sect? But he needed to join the sect to become a hero like big brother Wu or his father or grandfather! Why would he reconsider?

And full spirit veins didn’t sound so bad. It was probably like a cup of tea: If you had a full one, you had more you could drink!

Thus a certain not so suited child happily skipped over to Wu Min Huan and looked at him with eyes asking for praise.

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