OMF V1C153 So Good-Looking!

While Jing Yi pondered how he could become a cultivator, in a house in the capital of the dragon realm, a gorgeous looking woman clapped her hands and then clasped her cheeks with a wide smile. “Perfect! You’re perfect! His Majesty will be thrilled seeing you! Come on, let’s hurry up!”
She took the hand of the boy next to her and made to leave the chamber. She paused on the doorstep though. “What do you say?” She leaned against the door-frame, smiled and lifted a hand.
The man sitting in the next room looked up, quickly glanced at her and concentrated on the boy next. “Well, it’s alright.”
“Alright?” The woman straightened up. “How can you call that just ‘alright’? We’re looking magnificent!”
The man lifted his brows. “If I remember correctly, this was never about you but about Xiao Dong. I could be wrong though. It’s been a while since Ah Zan contacted you.” He turned back to polishing his armor.
“Lei Jiang!” The woman put her hands on her hips. “What are you trying to say?!”
“Nothing, nothing. You hurry up. His Majesty is waiting.”

“You said we’re just looking alright. How can I go like this? No, Xiao Dong, let’s change clothes again! Maybe the robe with the golden embroidery would be better?” The woman wanted to turn around but the man opposite them put down the armor and came over, pulling her into his arms with a sigh.
“What are you talking about, my love? You’re as gorgeous as ever! Our son is as gentlemanly-looking as ever. His Majesty will be thrilled.”
“You’re just saying that to shut me up.”
“Ah, how could I do that?” He bent down and kissed her, preventing any further protest. See? That was the right way to shut someone up!
The woman slapped his broad chest. “What are you doing? Weren’t you the one who said I should hurry up?”
Her husband smirked and his hand snaked its way into her hair. “You should, you should. But I certainly wouldn’t mind if you let him wait another week in the mortal realm.”
This time, it was his hand that got slapped. “You’re ruining my hairdo! And what are you even talking about? Xiao Dong’s still next to us.”
“Mn.” Her husband only smiled. There was nothing bad about their child learning these things a little sooner. “So, how about it?”
“Hmph. You should have made up your mind in the beginning, Lei Jiang. Xiao Dong and I are going to see His Majesty now.” She pushed her husband to the side, took her son’s hand again and left the house.
Her husband smiled and went back to polishing his armor. Their king didn’t really care about the guards in the capital or even anything else in the dragon realm. If Lei Jiang hadn’t been the brother-in-law of Yi Zan who was one of his advisers, he might have never even seen his king even though he was living in the capital, not to talk about knowing his personality. But since he did, he was almost certain that with such a strange request … their king might not even wait for her anymore.
When his wife and their son arrived in the mortal realm or, more precisely, at a certain teahouse in the capital of the Long empire there could indeed be nothing seen of their king.
Well, it was no wonder. His Majesty had praised her beauty … er … and her son’s beauty, of course, so she couldn’t just come looking like she did every day. This was an important mission, after all! She … and her son, had to look their best! Since that was the case, Ai Hua had spent several hours finding the right clothes and accessories for them. And by the time she finished, it was deep in the night and her son looked sleepy.
Ai Hua was thrilled to fulfill her king’s wishes and she was a bit two-faced but she wasn’t a bad mother. Faced with her son’s dejected appearance she put him to bed and enjoyed the night with her husband before she got back to dressing her son up in the early morning. Only when she was completely satisfied with both their appearances did she take him to the mortal world.
Thus several months had gone by since Qiu Ling ordered her to come and she wasn’t surprised that he couldn’t be seen when she approached the teahouse. She couldn’t expect her king to wait for her, could she?
Thus Ai Hua didn’t think too much of it. She stepped inside with Xiao Dong next to her, lifting her chin and making sure her appearance was well displayed. Nobody erupted into cheers though. There wasn’t the sound of people drawing in breaths of surprise or exclamations of awe and nobody dropped their chopsticks in a daze.
Hmph. Mortals these days … She looked inside and her brows raised. Alright, her king wasn’t here but … Why weren’t the mortals here either?
She cocked her head and looked to her son. “Could it be we’re at the wrong teahouse?”
Xiao Dong raised his brows. Why was she asking him? “Didn’t uncle tell you where to go?”
“Yes, but …” Ai Hua looked at the empty room and then at the street bustling with activity. How come the place where their king and his beloved were was this desolate? Ah, no! If this was the place where His Majesty was, then shouldn’t he be here now?! It was one thing not to greet them when they arrived but she still didn’t see him now that they were inside! Mn, she should check first if this was indeed the wrong place or if something had happened that the teahouse was left like this. Who knew? Maybe the owner had moved his establishment to another building. She should just ask. There was certainly a good explanation. Otherwise … why had she bothered to dress up?

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