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In the nine heavens above, the incumbent heavenly emperor, Rong Su, was getting a major headache. He had just managed to make that hateful Longjun leave after ruling on the matter of the assassination attempt on his son and now one of the culprits had already run back to the high hall.
“Fate’s scribe Shun Tao!” The heavenly emperor grit his teeth. “Weren’t we clear enough when we told you to reflect in your palace for the next one hundred days?”
Shun Tao dropped to his knees and bowed. “Your Majesty! This lowly one wouldn’t dare to not comply with your commands. This one only returned because he has something to report.” Shun Tao felt like crying.
Writing a fate for the crown prince’s trial was a difficult task, yes. But just because of the expectations! Why had this turned into such a mess?! If everything had gone according to the fate he had written, His Highness would have passed quite a few minor and medium trials already.
The heavenly emperor’s expression darkened. “You said you’ve come to report something to us? What could that be? You haven’t even been gone for an hour!”
Shun Tao took out Jing He’s scroll of fate with a wry expression and fixated the ground in front of the heavenly emperor’s feet. Damn. He’d certainly be subjected to the heavenly emperor’s scolding again. He had had enough of that already!
“His Highness … His Highness’ mortal reincarnation met a disciple of a daoist sect called ‘Yun Zou sect’ and was found to have the aptitude to become a cultivator. They have taken him back to their sect already. His Highness … The crown prince might be stepping onto the path of becoming a deity.”
The expected scolding didn’t come. Shun Tao waited for a while but finally couldn’t take it any longer. He took a peek and froze completely. The heavenly emperor that lost his temper on a regular basis seemed utterly floored.
The heavenly emperor closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. He started to ask himself the same question as Qiu Ling: Why just why had the gods to undertake these trials? This was the second time this day somebody told him he might never see his son again! If his son’s mortal reincarnation really became a cultivator and thus finally ascended as a deity his original body as a true born god, as well as all his memories of his life as Jing He, would be lost.
Jing He, my dear son, why do you have such bad luck? Considering your personality and outstanding abilities you shouldn’t have had any problems facing these trials. I was merely worried before because you are my son and I don’t want to see you suffer. But now it seems I should have worried even more. Who knew you might never come back to me?
He sighed again. As harsh as it may sound but he really hoped that this mortal Zhong Jing Yi would die soon so that he could have his son back. Even if Jing He was punished and lost some of his powers or even one of his senses, at least he would still be alive.
“We understand.” Rong Su came out of his thoughts. Nothing would come out of bemoaning heaven’s law. He could only try to make sure his son would pass his trials and come back. “You did the right thing informing us. Concentrate on preventing him from advancing on this path through his fate.”
Shun Tao nodded. “As you command, Your Majesty.”
Rong Su tapped the armrest of his throne. “Considering the severity of the consequences should you fail … Ask the god of war, Qiang Yan, for help. He shall assign some of his people to you.”
“Yes, Your Majesty. This one will plan accordingly.”
Rong Su nodded and waved him away. He sighed when the fate’s scribe left his palace, hoping that his son would end his trial period soon.
Shun Tao, too, could only hope for the same. He unfurled that troublesome scroll of fate once more in front of the heavenly emperor’s palace and watched the characters appearing one after another.
Really, what had driven the crown prince to enter a deity sect? How bothersome!
Shun Tao kept the scroll of fate with resignation. He really needed some assistance on this assignment. He went to the god of war’s palace and followed one of the guards to the god of war’s study.
Qiang Yan lifted his brows at him. “I thought the heavenly emperor had ordered you to reflect in your palace.”
Shun Tao nodded. “That is indeed the case. Unfortunately, there was some change to the situation. His Majesty allowed me to come here to ask for assistance.”
Qiang Yan nodded and pointed at the chair in front of his desk. “Please, have a seat.” He threw a pointed glance at the two guards standing at the side. “The two of you scram. Don’t let me see you slacking off on your punishment or I’ll double it!”
They nodded and went outside, one of them with a pale face, the other one completely flushed. Yes, these two were the ones who had been on duty the day Hong Bao broke into the god of war’s palace and stole the soul-devouring dagger. Considering his beloved nephew had nearly been murdered with that damned weapon the god of war certainly wouldn’t let them get away lightly!
Shun Tao sat down and glanced at the other person still inside the room. It was the same young man Qiang Yan had taken with him to the high hall. Shun Tao had never seen him before or at least he couldn’t link his face with any name.
Qiang Yan waved the man over. “I already asked Leng Jin Yu to help me with this case. It might be a good idea if he hears what you have to say.”
Shun Tao’s brows lifted a little further. Leng Jin Yu? The Leng Jin Yu who had figured out what was going on? So that was him. It was a strange feeling seeing him now. If not for him … Maybe he never would have told the heavenly emperor at all. And then, when Hong Bao tried to assassinate the crown prince and everything came out the heavenly emperor would have had to punish him more harshly. Considering this, he could probably say that Leng Jin Yu had helped him in the end? Well, however he felt about it he couldn’t argue over the god of war’s decision anyway.
Shun Tao turned back to Qiang Yan and sighed. “His Highness entered a deity sect. If we don’t prevent him from stepping onto the path of cultivation he might ascend one day.”
Leng Jin Yu frowned. Though he had tried to learn as much as he could about the nine heavens since he himself as a deity, there were still many things he didn’t understand and only got to know bit by bit.
For example, he hadn’t understood why the king of the dragon race had interfered in the crown prince’s trial at first but after he heard him calling the heavenly empress ‘mother-in-law’ more than once everything started to make sense.
Surprisingly, the dragon king had done exactly the same as Hong Bao: Because of love, he had actually done something this stupid that caused all this chaos. Really, what was it with people in love? If he considered what he had seen in the nine heavens, maybe he didn’t want to fall in love after all.
Seeing Leng Jin Yu’s frown, Qiang Yan smiled. “Leng Jin Yu, I want you to take charge of this. You’re going to help the fate’s scribe. If you’re doing a good job, you’ll have a place at my palace in the future.”
Leng Jin Yu looked up, surprise flashing through his eyes. But after a moment it was already gone. Leng Jin Yu nodded and turned to Shun Tao. “Fate’s scribe, I’ll certainly meet your expectations.”

Author’s Note (a long one this time 😶):

Here we are again with the first chapter of volume 2, Outer Sect Disciple. As the name suggests we’re finally starting out on the cultivation part of the story. It’s only the start, though, so don’t expect Jing Yi to end up as a Master at the end of this volume. 😁

While reading this volume you might notice that there’ll be some changes to for example the forms of address (not the titles themselves but things like capitalization). The reason for this is that I felt like the web novel was lacking in consistency a bit which probably lessens your fun in reading so I thought I should start paying a bit more attention to this. By the end of the volume you will (hopefully 😅) also notice that there are less mistakes in the chapters and that my inflationary use of punctuation has lessened by quite a bit.
I’m going to edit the previous chapters when I have a bit of time but since I still need to translate all the other posts on my blog and want to write new chapters everyday that might take a lot of time. I won’t forget it, though. 😊

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